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Harry Blurb #?/?

A/n: Hey, guys! New blurb time! I’ll be on spring break next week so I’m probably going to be doing blurbs and ships! :) -L

Prompt: “Baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds” -Story of My Life (Midnight Memories)

“I can’t do this anymore.” Harry said, looking defeated as he sighed and plopped himself down in a pool chair.
“Oh, come on, Haz. You can’t give up now.” Louis called as he made his way into the shallow side of the pool, light goosebumps on his skin from the temperature of the water.. “I thought you loved her.”
“Yeah, we thought you did, too.” Liam agreed with Niall nodding his head next to his bandmate who were both in the hot tub.
“I just…I don’t know. Sometimes, it’s like she only wants me to be her friend and then other times, she wants more. It’s exhausting.” Harry sighed again, then leaned back in his chair.
“Maybe you should talk to her,” Niall suggested.
“What would that do, though?”
“You’d know how she really feels about you.”
Harry thought about it for a minute before deciding that Niall was right. He told the boys that he was going to invite her to his house, where they were, and have her swim with them. They immediately told him that this was something that needed to be done in private.
When Y/n finally came over, dressed in a bikini that wasn’t covered up very well by the very thin material of the white sarong. Harry walked up to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek, then offered to take her bag from off her shoulder.
“Thanks, Haz. You’re so sweet.” She smirked at him, then kicked off her flip-flops.
He came back and just stared at her, not knowing how to start the conversation. He reached back to scratch the back of his neck. Nervously, he finally stated, “You look fantastic today, Y/n.”
She sighed, folding her arms over her chest. “Cut the crap, Styles. When you called me, it sounded like you had something important to tell me. Just get on with it.”
“You always see right through me, don’t you?” He chuckled, then nodded. “Okay. Here it goes. I just want to know how you feel about me. I always think that you have feelings for me, but then you do something that makes me think that you wanna be just friends. Honestly, I’m exhausted trying to figure you out. Baby, running after you is like chasing the clouds. I don’t know what to do anymore…”

Sunny Days

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It was a sunny Saturday the light peaked out of my window and illuminated all of her room, but the only light she could look at was the one underneath her, Niall. As she drew patterns over his uncovered chest, he played with her bush of a hair while scrolling through his phone. It was an undeniable truth that guitarist’s fingers were good at anything they did. She hummed as he massaged her scalp whilst she used his chest as a pillow rubbing his chest hair. She looked up at him and he smiled at the girl’s reaction loving when she approved every single little thing he did. He placed his phone on the nightstand, his now unoccupied hand going to her back rubbing it to. Not resisting the urge, she moaned lowly a cheeky grin forming on his face.

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Let Me Be Your Good Night

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You weren’t impressed. You had been trying for the last fifteen minutes to get the lads to concentrate at the task at hand—rehearsing one of their new songs before recording it. It had taken you long enough to gather all four of them around the piano that you’d thought they’d have settled down by now, but alas they were still horsing around, slapping each other, and laughing at the pain they inflicted on one another. You would never understand why the boys always had studio time scheduled after long stretches of not seeing each other.

“Whenever you lot are ready, we can get started,” you scolded.

“Yes, teacher,” Niall laughed. You rolled your eyes. You were the same age as the boys, but they always managed to bring out your authoritarian side. It was mandatory for anything to get done.

“I’ve got other clients, you know. I could go do vocal exercises with people who actually want to sing.” You were only half-joking. Of course, as a vocal coach you did have other clients, and even though the boys were getting on your nerves, they were you favorite to work with. Calming them down took patience, but they were a pleasure to work with once they started singing.

“Please don’t leave us, [Y/N],” Harry said as he gripped your arm, keeping you from going anywhere.

“Then start singing!” you exclaimed in exasperation. Harry’s touch was buzzing through your body. The two of you had always exchanged sly glances and a few flirty texts, but nothing had ever come of it. He was away too much, and you liked the stability of your life.

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✒️My Narry Fic List 📜

Aka: Every Narry Fic I’ve Ever Written; Ever

Basically, this is an official masterpost of every Narry story I’ve ever written! And I will try and update it whenever I can/whenever I remember. I’ve been asked a few times now for a link to all the fics I’ve written and, while I do plan on making a page for them, I quite like the masterpost-thing because everything is organized and they’re all in one place. So here goes:



The CountdownLike the timer on the inside of his wrist, Harry has been counting down the days-hours-minutes-seconds until he meets his soul mate. But then Harry meets Niall. (7,136)

Once an AddictNiall’s an alcoholic. Harry’s into drugs. (20,700)

Home is Where the Heart is (And My Heart is With You)Harry has always been with Niall, has always gone where Niall’s gone. So flying across the pond and drifting across the USA with Niall really isn’t all that different. Until it is. (13,243)

Broken-Hearted BoyNiall has watched Harry get his heart broken time after time, again and again. Harry just wants someone to love him. But Niall has always loved him and now that he’s finally fed up with Harry not seeing it, Niall tells him. (11,446)

Chasing HappinessNiall is a popstar, gone to find his happiness in Hollywood and Harry is just his best friend back home. (4,461)

Like DriftingHarry’s like the equivalent of a drifter, traveling the world on his own – and Niall’s the boy he keeps leaving behind. (9,745)

Half a HeartHarry’s spent the majority of his life searching for his soulmate; the other half of his rose gold heart. When he’s 19, he stops – stops hoping and wishing and searching – because maybe his mother is wrong. And then he meets a boy – bright blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, brilliant smile – and it feels like he’s known this boy, this stranger, his whole life. (6,466)

Of Demons and AngelsHarry is one of the greatest Shadowhunters of his time. And Niall is just a boy whose life gets turned upside down by demons and angels. This is not only a story of Niall’s search for the truth about who – or what – he is; it’s also one of loyalty and love. (40,626)

Seventh Time’s a Charm - Harry’s sees a certain blond boy six times over the course of his life and the blond boy gets away every single time. And then Harry sees him a seventh time.

Domestic Bliss - A typical breakfast routine before school in the Horan-Styles household.

The ReawakeningHarry wakes up dead and then meets Niall. [Major triggers: thoughts of suicide, attempted suicide, suicide, death, car accident.]

Tiara Niall - Harry kind of really just likes it when Niall wears tiaras.

A Narry Thanksgiving - It’s Thanksgiving in America and all Harry wants a little help. Featuring: domestic!narry, daddies!narry and twins!Annabelle&Parker.

Bread Van - Niall feels claustrophobic whilst stuck in the back of a bread van during filming for their 1D TV Special and Harry is there to keep him calm, like always.

Narry: Tarzan AUFor my Tarzan!Harry, Jane!Niall prompt anon :)

Red and the Big Bad WolfNiall finds himself alone and a bit freaked out when he runs into the big bad wolf. Not everything, however, is as it seems.

Happy Birthday, From AfarThis is because I miss Narry and I’m pretty sure Harry misses Niall even though it looked like he had a ton of fun.

Oh, BabiesNiall and Harry want to have a baby. Aka, The Evolution of Annabelle and Parker. Loosely tied this fic called Future for those who wanted some background information on how Niall and Harry got Parker and Annabelle, which is where the twins made their debut.

Late Late, Narry -  This is a drabble thingy I wrote after The Late Late Show involving a sick!Harry, a slightly tipsy!Niall with a mention of those teeny tiny red shorts Harry wore.

Wrong Anniversary (or Not) - Harry and Niall fight about when their anniversary should be.

People Fall in Love in Mysterious WaysThe plan is fly to Dublin and be engaged by the end of the weekend. It’s not supposed to include a slight detour, a series of delays and a beautiful but brazen Irishman who changes, well, everything. Inspired by the movie Leap Year.

A birthday thing - Niall’s a bit drunk, Harry’s a bit of an idiot and, well, everything works out in the end anyway.

Your hand fits in mineFive times Prince Harry held the stable boy’s hand.

Boyfriend TagIn which Harry finally does the “boyfriend tag”, something Niall’s subscribers have been asking for for weeks, with Niall.

For your eyes onlyIn which Harry finally tells Niall how he really feels.

Underneath the Mistletoe - Harry gets kissed under the mistletoe by a complete stranger.

I come alive when I hear your voice –  Niall goes to London’s School for the Gifted because he can read minds, and Harry’s a boy with a literal heart of gold.

200 Letters – In which Harry finds a box of letters written by a boy who broke his heart, and this is the aftermath.

Puppy Love - Niall has a dog. Niall and Harry have a past.

Last First Kiss -

“I mean, unless you’re afraid of kissing.”

Niall narrows his gaze. “I’m not afraid of kissing.”

“You’re afraid of kissing strangers, then.”

“I’m not a fan of kissing strangers.”

Harry smirks, sticking out his right hand for Niall to take – and Niall can’t help but notice how big they are, his hands. “Harry Styles. Born in Cheshire, moved to London for school a few years ago and didn’t have the heart to leave. And now we’re not complete strangers, so what do you say?”

Niall looks from a hopeful, wide-eyed Louis to a somewhat smug, charming and definitely cheeky Harry Styles. He sighs. “Fine.”

the only truth -

Sometimes it’s heavy, and powerful, and emotional; memories that take his breath away, and make his heart race with desire. Memories of stolen cookies, and staying up all night because they had so much to say; of growing up too fast because families can be messy, and running away overnight just to get away, and lying on rooftops to be closer to the stars; of first crushes, and puppy love – and real love, and first kisses, and slow dances, and whispered promises, and…last kisses.

Other times it’s just the simple things. Easy things; hard things. Things like smiles, and laughter; things like shadows, and similarities in other real people; things like old band t-shirts he’d forgotten that he’d stolen, and boots found in the back of his closet, and a scarf he didn’t even know he’d had; things like his imagination running wild with the scent of a cologne he hasn’t smelled in ages.

This Town UPDATE! 

When Everything Comes Crashing Down UPDATE!

Niall groans, kicks the sheets off of his legs before pushing himself to feet and stalking towards his bedroom window. He opens the curtain, sighs when he sees Harry crouched on the other side of the window pane- But he opens the window anyway. “How many times have I told you not to climb up here?” Niall hisses. He curls a hand around Harry’s bicep and pulls him inside. “You’re gonna get hurt again. And since you’ve already sprained your ankle, you’re running the risk of re-breaking the bone and-”

He stops when he notices Harry’s ruddy cheeks and wet eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asks softly, a lump in his throat.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

“Harry,” Niall says. This time his voice sounds just as panicked, and he feels it. “Haz, what’s wrong?”

“Z-Zayn,” he stutters, pausing to clear his throat.

Niall blinks. “What about him?”

Harry stares at him; looks lost and confused.

“Harry, you’re scaring me. What-”

“He was in an accident.”

Note: This is a WIP.


Series/Companion Pieces:

The Button Chronicles:

(Neither the first or second part has to be read in order to read the other because technically they aren’t connected as they’re two totally different stories. However, the third part should be read after either of the others as it can follow directly behind either one. I hope that makes sense.)

Her Human’s HumanButton isn’t quite sure what to make of the new blond boy in her human’s life. (6,473)

Common GroundHarry watches fondly as both his boyfriend, Niall, and his cat, Button struggle to find common ground in Harry’s life. (2,910)

Button, With ChildButton is introduced to an infant with grabby, sticky fingers and hate every second of it. Until, maybe she doesn’t. (Or, it takes almost exactly a whole year for Button to warm up to the newest addition in her family.) (2,950)

Give me a reason:

Give me a reason: not to leave

Give me a reason: not to hang up

Give me a reason: not to cry

Give me a reason: not to give up


Denial - Niall is in denial and Harry’s the boy who suffers because of it. Then again, maybe they both do.

Denial - Prequel - Harry walks - more like stumbles - the line between friends and lovers with Niall.

Denial - Sequel - Harry deals with the aftermath of his and Niall’s maybe-breakup. Niall is finally ready to come out with Harry.


EighteenEd listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.

I have loved you (since we were 18)Harry falls in love with Niall long before Niall falls into him in return. [Inspired by One Direction’s 18 and companion piece to Eighteen.]


Diamond -  Harry’s a thief who gets his hands on the worldly famous Horan Family Diamond. Niall is just the boy who gets caught in the middle.

I’ll keep your heart safe - The sequel to ‘Diamond’ in which Niall and Harry find it difficult to navigate the ruins of their battered relationship - especially as new trouble threatens to ruin everything all over again.


First Words -  Imagine having something like ‘man I cant believe dumbledore died’ tattooed on you. imagine being spoiled for a book series that doesnt even exist yet. imagine worrying about this dumbledore guy your whole childhood while not knowing who he is.

I fucking hate love you -

“What do you mean they don’t know about me?”

Niall watches Harry shift, watches him loosen and then tighten his hand on the steering wheel, watches him bite at the inside of his cheek. He narrows his gaze when the brunette doesn’t answer, reaches forward to mute whatever pop song is playing on the radio. “Harry.”

“I mean- They know about you, they just don’t…know about you,” Harry corrects, offering Niall an awkward smile. His grip tightens, again, on the steering wheel.

“Forgive me if I don’t know what the difference is,” Niall deadpans. “What exactly did you tell them, Haz?”

Harry hesitates – and Niall can see the movement in his jaw, that Harry’s biting his cheek. A nervous tick.

“I swear, Harry-”

“That you were my friend.”

Niall blinks. “Friend?”

Harry sighs. “I-”

“I wasn’t aware you let your friends suck you off in gas station loos on the way to meet your parents for the first time. Did Nick get to do it too?”



30 Days of Fics ChallengeWrite a story a day for 30 days and 30 different word-prompts.

25 Days of Narry Christmas – Literally just 25 fics of Christmassy, Narry goodness for 25 prompts that are directly/indirectly related to Christmas.

A Very Narry ChristmasA joint challenge that Ryan and I made ourselves for Christmas 2016. Basically, here are 25 days of Christmas. UPDATE!




Birthday Sex



Drug Addict!Harry

Bloody Nose!Harry

I loved you first 


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Preference #6 - The Other Boys Don’t Like You Part 2 (Niall)

My phone buzzed a few times on the drive home, a series of text notifications popping up on the screen. I bit my lip hard, trying to stop the new swell of tears forming in my eyes as I tried to keep my eyes from glancing down at it, not wanting to see Niall’s name above each message.

Once my eyes became to blurry to see straight I pulled over into a park, only just managing to put the brakes on before a heavy sob escaped my throat, my forehead falling to rest against the steering wheel. My phone buzzed again and I swallowed thickly, reaching down to pick it up.

‘Hey, thanks for lunch Princess, why didn’t you come into the studio?’

‘Is everything okay? Maggie said you looked upset when you left?’

‘Y/n ? Come on, answer me’

‘I’m getting worried…I’ll start calling unless you text me back’

I read through each text, feeling worse every time, the pit in my stomach starting to churn uncomfortably. Niall had been the most amazing boyfriend in our short time together, he’d been everything I wanted and more; it wouldn’t be fair to him to just up and leave without any explanation. Taking a deep breath I exited out of my messages and into my call log instead, tapping on Niall’s name before I could chicken out.

It only rang twice before his voice was travelling through the speaker, sounding both concerned and relieved.
“What’s going on Y/n,” He asked. “Is everything okay?”
“I’m - I’m sorry Ni,” I sniffed, wiping the heel of my hand over my eyes.
“Are you crying? Please tell me what happened.”
“I think - I - we need to break up.”
“Ni, I’m just…please.”
“What brought this on?” He whispered, voice beginning to sound as broken as I felt. “I thought we were good, I thought we loved each other.”
“I do love you Niall, I love you more than anything!” I sobbed. “But I can’t be with you anymore.”
“Tell me why!”
“I can’t!” It was getting harder to calm myself down, my whole body shaking with my tears, my chest tightening with each breath. “I’m sorry…”

I hung up the phone, letting it fall from my hands and land in my lap; my hands moving to cover my face as I clawed at the edge of my hairline. I was hurting and so was Niall but maybe this was for the best; maybe he’d find someone the other boys liked, someone they thought was good enough to be in Niall’s life. As much as I felt stupid for letting them decide how our relationship went I knew that Niall valued their opinions and advice over almost everyone else; I’d be forever competing against the three boys. At least this way he could be happy.

Written By Bree xx