we made a beautiful book


Countdown to River Song Appreciation Day - May 28th: give me the words that give me everything.I found myself standing as if at the fork in a road, and one branch went to places I knew and could understand, and the other took me where I had never been, and where things were different and terrifying and wrong. Where the world that I knew fell away and strange bones poured out of the melting skin of the universe. -Holly Lisle, The Ruby Key


boo ya boo ya those aren’t real sunglasses. 

This is a new book we just made! It’s beautiful, even though there is a devil on the cover. It’s like a beautiful dark fantasy. It’s evil but at the same time, kinda cool. Try getting it from us at CAB or at THOUGHT BUBBLE! 

Olle and Patrick are going to New York tomorrow, Elliot is going to London next week. If you want to say hey to us, just be brave and come up and say hello! 

xoxoxoxo - PEOW!