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If you run into a wall and pretend it doesn’t exist, you’ll never make progress. The wall will never change, so you’re the one who has to change.

Happy birthday to my dear Allen!!

So…my friend and I are just a teensy tiny bit dramatic…

That’s the sad thing about losing a dog. It’s worse than losing a person. You can still see their eyes. You can feel their fur. You remember how much they like their chin scratched. You remember how soft their ears were and how they comforted you when you were stressed out. You remember the way they always wanted to shake hands. They would sit, shake, and then jump up and give you a hug.
—  I miss you a little more each day, Allie. Rest in Peace.
  • Straight allies: We love and accept you guys very much!
  • Us: Thanks! Hey uh just thought we'd let you know that the meme you posted was kind of homophobic
  • Straight allies: Hey what the fuck? I thought your community was supposed to be about love and acceptance! Damn I don't think I like you Home Of Sexuals anymore

Gallagher Girls series + Instagram profiles

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My mom - a middle school teacher - sent this to me this morning. She told me she’s going to post it on her door and all over her classroom. A lot of her coworkers are also joining in with her to post this letter in their classes.

What’s even better, is she sourced it at the bottom

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Don't work yourself to hard take it easy! We can wait to see your lovely art. <3

Thank you, Ally. Your confidence in me fills me with determination!! Work is pretty heavy but when it gets too tough I just close my eyes and imagine all the stationary and dog toys I will buy with my pay cheque!

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Books From My Teens:

Gallagher Girls

  • Alycia Debnam Carey as Cammie Morgan
  • Victoria Moroles as Macey McHenry
  • Samantha Logan as Bex Baxter
  • Nell Tiger Free as Liz Sutton

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Yo everybody that was inspired by ally to work at or go to camp like this post!!!!!!! (We love you ally, thanks for your undying passion for camp and answering all our Qs!!) ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

Haha yes I would love to know if any of you are considering doing it someday now ☺️☺️

Reblog this since you all love PoC so much! 

We should talk about white allies! All sorts! We should talk about how I hate every single one of y’all white allies because some how, some way y’all manage to fuck it up! And I know it’s in your DNA and it’s embedded in you, but I really feel like y’all need to hear it from a black person. I really think you need to hear and see a black person tell you have disgusting you are! 

And there’s like three main flavors to white ally, and let me tell you, they are all disgusting! 

There’s the Supportive Sarah. She’s always reblogging those anti-white people posts and tagging them with ‘I’m White’. She only knows two black people and that’s Lupita N’yongo and Idris Elba. She wants to suck black dick but probably says the n-word! Is crazy for PoC until one of us say something off to her, and then she’s crying and you gotta pat her back for doing the Least. Like full offense Becky, shut up and go back to your race fantasies of owning a plantation, okay?

There’s White Guilt Whitney, and she’s a real bitch because every time you call her out on her racism she starts crying. She’ll use a slew of defenses and excuses to why you’re Attacking her then she’ll cry to her friends over skype. If you’re lucky, she’ll make a vague about you until you rub her shoulders for not calling you a slur today. Like alrighty Marilyn, you need some tissues? Want me to fetch you some cookies? You need someone to brush your hair and tell you that you’re a good girl even though you’re still a violent racist?

My Favorite, personally, is Factual Farrah, and she’s a piece of shit because she’s the pretenious sort who loves discourse! She insists she’s not racist, but she also likes to remain neutral on any signs of racism! She ignores your posts on racism and colorism, barely rps with any PoC, and treats you like her token Colored person. She’s garbage, and thinks she’s hot shit when it comes to Problematic Stuff because she took a college course. Okay, Bethany, we get it. You read a book and now your container theme and small font protect you against callouts.

Like, feel free to feel insulted, but I need you to realize how much I hate white allies. I truly only need Two White Friends. Both spots are taken, and I don’t wanna hear from anyone else. 


blackthorne tried to look like a place for thugs,
and the gallagher academy appeared to be a palace for princesses.