we love you too you precious puppy

Love Me

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Love Me 
[Jay gets jealous of your new puppy]

Jay watched you playing on the couch with your new puppy. You cuddled it close as it happily licked your face, causing you to giggle. He originally bought you the puppy because he hated leaving you alone when he was on tour. You always put on a brave face and toughed it out but he knew that you were lonely. He recently had to go away for a month for a world tour and decided to surprise you with a puppy. He loved how happy it made you. You spent his entire tour sending him pictures of the puppy, your instagram filled with little videos of the two you.

However he’d now been home for an entire week and still hadn’t managed to spend any quality time with you. That puppy hadn’t left your side. If you weren’t cuddling him, you were walking him, playing with him, or sleeping with him. You even watched your dramas with him on your lap. Which used to be Jay’s spot.


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  • SM: Ah, good you've all arrived. Kai, I assume your Star Wars hat is in your bag?
  • Kai: What? No, I don't have it anymore.
  • SM: What? We need you to wear that for the Star Wars movie promotional event today. Sehun and Baekhyun are already wearing theirs.
  • Kai: Yeah, I gave mine to Suho. He looked sad that he didn't get to be in promotions for Star Wars and I wanted to cheer him up.
  • SM: You can't just -
  • Kai: Do you want to see pictures? I took pictures! See, here's Suho in the Star Wars hat. Isn't that the happiest you've ever seen him? And my favorite part about this picture is -giggle fit- how cute Monggu looks when Suho holds him. Say, can I have a hat for each of my dogs too? They'd look so cute. -falls to his knees from too much delighted giggling-
  • Baekhyun: So anyway what are the odds that Natalie Portman gives me her number?
  • SM: What makes you think you're going to Natalie Portman
  • Baekhyun: Idk a guy can dream, right?
  • Kai: -shrill giggle- omg I forgot about this picture of Monggu WEARING the hat. He looks so hip hop. I love him so much. How are my dear puppies so precious??
  • Sehun: If you want to get with Natalie Portman we probably shouldn't bring him
puppy baek holding on to bodyguard hyung like a 5 year old afraid of losing his dad in the airport

and the question we all need to ask is:

HOW TO BE BODYGUARD-NIM?????!?!!!?!?!??!


What do you think I should have done? Would you have hired me if I had checked that box that said I had a mental illness? What kind of choice is that? Tell the truth, you don’t get the job. Lie, maybe they’ll never find out. What would you do? You’d lie. So would you. So would you. You think because I’m bipolar, an illness that I am managing, by the way, that I can’t do this job where half the people we deal with are mentally ill? Are living on the streets because they can’t get help or are too sick to know they even need help?”

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Hi :) Do you like chris hemswort? I'm struggling not to get dragged into the hell of yet another chris but he’s just so funny and nice and hot and seems so laidback and cool and with his dry humor and i'm trying to stay away but damn it’s hard ;)

Do I like Chris Hemsworth? DO I LIKE CHRIS HEMSWORTH????

What is there not to like about Chris Hemsworth, omg! He’s essentially an oversized puppy and a massive dork

but then he’s also HOT AS FUCK???? No matter what he looks like??



And he’s super sweet and funny and his Instagram is a blessing and watching him interact with his co-workers is the best thing ever and YES I DO LOVE CHRIS HEMSWORTH OK I LOVE HIM A HUGE LOT <3




Has been one year since I met them, I randomly found them and is now part of my story and my life: ToppDogg, a group with ‘many’ members, with many talents and so many different personalities that you need to look closely to discover how precious each one they are. And you will love them. For me they gave a new style to kpop with their music and mvs with different concepts. Ah I’m so proud of you guys !! And how I admire all the hard work to get better every day, sometimes sacrificing a time to rest… and that makes me worried because, for me, their health comes first that’s the only way for us keep see them shine and grow in their professional career. During one year 13 boys have made many people smile, it’s so gratifying to see their dreams come true. They don’t know how important they are to me, probably don’t know how many people love them … but there’s a big fandom here to support them. Always. Thank you, Toppklass love you.

Even the number of people in our group is like China, each color comes together, a rainbow of 13 members. Piece by piece, we create it, ToppDogg.

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That tao post was great! Can you do one for Kai :D (different anon) LOVE YOU OHMY

One cute Jongin spam for cute anon, here we go ♡

my little ball of sunshine

he’s so adorable i wanna scream

ugh fuck you and your aegyo

goodbye Jongin just bye

such a fetus i love him

why do i even stan you

his smile just yES

it gives me life

you’re killing me Jongin

you dork please stop

let me love you

i’m laughing so hard at his cuteness

can you not

he’s an actual puppy istg

he’s so dumb i’m in love

too cute for his own good

i love his smile so much i can’t breathe

i could stare at him forever

so fluffy ugHHH

Jongin you precious creature

i wanna punch his lips with my lips

he’s too good for this world

too pure

have mercy please

his so attractive i’m crying

i love him too much

send help

stop being so adorable

i wanna squeeze him

he’s 5 and i will fight you if you disagree

yes i’m yours

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Do you think Colin's tendency to understate things about CS in interviews is just him being his adorable shy self or maybe he just is not as invested in it and just sort of goes along with the flow? I just got this feeling from the last interview he did as if he was saying "yeah so people latched on to the idea of them but he sorta probably may even love her" and what I see on the screen is like 100% YES Killian does love Emma, there's just no question about it on my mind but (1/2)

(2/2) sometimes it seems like Colin downplays it a bit, and I know we all find his understatements adorable but, idk, LOL, I’m sorry if this is a weird question I just got a little deflated with the interview after the extreme high I’ve been on since last episode :( This is absolutely not me insulting Colin at all btw, I love him and I know he is a precious shy puppy, but maybe he is just not as excited about the CS storyline as we think? Or it’s just not his thing :S


He is also a terrible liar with an even worse poker face (sweet, precious man), which I’m guessing he’s aware of (as a fellow terrible liar, I am extremely aware of being like that), so it tends to make you stick with the basics. Stay vague. Because if you get too much into it, you’re probably give something away that you’re not supposed to.

And we all know how his bosses feel about storylines being spoiled. ;)

Colin has also admitted multiple times he is SUPER shy, and it’s evident when he does his one-on-one interviews. Go watch him when he’s with Jen or the rest of the cast. He’s much more open and excited, though still saying the same stuff. When he’s alone he tends to be a little more reserved. Again, that’s just shyness. 

(God seriously can he be cuter?)

Also, as someone who works a bit in PR: actors are most likely given talk points of sharable info. They memorize that stuff and repeat. You can see when they divulge more than they are supposed to. That look of ‘oh shit!’. So a lot of this is him just spouting the company line (of course in his own, precious, adorable way). And again, A&E HATE THINGS BEING SPOILED. So the cast is definitely schooled in playing everything very close to the vest. 

But don’t worry about him being invested. He is VERY invested. He loves the people he works with, he loves the showrunners, but most of all, as an actor with a young family, he loves steady, reliable work. And being an interesting character on a popular show that shares a huge love story with the main character that will help keep him a regular? You better believe he’s invested in that. 

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I'm having an issue with Baek right now! His working out and his arms are killing me....I feel so biased to him.....will you do a Baekhyun spam to help me out. Btw your blog is golden :*

Byun Baekhyun is precious and we must protect him at all costs

HE IS TOO HOT daaaaaamnnnnnnn the lord is testing me

*boom* pregnant

he’s so dumb i love him

fierce so damn fierce did i mention he looks fierce as fuck

kitty Baekhyun is so adorbs can i have like 7?

let me ride you daddy and GOD BLESS YOUR FACE

his puppy eyes PLEEEASE NOOOO I’m so far from being okay

i dig that look YOU GO BYUN BAEKHYUN

eye makeup so on point I’m jelly


he’s giving me feels UGHHHHHH /dying whale noises/

I’m having inappropriate thoughts right now

I did not sign up for this yet here I am drooling over this hot mess that BBH is

I need a hug because Annie's lyrics:

“There’s still a lot of days to share with you but today let’s remember the day we first day”

 “Your eyes that only looked at me, your bright smile when I’m struggling and falling, it makes me stand back up. All the moments we were happy together and worried together remember it forever”

 “There’s so much that you gave to me, I know, thank you”

 “For you, who stayed by my side I thought about it every night, but the only thing I can give you is to sing for you baby”



*burst into tears* i feel the love my puppies