we love you bella

Chissà perché quando andiamo a guardare le stelle guardo te
—  Sei così bella, GionnyScandal❤
Q & A #5!
Guang Hong Ji <3
Q & A #5!

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! <3 

//I’m sorry this took so long, everyone. Mun is very sick (and you can probably hear it DX), but hopefully Home Part 3 will be out soon, and then we have some more cuteness on the way as well as some nsfw requests to finish. <3 @leodelaiglesia-skates and I are so grateful for all of the support and understanding we’ve received on delays, we really do have the best followers ever <3

 I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed the Home plotline; it’s been in the works since we started collaborating together and while I’m a little nostalgic that we’re finally here; we’ve been waiting to drop this plot bomb for such a long time (there have been many hints and easter eggs along the ride, and I’m honestly proud of what we’ve done as writers and as actors in having these characters develop), I’m also excited to see what waits for Leo and Guang Hong after the conclusion of the engagement plotline <3 

Thank you all for being amazing, and mun is sending a hug to each and every one of you.

27th of June 2017

Our dog Bella was put to sleep.

We think she may have had a stroke on Friday. She couldn’t hold her head up straight and wasn’t able to stand. She was old, and putting her to sleep was the best thing we could do for her.

She would have been 14 years old on the 30th of June 2017.

We love you Bella, rest in peace ~ ❤

pantstacular  asked:

I'm sorry I always ask for this but ✩JJBellaOtaYuri? (Obs skip the sex questions if they make you uncomfortable ❤️)

babe listen to me you can ask me about the one true ot4 any time about literally anything i will talk about them for hours


Who is more likely to raise their voice?

yuri raises their voice first, and jj raises it too to try to talk over him and calm him down

Who threatens to leave but never actually does?

yuri with his impulsive mouth lmao

Who actually keeps their word and leaves?

as said before otabek is the one who needs his space to calm down so he leaves for 1-2 days for everyone to Chill Out

Who trashes the house?

no one!

Do either of them get physical?

again, yuri tends to punch/kick walls

jj gets a bit physical with himself, he tends to clutch his own hair really tightly when he’s stressed out so he does this often during big fights

How often do they argue/disagree?

disagreements between them happen pretty often but its never anything extreme

Who is the first to apologise?

bella tends to apologize first even when its not her fault - hell even when the argument doesnt involve her. it usually spurs the people who are actually in the argument to make up

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Prompt:  Ilovee your imagines so much. Please do one where reader is a new cast member and tend to feel insecure and unwanted but then sebastian goes and comforts her all the time. Thank youu xx

Warnings: none!

Authors Note: Due to a recent issue coming to light, I’ve dedicated this one to our glass-wearing readers. Bella and I love you guys, and we are blind as bats as well lol. You’re amazing no matter what ^_^

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gcnsyboy  asked:

1, 8, 15, 27!

1) Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.
with love - hilary duff
forgot you - bella ferraro
where do we go from here - ruelle
break the ice - britney spears
i need a doctor - dr dre
gallows - cocorosie
(this is v outdated, i haven’t used itunes in forever bc i use yt/spotify so v v not updated. good songs tho)
8) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?
walking to class
15) How do you vent your anger?
angry-caps-lock texting my best friend or crying
27) What was the last movie you saw?
um i think it was probably rough night. or i watched like half of catching fire, i don’t remember which i did first

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-Mod Bella, with love.

  • edward: *takes a breath* I-
  • every member of the cullen family: we get it you love Bella Swan she is the light of your life the best most precious angel to ever stumble into your dark boring life if you lived for 100,000 more years you would still love Bella just as much she is too good for you and she's your literal reason for being alive we GET IT

anonymous asked:

me: *inhales* me: i lo- person who's been around me for like .5 seconds: you love bella!!! we get it!! they are precious and deserve love!!we get it you love her!!! Bella is your robo romeo, please we heard you say it 80 times in less than a second PLEASE WE GET IT

HHHHHH thank

An Unexpected Yuletide

Imagine your Christmas dinner is interrupted by Thorin’s company as unexpected guests.

 Chapter One: Under Their Own Steam

         The Sheriff of Hobbiton, Artemis Took, strolled in through the open front door of their new blacksmith’s smithy.

           It wasn’t every town in the Shire that could boast having a Dwarrow blacksmith, let alone an apprentice of the Master Blacksmith, but Artemis wished they had come by young Fili’s services in a less tragic way.

“Good morning, Mr. Fili! How’s that metal leg you made yourself holding up in this cold  weather?”

Fili looked up from his work, with a cheerful smile.

He seemed genuinely happy, in Hobbiton, especially with his new wife, and that was somehow more heartbreaking to Artemis than if the poor brave lad had been miserable.

“It’s a bit creaky. But as long as I keep on it, and I keep those gyro-gears moving? Me leg ought to keep steaming along.”

Fili and the Sheriff both laughed at his joke.

Artemis Took was one of Belladonna Took’s brothers, the only one who lived in Hobbiton. In his sister’s stead, Artemis had determined to make things as right as he could for these two young  people since Belladonna Baggins had returned from her long journey with her new husband.

Bella had arrived in the middle of the auction of her property, with the older of the Master Blacksmith’s nephews.

Young Fili had gained quite a bit of experience in life, and a wife, but he was missing his Uncle, his brother, and his left leg below the knee.

But Dwarves were a stoic lot and all Tooks are tough.

It wasn’t long before the lad bought a piece of land on the main street, and built a smithy.

Even those who suspected he might not have been as good a smith as his Uncle, when they found out that Fili had designed and made his mechanical leg, all under his own steam?

They decided they could trust him with their business.

But, as their first Yuletide in Hobbiton approached, Artemis knew that Bella and Fili would keenly be feeling the absence of family.

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You’ll want to get your good hand on this.

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freakinamask  asked:

Have you ever written anything for Bellatrix Lestrange, I mean I know she was a monster but she was also the only female death eater as far as we know, and a woman who was likely raised to be pretty and poised and bear perfect pureblood children for a husband. Do you ever wonder how she grew up so different from her sisters or where she decided violence was better than manners and smiles you could cut yourself on.

Closest you’ll get to my Bellatrix thoughts is probably my Andromeda Tonks story. 

full piece: turncoat: in defense of andromeda tonks nee black

Mrs. Black, who preferred to be called Ms. Black, held little tea parties in the playroom for her three daughters. They used real porcelain tea cups and hot black tea. Mother would invite Minister of Magic Teddy Bear and Blood Traitor Stuffed Frog to their teas, set them up with their own little cups and then instruct—this is how you charm, coddle, insinuate—this is how you snub, strike, and smile.

That was the thing about Bella. She thought they were having tea. Annie, eleven, watched her mother come to the decision that Bella was someone you pointed at people.

By the time Andromeda’s mother met Tom Riddle, it was after the last time Annie would ever see her. But she knew—Andromeda could see it, her mother smiling slowly, touching her pearls, thinking now here is someone who knows how to aim.

You build your life around the things you want to be. Narcissa wanted to be safe. Andromeda wanted to be her own. Bella wanted a lot of things, but one of them was to be valuable.

Andromeda went out to Bellatrix’s grave a few months after Teddy’s fourteenth birthday. It was blocky and expensive. She wondered who had paid for it. It was pockmarked with curses and paint, magical writing and deep gouges, things earned from decades of spewing horror from her fingertips.

“You took my daughter from me,” she told the stone. Someone had sprayed a very nasty word across the two Ls. “I am not ever going to forgive you.”

Annie had spilled tea on Bella’s favorite doll, once, a little thing with thick curls and uneven glass eyes. Bella had shrieked about vendetta and then run off crying. Annie had snuck into her room that night with armfuls of all her softest toys and they had fallen asleep mid-giggle, little bodies curled around blankets and stuffed animals and each other.

“You called her dirty, lesser, for her father’s mundane blood, her husband’s scars. Yes, her grandparents are Muggles. And they are good, Bella—witty and kind and brave—and they taught her so many things about what life and love should look like. Yes, she married a werewolf, and he was skittish and stupidly noble and I miss him. Her son has his eyes six days out of ten, which is more often than Teddy keeps any other feature.

"I married a Mudblood, and my daughter married a werewolf, and my grandson is beautiful. And you would have killed him, too, if you had had the chance. I bet Mother’s bones sat up and applauded when you burnt that blood traitor filth from the family tree—

"Do you know what she was, Bella? What she was that we weren’t? She was loved.” Andromeda swallowed hard. “And I loved you once, Bella, but I didn’t know how to do it. And maybe I should have saved you then, but I was busy saving myself.”

Andromeda grew a garden over Bella’s grave, blooming narcissus, nightshade and belladonna. She made the stems thick, the vines hoary and tough and lasting, the flowers brilliant and unfurled. Bella had once been beautiful.

Andromeda left the graffiti on the headstone. She rubbed a thumb through one of the gouges in stone like the residue of that rage might still be there. Then she spat on it and walked away.

Her mother had burnt her off the Black family tree. Andromeda’s daughter had gone by nothing but Tonks. No drop of inheritance or favor would come down this family line, but Andromeda walked home through dry grass and smiled.

You burned us off the family records, Mother, but this is it, don’t you see? I am a Black. Nymphadora was a Black and she was mine. We are your legacy.

And don’t you see? We are loved. I was and am loved, love that I have earned and fought for and never, ever had to buy. You choose the people who choose you.

You tried to curse me and cast me out, but I left, don’t you see? I am loved, and my grandson will grow up loved. His world will be a better place than yours ever was.