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My entry for the dragon oso zine~ 
Im so glad this got released in the end  ( ̄▽ ̄)
You can download the full zine here: https://twitter.com/nikshazana/status/879812222263771136

Welcome to the WLW Fandom Zine!

We are so happy to announce what we think is the very first sapphic relationship-centric fandom zine!

We love WLW and we want to share this love beyond us! This zine will be the perfect outlet to share our favorite sapphic ships with other people and raise money for charity while doing it - 100% of any and all proceeds will go to charity!

Check out our FAQ for more info, or click on the readmore!

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Calling all FenHawke fans and artists! @fenrispls and I are putting together a FenHawke zine!

We love our prickly, broody elf, and we love all incarnations of our player character, but we especially love seeing them together! This zine will be a celebration of Fenris and Hawke happy in love (though if you want to draw them sad, that’s ok too, because we Dragon Age fans also love to suffer). Any version of Hawke is welcome. All proceeds will go to charity.

If you’re interested in participating, hop on over here for more details! The participation deadline will be August 20th

If you’d like to keep updated with this zine’s progress, all future posts will be tagged #fenhawke zine!

We look forward to seeing all the lovely things you come up with!

i’m making a zine about 2016 #realisations a la kylie ! if you’ve realised something in the year of our lord 2016 pls send me a message and tell me about it (totally cool if u wanna be anonymous) and there’s a good chance i’ll include it ! i’m looking for #deep ones and also very ridiculous trivial ones (for example, i realised showers are not all that bad … suspicious) so anything is gr8 !

p.s. to the person who sent me one about eggs … pls tell me more about your new egg making technique vs. the old one im SO intrigued

Did you know that City Lights Books carries zines? We love supporting the D.I.Y community both near and far. Send us a sample of your poetry, essays, short stories, comics, manifestos, and other handmade beauty, and you just might be featured on our zine shelf (professionally bound books need not apply!)

Samples can be sent to us at:

City Lights Books
261 Columbus Ave
SF CA 94133

☆We Love PriPara☆
A collaborative PriPara digital art zine.

☆We Love PriPara☆ is a collab zine that will feature fans showing their love for PriPara. This zine will not be printed or sold, it will be a free digital pdf for everyone to download.

Thank you to all who participated in the zine!! I hope you all had fun, you can view the zine here!


The land of enchantment. We had quite a wonderful time in New Mexico with the goat head kids. We spent two days in New Mexico and played one show at the wagon wheel. The show was great, filled with an amazing sense of passion, community spirit, love, and rage. All the bands that played were amazing (if you bring zines on tour bring extra for this place. They love zines!) We went on a couple local hikes while in town with a few of our friends from Arroyo Deathmatch. And last night we drove out to the Jemez Hot Springs and skinny dipped under the stars. It was beautiful and wondrous. I honestly feel that Albuquerque has one of those punk communities that people will talk about years from now. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it.

sukaira-chan  asked:

What exactly is the Sad Ghost Club?

we added this to the site (www.thesadghostclub.com) to clear that up for people! 

The Sad Ghost Club is a club for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost. It’s the club for those who don’t feel like they’re part of any other club. It’s run by just the two of us, Laura & Lize, and we love creating comics & zines to highlight the issues that a lot of ghosties go through.