we love you allison

Allison Jamaica Reynolds

She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty.

Things I want to happen in Teen Wolf season 6B


- Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Malia talking via skype in collage and missing each other, planning visits

- Liam calling to Scott with warewolf problems 

- more Peter and Malia father-daughter scenes

- Hale family reunite including Cora and Darek

- Cora and Malia training together

- lacrosse trainings with Coach and Liam funny scenes


- more Deaton

- Stydia proposal!!

- Kira, Isaac, Derek, Cora, Ethan, Danny, Deucalion, Breaden, Jackson’s comeback

- Stiles using a gun


- Parrish being useful

- Mason with baseball bat

- pack being at Allison’s grave

- Derek and Breaden being together


- Chris and Melissa together

- Theo and Peter joining Scott’s pack

- Liam becoming Alpha

- find out who Greenberg is!!

- all pack including Sheriff, Argent and Mellisa sitting at the big table eating pizza and deer, smiling and then Scott stand up and say: “I want to make a toast to Erica, Boyd, Aiden and Allison. We love you and miss you everyday”

I just want some of this things Jeff, not everything, some of!!

I’m making this because this cat is gorgeous and I decided Andrew and Neil should own her

  • Neil and Andrew love their cats, it’s something they can admit when it’s met with the unconditional love only an animal can give
  • but occasionally they visit the animal shelter because Bee said it would be therapeutic to play with kittens  
  • one time when they’re visiting they notice a new cat in the adult cat room with white fur and gorgeous blue eyes
  • they don’t think much of it and continue to the kitten room
  • but each time they return which is more often than they’ll admit the cat is still there
  • and it’s just surprising because they’ve been going there enough they know the cat is the type to be adopted immediately
  • they decide to Investigate

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Allison Argent x Reader: The Pain is Worth It.

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Prompt: Reincarnation AU: I’ve met you in every single lifetime and I always hope it will work out but it doesn’t but I’ll still keep finding you again because those few days/months/years together with you are always so worth it 

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I had majors writer’s block. My first the 100 imagine or a requested preference should be posted next. Hope you like it!

  The first time it happened, at least the first you could remember, was sometime in the 1600s…

    You smiled at Allison as you pulled away from the kiss. She smiled back at you from half lidded eyes,“I guess everything is going right today," 

    You laughed lightly as you bit your lip. Allison was right. Today her family’s status grew faster and better than the poor girl could have dreamed of. All because they had killed a werewolf, something everyone had thought was impossible. "I would love to stay but I promised Mary I would help with dinner,” you said as you gave Allison a chaste kiss before you stepped back. 

    A week later, people were coming to the Argent’s door and telling stories about another werewolf. “We will attack tomorrow night. During the full moon and he won’t be thinking clearly,” Allison heard a voice state from the other room. 

    ‘I hope they stay safe,' Allison thought to herself as she stood in the kitchen. As they were making a plan a loud knocking interrupted the family discussion. 

    Allison heard the door open and a woman sobbing uncontrollably. Allison furrowed her eyebrows as she walked out into the dining room with the rest of the confused Argents. Allison gasped as she recognized the woman as Mary, someone who had moved into your family’s house years ago. “Mary what’s wrong?” Allison choked out. 

    “Y-Y/N… I heard something coming from her/his/their room and when I opened the door there was this monster, it was the wolf… And the entire room was- I’m so sorry Allison,” Mary sobbed. 

    Allison felt her legs shake underneath her and began sobbing with the girl. 

The second time it happened was in the 1920s. 

    Allison remembered how you danced wildly to the record playing in Allison’s living room. She had laughed as she began to copy your moves, dancing with you. At first the both of you wanted to go to the new jazz club right outside of town, but your car had broken down and plans had to change. Allison had called her Dad and said that she was staying at a friend’s house and the two of you had spent the last hours talking and dancing. Glad that your parents weren’t home, too busy on a business trip. 

    Spending time together was like this was why you both did it. Why every time you went through a cycle you were the one she looked for. The one who no matter what, no matter how many times you lost her or she lost you, was the one you never gave up on. The one you loved. 

    Allison covered her mouth to muffle her sob as she rocked herself on her bed. It happened again. She had lost you. This time it wasn’t to something supernatural. It was to some drunk man driving a car. Allison knew the man wouldn’t even be convicted of a crime, he was the sheriff’s nephew and she knew with a little bribing it would all just go away. 

    You had been driving to pick her up so that you two could finally check out that jazz club. Allison had been so excited at spending time with you. And then she lost you again and it hurt just as bad as last time. If not more because deep in Allison’s heart, she knew you wouldn’t have been on that road if it hadn’t been because of her. “We’ll be together again… Someday,” Allison whispered to herself hopefully. 

The next time it happened was the next time the two of you had crossed paths in the 1960s.

    Allison’s family had continued with fighting the supernatural and you supported her despite worrying every time she went out on a mission. But as the Argents learned more about the supernatural world and how to fight against them, the supernatural did the same. Both sides began to evolve into better fighters. 

    And it was one day when they were trying to learn more about the Argents that they found out about you. The person that the huntress melted around. The one weakness that the werewolves knew would tear her apart. So it didn’t take much discussion for the pack to kidnap you and use you as bait. When Allison found out that you had been kidnapped to say she freaked out would be an understatement. She grabbed her bow and arrow and then went to go find you.

    You pulled against the handcuffs and groaned as the metal dug into your skin. You could hear fighting in the room over and it only scared you more. You didn’t know who it was, and even if you were hoping it was Allison and her family you didn’t know. After a few minutes the door opened and Chris walked in. He walked closer to you and saw the handcuffs,“Where’s the key?" 

    "Across the room. In the cashbox,” you answered. Chris quickly grabbed the key and worked on your handcuffs until they came off of your wrists. 

    “Where’s Allison?” you asked as you rubbed your wrists and stood up. 

    “Outside. Fighting them off. You’re going in the car come on,” Chris told you as he ushered you out. You ran out of the room where they were fighting and waited outside for some sign that Allison was alright. 

    Finally after a few moments the Argents began coming out of the room, you held your breath as you waited for Allison to come out. As Allison walked out you felt yourself sigh out of relief. You went to walk towards her before you noticed someone behind her. You went to go warn her when you saw the werewolf grab a hold of her neck and tears cloud your vision until you only see a blurry mess of red. 

    You wipe away the tears from your cheeks and scream,“Allison!” You go to run towards her but you feel someone wrap their arms around your torso and pull you back from her. Your body drops into their arms and you feel yourself dragged into the car, but the only thing you can think about is Allison. 

The last time it happened, a part of you was scared that you would never find Allison again. But despite that every time you went somewhere new you kept an eye out for the brunette. 

    You still remembered it clearly. You shut your locker and held your books to your chest as you walked towards your next class. You heard a new soft voice and you looked around. You glanced in the direction of the noise and your breath hitched as you recognized who it was. You waited for the teacher to walk away from her before you had to stop yourself from running towards her. “Allison?” you called out as you got closer to her. 

    Allison’s head snapped towards yours and a bright smile spread across her face,“Y/N," 

    That had been almost two years ago. The longest that you and Allison had enough time to be together. You both ended up joining Scott’s pack, Allison had taught you how to fight with different weapons and she used her bow and arrow. You had just fought off an Oni when you glanced back towards Allison, just in time to see the Oni’s sword go through her. 

    You screamed as you ran towards her. Allison fell and you got there just in time to grab a hold of her torso. "Allison,” you mumbled as you tried to ignore the tears in your eyes,

    “It’s alright Y/N. It doesn’t hurt,” Allison whispered with a small smile on her face,“It’s alright. I’ve lost you before and you’ve lost me. But every single time we lose each other we end up finding each other again," 

    "I love you Allison,” you whispered as you stroked the hair away from her face. 

    “I love you too Y/N. And we’ll see each other again. Because every moment I have with you is worth it all,” Allison whispered with a smile.     You smiled back at her and nodded,“We’ll be together again," 

    Allison smiled warmly at you before you felt her body weaken and she finally closed her eyes. You let out a sob before you felt Chris pull you back, ready to tell you the lie for the police. 

Heartbroken Heartbreaker - Peter Hale

‘Six months. It had been six months from the day that Peter Hale kissed out outside your home and said ‘bye girlfriend’. You knew that he had commitment issues so you were taking it slow. Very slow. 

You walked into the loft.

“I just had the shittiest day ever.”

He laughed.

“Peter! It’s not funny. I had three people hit on me today.”

“Was one of them Janice?” He said referring to an old receptionist that the Sheriff didn’t have the heart to fire.

“Yep. She told me that my top was nice and then muttered ‘gives me a great view of your boobs’ because obviously she doesn’t know that I’m a werewolf and could hear what she was saying”

Pete began dying with laughter at that sentence.

“It’s not funny.”

“You have to admit, they are some pretty great boobs.”

“Shut up and cuddle with me.”

He stopped talking and opened his arms to you and you launched yourself into them. You rested your head on his chest and he began stroking your hair soothingly. The sweet act made you tired and as you were falling asleep you muttered ‘I love you, Peter’

Those were the words that triggered it.


She uttered the words that I didn’t expect to hear, or that I didn’t want to hear. She loved me. I couldn’t do it. I can’t be in a relationship with someone like her. She deserved way better than me. Way better.

Three days later

You and Peter were going to go to Ikea to get some new furniture to spice up the loft. 

“I’m not going to be able to help with the assembly of it.”

He chuckled dryly. There was something off about him.

“We need to talk, and you may want a seat.”

“I’ll stand”

He took a deep breath.

“I don’t think this is working out. we’re breaking up.”

Your heart shattered into a million pieces. 

“What? Why?”

“I can’t see myself with you. The past six months were great, but I don’t think that what you have, is enough. I’m sorry.”

Tears began to roll down your face and you ran out of the loft. You called a Uber that dropped you home. Once you were in you got into a t-shirt and some shorts and fell onto your bed.

SO many questions came into your head. Were you not pretty enough? Did you not have the body shape he desired? Were you not smart enough, evil enough? You couldn’t remember what you could’ve done to make peter think like that. You tried your hardest to make it easy for him, to go slow when all you wanted to do was tell him you loved him and move on. But it must not have been enough for Peter which was why you cried yourself to sleep that night. 

When you woke up the next morning your phone had been blown up by texts from Lydia and Allison and Parrish and basically everyone else in the pack. It seemed that you had missed a Pack dinner that you had arranged for and everyone was worried for your whereabouts. You didn’t answer any of the texts rather you went into the kitchen and looked through your freezer. You found a couple of frozen pizza’s which you threw into the oven and a opened a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Once the pizza’s were done you cut them up haphazardly and took them back into your room where you proceeded to make a sort of fort where you would hide under and eat your feelings while watching a Netflix series. That was your routine for about two more days and then Lydia and Allison decided it was time for an intervention. 

“Y/N!” Lydia called from downstairs. You didn’t respond and they took that as an invitation to come up and break up the crazy fun pity party you threw yourself.

“It’s been three days since you called or texted. No one knew where you were.”

“Where else would I be? This is my home isn’t it?”

“Well, you had been staying over at the Loft and then at Allison’s and well, we forgot your address.”

“Look just order me a pizza and I’ll be cool, I’m just having some me time”

“Y/N, peter told us what happened.”

“Whoopie, now everyone knows that I’m not even good enough for the bastard that is Peter Hale”

“No, you’re too good for him. Which is why we are going to get you looking drop dead gorgeous and were going to head into Sinema for a night of dancing and drunkenness, well for me and Lyd”

You perked up at the thought of revenge and agreed to their idea. First you headed to a hair salon and sorted out your hair. It was weak and since you were getting rid of all of the crap in your life, you decided to get rid of your crappy hair. Your bum length hair had been chopped  into layers that went just past your boobs, the guy at the salon also added a few highlights when he heard it was part of a revenge plan, he said something along the lines of ‘You let that asshole know what he’s missing out on.’ and gave you an address to the nail bar where his sister worked so you could get your nails done too. 

You decided to get matte black, long ballerina acrylics which made you feel like a badass, even more than usual. Finally, you and Allison were forced to follow Lydia around as she found you some clothes. However, you weren’t sure if the clothes she had found you would be considered as clothing but she wouldn’t have no for an answer. 

It had been decided that you would all get done up at your house since it was closest to Sinema and you had a bigger bathroom than Lydia did. Allison straightened your hair while Lydia worked on your make up. She gave you a neutral eye look, smoking it out ever so slightly and a dramatic cat eyeliner with bright red lips. Once she had made sure everything was symmetrical you were told to change. Your outfit of the night was a black and white Aztec bustier paired with a tight skirt that stopped mid-thigh. You were instructed to wear some black heels.

You came out of the bathroom.

“You will definitely be breaking some hearts tonight”

Lydia snapped a picture of you.

“Instagram that right now.”

You laughed and did so.


“the princess emoji and the little smirky face.” 

You did that and added, ‘you were stupid to let me go’. A few hundred pictures later you left for Sinema.

You flashed the bouncer a smile and he gestured for you Lydia and Allison to come to the front. 


You pretended to look through your bag.

“I’m so sorry, I left my ID at home. We can still get in right?”

The bouncer looked at you three for a second before letting you in.

The floor of the club vibrated from the base. It was dark except for the pulses of light. 

Lydia led you onto the dance floor and you guys began to dance to the song that was playing. You attracted the attention of some guys who were standing by the bar.

“Dance with one of them. Forget about Peter.”

He came to you.

“I think you look beautiful, wanna dance?”

“I’ve had loads of other guys ask me that and they all left with a broken heart. You gonna be able to deal with that?” You lied

“I usually break the hearts,  I don’t get mine broken”

“Cocky huh?”


He pulled you closer to him and placed his hand very close to your butt.

“You’re not very shy are you?”


The song slowed down and all of the singles of the dance floor left or were in the same position as you, dancing with a total stranger. You hooked your hands around his neck and looked into his eyes. You didn’t feel right, you left like you were cheating on Peter even though you weren’t. You needed to get rid of the feeling so you did it, you kissed this stranger in the middle of a club. He kissed you back his hand travelling further down so that he had a good grip on you behind. That was until it was ripped off by someone. The person grabbed your arm and pulled you to the storage room.

“What the hell are you doing?” Peter yelled.

“I’m getting over this douche bag that I wasted 6 months of my life with.”

“We haven’t even been done for a week and you’ve already moved on.”

“Yeah I have Peter. Wanna know why? Because I don’t deserve to be with a man that toys with my feelings and breaks up with me when he feels like it’s not working. If you opened your mouth to express your feelings rather than a sarcastic comment on my boobs or my ass or how much Derek pissed you off it would’ve been you making out with me on the dance floor”

He stayed quiet.

“Yeah, I thought so. Why the hell do you even care? because if you forgot you broke up with me. You broke my heart. I gave you my heart and all you did was step on it like it was garbage-”

“Because I love you. OK, God damn it.”

You stopped your rant, shocked.

“I was scared of the feelings I felt for you because I’ve never had a real relationship and when you told me that you loved me that night I realised I loved you too and its fucking scary. Knowing that one person had that much power over you to make you weak at the knees and smile uncontrollably when you’re with them. Yeah, I always looked at your physical features. That’s because if I spoke about the real reason why I love you if I spoke about your mind, I would love you even more”

You kissed him to make him shut up.

“We agreed to take it slow, I promised you that and I stand by my promises.”

“See, things like that are the reason why I love you.”

“Hey, Y/N I can’t believe, “ She stopped speaking

Lydia and Allison stood there, seeing you two in an embrace.

“Erm, I can-”

“You’re welcome, Peter. We want our fee by tomorrow and it’s increased by 50″

“Wait, what?” You asked, very confused

“Peter asked us to help you two get back together. At first, we were pissed off but when we found out that he loved you back we helped.”Allison explained before leaving with Lydia.

“God, you’re so cheesy” You pulled him out toward the back exit.

“Cheesier than cheesy-fries. And it’s all for you, baby”

“Who else would it be for? ”



Imagine Stiles feeling really guilty about Allison’s death.

>p<“It’s all my fault, I killed Allison” cried Stiles. “No, Stiles, you didn’t kill her, it was void Stiles who did and he’s not you. You had no control over that. No one couldn’t have done anything to save her.” you replied sweetly, wiping tears off of Stiles’ cheeks. “Then why do I feel terrible and alone?” muttered Stiles. “You are not alone, you will never be alone, you’ll always have me and Scott. You can always talk to us about these things. Just please stop feeling bad about yourself. Please Stiles.” you said wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck. Seeing Stiles cry makes you also cry, it’s hard seeing one of your best friends feeling terrible without feeling the same pain as them. You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Stiles and all you wanted to do was help, you just had no idea how. 

>p<“What can I do to help Stiles?” you offered as he cried on your shoulder. “C-can we go to A-Allison’s grave? I wanna say goodbye t-to her, Say I-I’m sorry.” Stiles requested. “Of course Stiles, we can go now if you want?” Stiles nodded as he carried on sniffling and wiping the salty tears from under his eyes. 

>p<You arrived at the grave, you’ve only seen the grave once but you could never really look at it properly because you couldn’t handle the pain of losing your first best friend in beacon Hills. Allison was the one who helped you around the town and school and she was the one who introduced you to the pack. you wouldn’t have met the pack without Allison and now she’s gone. You were never seeing her ever again and that hurt you so much, even just thinking about it hurt.

>p<”Do you want me to stay with you? Or do you want to be alone with Allison?” you asked Stiles. “Can you please stay? I don’t want to do this alone” sniffled Stiles. You walked over to Stiles until you were side by side. Stiles reached for your hand and you tightly held it. He looked at you and you softly nodded your head. “So, Allison, we miss you and w-we’re really sorry about your death. Beacon Hills will never be the same without you. I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve d-done something to help you. It’a a-all my fault. We love you, Allison.” Stiles turns to you and begins crying again, he looks at you while you quietly sob, he wraps his arms around your waist and you both cry your eyes out. You never knew loss would be this hard. 

>p<”W-we should go back, i-it’s getting pretty late now.” you said. Stiles nodded at you and you sat through the whole car journey in silence, complete silence. Even though Allison wasn’t physically there, she will always be there supporting us in everything we do. She will never be gone, never.

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A/N: This made me cry and I'm the one writing it. This turned out so sad but it’s probably one of my favorite imagines I’ve ever written. Ahhhhhhh anyway, I hope you guys are still enjoying my imagines, if you are, send me a quick message to let me know. Other than that, I love you guys and until next imagine xx

ok, but an au where scott, allison, and isaac do the poly thing and all go to prom together

and it’s a little awkward dancing in a group of 3 sometimes but it’s going pretty well until they announce the prom court. and of course scott got king and allison got queen because the whole school sees them as this epic fucking romance and everyone’s clapping and they’re getting crowned and slow dancing together in the middle of the dancefloor and isaac is just standing off to the side feeling awful.

he eventually convinces himself that the best thing to do is just to leave and he’s almost to the door when scott and allison catch up with him and ask where the fuck he thinks he’s going.

“i just…” he starts but doesn’t know what to say. “you two looked like you love each other so much,” he finishes, looking at his shoes.

“that’s because we do love each other so much,” allison says, “but we also love you, doofus.” and isaac smiles but this is not the first time they’ve had this conversation and probably won’t be the last.

scott clears his throat. “right,” he says, “well, allison’s awesome at slow dancing and i’ve been hogging her for too long, so…” he carefully lifts the crown off of his head and puts it on isaac’s. “…your turn,” he finishes.

“dude,” isaac says, looking around as if they’re going to get in trouble, “you can’t just give me your crown.”

“i’m the king” scott says, puffing out his chest, “i can do whatever i want. right now, i’m abdicating the throne and naming you as my successor.” when isaac moves to take the crown off anyway, he adds, “also, as your alpha, i’m ordering you to take that crown. it’s super important for the pack.”

isaac glares a little but he’s smiling on the inside and he knows scott knows it. allison’s holding her hand out expectantly so he takes it and initiates a slightly awkward slow dance. she’s much better at it than him, of course, full of perfect poise and grace while he’s trying not to step on her feet, but it’s nice. really nice. the song comes to an end and allison kisses him on the cheek before stepping back and handing her tiara to scott.

“you two haven’t had a royal dance yet!” she says in response to their confused looks. “i’m just trying to be fair.” and scott shrugs and puts the tiara on, then reaches for isaac’s hand with a silly grin. the dj isn’t really playing slow dance music anymore but he doesn’t seem to care, wrapping his arms around isaac’s neck and swaying back and forth like it’s the only logical thing to do.

when they finish, allison snatches the crown off of isaac’s head and puts it on her own. “i’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to be king yet,” she says. scott responds by handing the tiara to isaac and saying, “and he hasn’t gotten to be queen.” so isaac puts it on with a shit-eating grin and a “well, i am the prettiest one here.”

a half hour later, stiles and lydia look over to the corner of the room to check up on them after their little incident. they see issac, scott, and allison all pushed up against each other, their necks at awkward angles and the two crowns somehow balanced between their three heads as they dance to nicki minaj. “i told you they’d be fine,” lydia says and goes to get more punch.

Isaac- Everything Is Okay

Request-  could you please do an imagine where the reader is at home after allison (reader’s best friend) died and gets angry and starts to just throw and destroy stuff in her room and then isaac comes to check on reader and finds her crying in the middle of the mess. he comforts her and tells her that they found a way to destroy the oni (with the silver arrows) and that they need her to help them bc she’s a witch or something? THANKS x

A/N- No problem, sweetie! I had never written about witches before but I really liked it. I think it’d be a cool thing for them to do in the show, but I guess emissaries are already sort of like a witch. Next up is a Scott imagine.

It’s okay.
You screamed in frustration as you stood in the middle of your room, your hands curling into fists as you tried to hold yourself together.
It’s okay.
You couldn’t stop the images running through your head. You couldn’t unsee the sword going through Allison’s stomach, and the shocked look on her face as she realized what had happened. You couldn’t unhear her last words, insisting that everything was fine. But most of all, you couldn’t forget the way the light had disappeared from her eyes as she took her final breaths.
It’s okay. It’s perfect.
Your hands shook as you uncurled them, not knowing how to stop the unbearable rage that began to fill up inside you. You gritted your teeth as every object in the room began to shake. You had heard about this from your mother, and she had talked about how a witch’s emotions could manifest themselves through her powers, but it had never happened to you before.
At any other time you would have thought it astonishing, but not now. Not after your best friend had just been run through with a katana. You whirled around suddenly, your eyes zeroing in on the first object you could find.
In seconds, your lamp was flying straight into the wall, smashing into several pieces. You spun around the room, channeling all of your anger and grief into tearing your room apart. Your comforter was ripped off the bed by sheer force of will, and posters and picture frames were torn from the wall and shredded to pieces.
You knew you should stop, and that if you lost total control there was no going back, but you weren’t sure that you wanted to. You didn’t care about the state of your room, or about the fact that if your parents weren’t on a date right then they would kill you for abusing your powers like this. Your best friend was dead, and nothing else mattered.
You looked around, searching for something, anything that you could channel your rage at. Your eyes fell on a group of photographs taped to the back of your door, all ones of you and Allison.
There was the time you had gone to the spring formal with her and Lydia, all dressed up and flashing the camera a bright smile. There was one of you and Allison dressed up in matching Halloween costumes, her as Hawkeye and you as Black Widow. And then there was the one that had been taken only two months ago, right after you had stopped Jennifer Blake from killing any more innocent people.
You and the rest of the pack had all gone to a carnival just to get your mind off of things and act like normal teenagers for once. In the photo, you were standing in front of the ferris wheel, funnel cake in hand as Alison slung an arm around your shoulders. It had been one of the happiest nights of your lives, and it hadn’t made any sense not to commemorate it.
Now, as you stared at these pictures, you felt a crushing wave of grief wash over you. Allison had told you that it was okay, but you knew nothing would ever be okay again. You let out a painful sob, losing the battle against the tears you had been fighting to hold in all night.
You were shaking and tears were flowing from your eyes, but you couldn’t control the way a vase on your nightstand lifted up. It spun and shook in the air for a moment, but you were soon sending it straight for you bedroom door. It would have shattered against the pictures, ruining them if not for the door suddenly opening.
“Y/n, I found- HOLY SHIT!” someone cried, and you weren’t able to stop the flying vase until it was just inches from Isaac Lahey’s face.
You froze, causing every object floating about to fall to the floor, including the vase which shattered at Isaac’s feet. You looked up into his startled blue eyes, and watched them move around the room, taking in the absolute chaos.
It looked like a hurricane had been through your room, with debris from whatever you had thrown scattered across the floor. Torn paper floated around you, soaking up a bit of the left over energy from your powers. Most of them quickly drifted the the ground, but one stuck in your hair just above your ear.
Isaac swallowed, noticing your splotchy face and the fact that you looked absolutely crushed. His eyes immediately filled with concern, as he watched you slid down the edge of your bed and onto the floor, suddenly exhausted from using too much magic.
“She’s dead, Isaac,” you sobbed into the silence of your room. “She’s dead and she’s not coming back.”
He slowly walked over to you, shoving his hands in his pockets as he stepped over pieces of the broken lamp. “I know. But she wouldn’t have wanted you to do this.”
“I couldn’t help it,” you whispered. “I don’t-I don’t know why.”
“Where are your parents?” he asked softly.
“Date night,” you informed him, sucking in a shaky breath and trying to calm yourself down so you could at least have a conversation.
“And they thought it would be okay to leave you alone?” he questioned.
“I insisted,” you admitted, wiping your nose. “I guess that wasn’t such a good idea.”
Isaac scoffed, peering around at your destroyed room. “Yeah, no kidding.”
“Why are you here?” you asked him, staring at the floor. “We were never friends before.”
“We both loved Allison,” he told you, reaching out and gently picking the stray piece of paper out of your hair. “So maybe we should have been. But you’re right, that’s not why I’m here. We found a way to defeat the Oni.”
“What?” you demanded, your eyes finally moving up from the floor.
You all had been sure there was no way to defeat the Oni. You had given up on the hope of ever getting revenge for your best friend’s death, but now it seemed there might still be a chance to get it.
“How?” you demanded.
“Allison killed one of them,” Isaac stated. “Before she…it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that her arrow, the silver one she forged, it killed one of them.”
“And we can defeat them?”
“I don’t know about the Nogitsune,” Isaac admitted. “But we can kill the Oni with the rest of the arrows.”
“Thanks for letting me know,” you whispered. “But if you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone now.”
“We need your help, Y/n,” Isaac told you. “We need someone who can help if something goes wrong. Someone with your powers.”
“Me?” you repeated.
You took a deep breath, not sure if you were ready to step into another battle. You wanted to avenge Allison, but you were a pretty young witch with very little control over your powers. Wouldn’t it better to let the people who actually knew what they were doing handle it?
“You,” Isaac said. “Y/n, please. We need you.”
“When?” you asked.
“Tomorrow night.”
You sighed, running your hands through your hair and peering around at the disastrous state of your room. You knew you were probably making the wrong decision, but you couldn’t not do something to help. “I’ll be there.”

“Get the arrow!” Argent shouted to you and the twins. “It’s the last one!”
You unevenly stumbled back, feeling your energy slowly melting away. You had been using your powers for thirty minutes straight, which didn’t seem long to some people, but for a witch it felt like an eternity. You had just knocked an Oni off it’s feet with a gust of powerful wind, immobilizing it so Ethan could plunge an arrow into it’s chest.
“Go!” Aiden growled to you. “We’ll cover you.”
He and Ethan turned towards the last Oni, intercepting it as it went to block your path towards to fallen arrow. You skirted around the fighting, quickly running your hand over the cold carbon arrow and muttering a charm.
Volatis,” you whispered, causing the arrow to rise from the ground.
“Move!” you yelled to Ethan and Aiden, urging the arrow to fly towards the Oni.
They stepped aside and the thing whirled around, intending to catch it, but it was too slow. The arrow stuck in it’s chest with a loud thwack! and it soon erupted into a puff of dust.
An air of peaceful calm rippled through the air, and you felt a wave of dizziness hit you. You stumbled, and you would have fallen onto the ground if not for the strong pair of arms catching you. You looked up in confusion as Isaac slowly brought you to the ground.
“Did you kill him?” you asked, referring to the nogitsune. “Is everyone alright?”
“He’s gone,” Isaac assured you. “And Stiles is safe too. Everyone is.”
“Good,” you whispered, as you realized that you had defeated the enemy and that everyone was okay. “I’m so tired.”
“It’s okay,” Isaac told you. “Using your powers took a lot out of you. You can sleep if you want.”
You shook your head, your hair brushing against the fabric of his shirt. “No. I-I need to get up.”
You tried to pull yourself out of his lap, but you could barely make it a foot off the ground before you were falling back into it.
“Easy,” Isaac warned. “You don’t need to worry about anything. Everything is okay, Y/n. Just rest now.”
You sighed, leaning back into him. “Okay.”
You relaxed into Isaac’s lap, your head falling against his chest. You hadn’t gotten much sleep since Allison died, and how much you had used your powers only made the exhaustion worse. You couldn’t fight it any longer, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t keep your eyes open.
You slowly drifted off to sleep, at peace with the fact that everyone was safe and that Allison’s death hadn’t been in vain. Isaac was right. Everything was okay.