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Jacked Into The Matrix: An Exploration of Internet Excess

memes n dreams

installation: three channel projection, zines, mixed media (jello, slime, silly string, many minions, appropriated images, pen on paper, found sound, silly string)

pnca 2017

stephanie schock, hannah rough, theo patton, kiera highsmith

anonymous asked:

Is it too late to join the zine?? I just found and I'd love to join!!

Hi Anon!

OMG! No! We haven’t even opened our applications yet! :’)


So, you haven’t missed it at all!

- mod aish

Sticker Poll!


We are currently having a poll over on Twitter asking for YOUR help to help US design some wonderful stickers for the zine’s bundle pack!

We request you to (if you have a Twitter account) to kindly vote your preferences or leave us a message either on our blog or reply to this post!


Thank you so much for your help!


We made a cute Zine/ Channel Trailer! Check it out!

Today is the hardest I’ve worked in a long time, but I’m really proud of what came of it. I’m really proud of this writing too. Despite some revision and printing disasters today, I will have some zines with me tonight for my set at Invokation if you’re in Olympia. I don’t have many, so grab them quick. Thanks to Pocket for the indispensable proofreading, technical, and assembly help. They even took this pretty photo you’re looking at. Total lifesaver.

My new zine, titled Downpour and Drought is a collection of writing spanning from fall, 2015 Spring, 2017.  These were some dizzyingly hard times.   They made for some of the best writing that’s come out of me yet though, and I’m thankful for that.

The second zine I have available is a short poetry zine titled We Who Fell In Love With The Sea.  This zine is a few years old now, but I did an incredibly limited run of it the first time around.  I’m really proud of this material too.    

Out of town friends, I’d love to mail you some zines, but it might be a minute while I figure out sustainable printing since it’s a new era where all the copy scams are dead.  On that note, got printing and distribution advice for me?  Please, get in touch.  I feel like I’m groping in the goddamn dark sometimes.  

onionlorddual  asked:

Honestly can't wait! >u<


Believe us….but SAME. ^o^

We’ve already prepared the application forms and are super excited to open them!

1st June, 2017!~

Thank you so much!

- mod aish

Calling all FenHawke fans and artists! @fenrispls and I are putting together a FenHawke zine!

We love our prickly, broody elf, and we love all incarnations of our player character, but we especially love seeing them together! This zine will be a celebration of Fenris and Hawke happy in love (though if you want to draw them sad, that’s ok too, because we Dragon Age fans also love to suffer). Any version of Hawke is welcome. All proceeds will go to charity.

If you’re interested in participating, hop on over here for more details! The participation deadline will be August 20th

If you’d like to keep updated with this zine’s progress, all future posts will be tagged #fenhawke zine!

We look forward to seeing all the lovely things you come up with!

anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking what company you print your zines at? I'm doing research into running my own zine and I wanted to get an idea of what companies people prefer

no problem! we love talking about the zine organization process! we actually print with a really cool company that is nearby! 😎

anonymous asked:

Do you know how many artists you will accept for this more or less? Or does the number depend on how many people apply?

Hello Anon!

Initially, we were aiming to have equal no. of artists and writers, but after much discussion and keeping some factors in mind, we decided to instead change the ratio.

Now, we will be selecting 10 writers and 21 artists!

We are making a note of all such questions and these will be answered again in our FAQ with more information.

Thank you!~

- mod aish

☆We Love PriPara☆
A collaborative PriPara digital art zine.

☆We Love PriPara☆ is a collab zine that will feature fans showing their love for PriPara. This zine will not be printed or sold, it will be a free digital pdf for everyone to download.

Thank you to all who participated in the zine!! I hope you all had fun, you can view the zine here!

Did you know that City Lights Books carries zines? We love supporting the D.I.Y community both near and far. Send us a sample of your poetry, essays, short stories, comics, manifestos, and other handmade beauty, and you just might be featured on our zine shelf (professionally bound books need not apply!)

Samples can be sent to us at:

City Lights Books
261 Columbus Ave
SF CA 94133

i’m making a zine about 2016 #realisations a la kylie ! if you’ve realised something in the year of our lord 2016 pls send me a message and tell me about it (totally cool if u wanna be anonymous) and there’s a good chance i’ll include it ! i’m looking for #deep ones and also very ridiculous trivial ones (for example, i realised showers are not all that bad … suspicious) so anything is gr8 !

p.s. to the person who sent me one about eggs … pls tell me more about your new egg making technique vs. the old one im SO intrigued


The land of enchantment. We had quite a wonderful time in New Mexico with the goat head kids. We spent two days in New Mexico and played one show at the wagon wheel. The show was great, filled with an amazing sense of passion, community spirit, love, and rage. All the bands that played were amazing (if you bring zines on tour bring extra for this place. They love zines!) We went on a couple local hikes while in town with a few of our friends from Arroyo Deathmatch. And last night we drove out to the Jemez Hot Springs and skinny dipped under the stars. It was beautiful and wondrous. I honestly feel that Albuquerque has one of those punk communities that people will talk about years from now. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it.

sukaira-chan  asked:

What exactly is the Sad Ghost Club?

we added this to the site (www.thesadghostclub.com) to clear that up for people! 

The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club. It’s run by just the two of us, Laura & Lize, and we love creating comics & zines to highlight the issues that a lot of ghosties go through.