we made it bbs!


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

daemonfamiliar  asked:

I need some more details about this machine. Is it like a basic Hogtied-style fucking machine? Does it have dildo and/or vibrating options? And has anyone else been blessed by Pilar's pornographic creativity?

Well, I mean we have one at home, made one for me BB and tesoro, but Merlin’s is the first I made for someone else.

Basicallly i found an old barbers chair and adapted it. removable attachments, different settings, can tie a person down or not. Merlin isn’t a huge fan of hands and knees, so this suited his needs more.

  • Loser : ballad, slow-tempo melancholy hip-hop track.
  • Bae Bae : mid-tempo, soothing rhythm, soft-trap snares and melodic piano.
  • Bang Bang Bang : EDM, bouncy, electro-pop, siren-like, trap-laden breakdown.
  • We Like 2 Party : pop, mid-tempo, soft-hip-hop feel-good track.
  • Sober : spunky delivery and high-energy rock sound,lush guitars mixed with pounding percussion
  • If You : soft ballad, sparse guitar strums, impassioned belts and haunting croons.
  • Me : thank u :')
  • Fandoms : BigBang don't do full choreo they just jump around the stage.
  • VIPs : i know aren't they cute ?
  • Fandoms : they just shout random shit
  • VIPs : slay my heart every time i swear
  • Fandoms : they joke around DURING the performance
  • VIPs : OMG let me tell you about that one joke th-
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs :
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs :
  • Fandoms :
  • VIPs : am sorry did you have a point ?

The reason why i cherish all of BB’s mvs views is that i know that at least 95% of them are legit ! u know, it’s not just VIPs watching the mvs over and over to get the views up cuz apparently we’re sticking to the ‘lazy fandom’ reputation.
Not that i have anything against fandoms watching the MVs over and over again for the views, nope it’s dedication and i support it ! but i just cherish bb’s views for that same reason !

now after this praise for our faves, i just wanna point out that our ‘project’ to make BB’s first upcoming single hit 5MILL views in 24 hours is actually necessary ! we need to show our love to our faves, they’ve done a lot for us, can we just…..get our lazy asses up like we do when something important and make this happen :)