we love you bella


Prompt:  Ilovee your imagines so much. Please do one where reader is a new cast member and tend to feel insecure and unwanted but then sebastian goes and comforts her all the time. Thank youu xx

Warnings: none!

Authors Note: Due to a recent issue coming to light, I’ve dedicated this one to our glass-wearing readers. Bella and I love you guys, and we are blind as bats as well lol. You’re amazing no matter what ^_^

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  • edward: *takes a breath* I-
  • every member of the cullen family: we get it you love Bella Swan she is the light of your life the best most precious angel to ever stumble into your dark boring life if you lived for 100,000 more years you would still love Bella just as much she is too good for you and she's your literal reason for being alive we GET IT

You’ll want to get your good hand on this.

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