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The way Liam doesn’t even flinch and just lets Zayn pull him closer, how he just lets his lips rest on his arm like it’s as easy and normal as breathing. I have to admit that I myself have done the exact same thing with past boyfriends. This just screams proof to me and the fact that right after this happens and they pull away, Liam looks off camera to what you would expect to be management to see how they reacted makes Ziam seem even more real. x


Can’t Go Back to Yesterday | @narryhadalittleliam​ (Diaryofanarcissisticgayman on AO3)

Part 3 of Through the Looking Glass (I See You Staring Back at Me)

He makes his way back past the A&E, his own personal stomping grounds as a trauma surgeon, and pushes open the door to his office. If he hadn’t trained so hard not to let his emotions get the better of him in stressful situations, then he’d have slammed the door and walked away again. “What are you doing here?” he sighs.

“You’d know what I’m here for if you ever returned a phone call, Niall.” is the response that the brunet gives. He’s traded in his long flowing locks for a more mature style that hugs closer to his head, showing off the adult he’s become with time and focus. His green eyes have faded to a more greyish color, though it also suits him well. He’s not the bright-faced boy that Niall fell in love with anymore. He’s older, more mature. He’s a father and a real man now, and he wears it well, though it pains Niall to admit it.

“I’ve told you not to come here. This is my place of work, Harry.” Niall says coldly, dropping the file and his coat on the desk and opening the small cupboard that he uses to store his scrubs. “If you have something you need, then talk to me about it on Saturday.”

Fic Appreciation 12/?


All the stars are still shining
But you’re the only one I see

I can feel when your heart beats
But you can’t keep your eyes off me.

My new and short Ziam video to Zayns Part in ‘Freedun’ ♡ I hope you enjoy this! Lots and lots of love to all of you, Emily x

This day will be remebered as the day One Direction split up. There is no One Direction without Zayn, the boys have said it already and prooved it. They’ve been saving a spot for him on this tour for days and there is no way that they didn’t know about this. For the rest of the time that’s left for this band, they’re Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam. Not One Direction.

Message for parents: Don’t criticize on something your children like even if you have a bad opinion about it and don’t offend it. That way, you’re teaching them to hate it as well, offend it as well. That makes you a bad parent for crushing your child’s dreams and insulting his choices, personality and ability to decide for themselves.

Message for the FAKE part of this fandom: This is what some of you made happen, by believing in shit that your parents told you or what you saw in media. You’ve insulted him, instead of defending him. You’ve believed in everything else, but him. It’s your fault that he’s been put under so much pressure for the last four and a half years that he had broken completely under it. And it’s management’s fault that they’ve made him go through all the shit he’s experienced, all because of money. It’s their fault that he now hates the job that he’s always dreamed of doing.

He left because he wants to breathe. Because he wants to stop pretending to be something that he’s not only because he’s forced to do it, so you and your delusional parents would like him, so the others wouldn’t get hate because of him. So his family and friends would be sheltered from all the bad names you called them. He left because this is the only way he gets to be in peace and to heal the mental scars this whole thing left on him.

I’m sorry that he left. My heart breaks because he had to. But I’m glad it’s happening if it means that he will finally be alright.

Liam, Harry, Louis and Niall still have my full support and all the love, but I have to say that it doesn’t feel the same without Zayn. It’s not the same band with a missing piece. The most important piece, in my opinion.

And stop saying goodbye to Zayn. He isn’t dead or gone forever.

He will be back on that stage or on a different one, when he gets better and that’s the message for all those faithful fans who’ve stuck with the boys through everything. Don’t forget.

See you soon, Zany. :) You will not be forgotten, we won’t let it happen.

All the love from the fandom.


This moment is so important, not only is Liam talking about how important the boys are to him, but Zayn’s immediate reaction is to smile as he looks at Liam’s lips. He squeezes Liam’s shoulder then rubs the back of his neck and moves his hand down, rubs his back, and moves it down lower, leaving it there, like a small shoulder squeeze wasn’t affectionate enough. Something about Zayn’s smile looks so genuinely happy and his eyes so clearly show affection, but in the third gif he seems to remember where they are and looks away but still makes sure Liam knows how he feels. It happens quickly but shows so much. x