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The way Liam doesn’t even flinch and just lets Zayn pull him closer, how he just lets his lips rest on his arm like it’s as easy and normal as breathing. I have to admit that I myself have done the exact same thing with past boyfriends. This just screams proof to me and the fact that right after this happens and they pull away, Liam looks off camera to what you would expect to be management to see how they reacted makes Ziam seem even more real. x


Can’t Go Back to Yesterday | @narryhadalittleliam​ (Diaryofanarcissisticgayman on AO3)

Part 3 of Through the Looking Glass (I See You Staring Back at Me)

He makes his way back past the A&E, his own personal stomping grounds as a trauma surgeon, and pushes open the door to his office. If he hadn’t trained so hard not to let his emotions get the better of him in stressful situations, then he’d have slammed the door and walked away again. “What are you doing here?” he sighs.

“You’d know what I’m here for if you ever returned a phone call, Niall.” is the response that the brunet gives. He’s traded in his long flowing locks for a more mature style that hugs closer to his head, showing off the adult he’s become with time and focus. His green eyes have faded to a more greyish color, though it also suits him well. He’s not the bright-faced boy that Niall fell in love with anymore. He’s older, more mature. He’s a father and a real man now, and he wears it well, though it pains Niall to admit it.

“I’ve told you not to come here. This is my place of work, Harry.” Niall says coldly, dropping the file and his coat on the desk and opening the small cupboard that he uses to store his scrubs. “If you have something you need, then talk to me about it on Saturday.”

Fic Appreciation 12/?


All the stars are still shining
But you’re the only one I see

I can feel when your heart beats
But you can’t keep your eyes off me.

My new and short Ziam video to Zayns Part in ‘Freedun’ ♡ I hope you enjoy this! Lots and lots of love to all of you, Emily x

In which more than one person loves Zayn aka why Kasia is a fool aka Ziam masterpost

Thank you for your wonderful post @winterwonderziall but I still fail to understand why you would deny the obvious love that also exists between Zayn and Liam.

So here’s a masterpost of Ziam’s love aka the most loyal and true kind of love you could ever hope to find.

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