we love you phil!

a commission I did recently for the lovely @talkaboutartassholes ! based off of this insta story with just a lil alteration 🖤

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Dan, in videos: pfft Phil’s such a nerd can you believe this guy.

Dan, at panels and other live events: I love one (1) man and if any of you so much as look at him wrong I will hunt you down and force you to eat my foot.


ok guys listen up i love phill with all my heart but i HATE how he always plays favorites. like there’s this one fan who he’s always retweeting and is at like every meet and greet and takes tons of fan selfies with and its SO ANNOYING smh. he was even featured in some vids?? im really scared for phil bc im afraid that hes being stalked by this mega fan who follows him everywhere and has reportedly gone to his house?? as seen in the second photo, this man will stop at nothing to grab phil’s attention, and i’m honestly so scared for him. guys the evidence is all there, i think the super fan’s tumblr is @danisnotonfire but idk for sure. please be safe phil!! he literally tweeted for help we have to watch out for him.

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can we talk about dan and phil's hugs please??

oh my god can we talk about them?????? can we fuckin talk about them???????????? they are so so so sweet and kind i think i talked about this from my m&g but first of all phil was immediately like “do you want a hug?” once i said hi like we stan one (1) boundary-sensitive boye???

but like phil being so soft when he hugs and like giving such big full encompassing hugs

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and then dan yes he gives the little more distanced hugs but by god they’re still so comforting and like sorry i’m about to go way off base here but can i just say like…..dan has a Thing abt personal space right? (see below)

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like totally respectable he just isn’t comfy with people getting super close totally valid except

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he is fucking pulling phil in

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phil in his personal space? no reaction

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oh? phil quite literally about to put his arm around him? nothing

like i’m not trying to make this a demon post bc that’s not what it’s about it’s just so so so comforting to see dan has someone in his life he welcomes into this space he very clearly does not allow most people into. 

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okay one demon gif bc we deserve it

tell me what you love about dan and/or phil

@danielhowell happy birthday!! 

There’s so much I can say about you but my fingers already hurt from making this.. so.. i will sum it as easy as I can… THANK YOU, for existng, for making me smile when no one and nothing else can, for making me feel validated, for making me realize that my hapiness was above everything, my choices in life were not for people to judge on but for me to learn. Thank you, for helping me come to more civil terms with my depression and anxiety and for providing the silly comfort that I actually need by doing literally nothing :’) 

Happy Birthday Dan! We love you <3 

Phil’s “Glo-Up”

I agree with what I’ve been seeing a lot of other people saying on my dash lately about Phil’s changes in style and confidence lately, and Dan’s influence being a big part of what has given him the ability to do it.

I think it’s probably been happening behind the scenes for a while, but we first really saw it in the “Viewers Pick My Outfits” video, in which we heard Dan actively complimenting Phil, encouraging Phil, and asking him to take himself seriously instead of always making a funny face to lighten the mood.

More recently, we saw that same kind of encouragement from Dan in his Denver Instagram story where he told Phil to “work that rock,” suggesting different poses against the rock, while Phil awkwardly tried to comply. In the end, we got a lovely photo of the two of them with that rock, and Phil is in a pose that makes him look like a frickin’ supermodel … but I’m betting it took a lot of help from Dan to help him find that confident pose. And yes, we’re reaping the rewards, because we’re getting these beautiful photos of Phil, but Phil is reaping the rewards far more than we are, because I think Dan is helping him find a confidence that’s been inside him for years but which he felt too self-conscious to express publicly.

I think probably every apparently self-confident hair-style change, cool photo, and wardrobe choice we’ve been seeing from Phil lately has been actively coached by Dan. Phil’s still figuring out how to do it, and Dan is helping him every step of the way.

The student has become the master.

Let’s be real the best Marvel moment was when fans got so pissed that Coulson died so Marvel resurrected him and gave him his own tv show

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I love how comfortable they are with each other

god fuckin yes like they can make the weirdest jokes and phil can talk about macrophilia (seriously he brings it up a lot dan hun take a hint) and dan can joke (?) about being a furry and they can just be close without any concerns. like god they are pillars for each other, physically and emotionally and ugh aspirations, goals, they are the epitome of a healthy relationship (platonic or otherwise)

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tell me what you love about dan and/or phil