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My mom - a middle school teacher - sent this to me this morning. She told me she’s going to post it on her door and all over her classroom. A lot of her coworkers are also joining in with her to post this letter in their classes.

What’s even better, is she sourced it at the bottom

That’s the sad thing about losing a dog. It’s worse than losing a person. You can still see their eyes. You can feel their fur. You remember how much they like their chin scratched. You remember how soft their ears were and how they comforted you when you were stressed out. You remember the way they always wanted to shake hands. They would sit, shake, and then jump up and give you a hug.
—  I miss you a little more each day, Allie. Rest in Peace.

Gallagher Girls series + Instagram profiles

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Trans* people in drum corps!!

Hey howdy hey, since audition season is upon us I figured I’d share this again. There’s a ‘secret’ facebook group for trans folks who do drum corps (or are auditioning). If you want to be added, email queercorpsinternational [at] gmail.com with your facebook name so I can find you. I’m really bad at checking tumblr PM’s so please use the gmail instead! Ask questions, share stories, do an occasional binder exchange for people with chests… its great.

Transgender/genderqueer/nonbinary folks only please; this is not a group for allies even though we love you very much.


Books From My Teens:

Gallagher Girls

  • Alycia Debnam Carey as Cammie Morgan
  • Victoria Moroles as Macey McHenry
  • Samantha Logan as Bex Baxter
  • Nell Tiger Free as Liz Sutton

A year ago today I asked the most beautiful, caring, and amazing girl to be mine. This has been a crazy year full of tears, laughter, and so much love. As each day passes, I only lover her more and I can feel us getting stronger. The distance gets so hard sometimes, but each time I look into her eyes when we are together, I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. She makes the miles worth everything. I am so absolutely in love with her. Happy 1 year anniversary, @secrets-written-in-my-skin. I love you so so so much, Allie.


Hello my lovely followers!

My husband and I decided to take advantage of our access to Walt Disney World and start a vlog. If you are interested in watching and/or subscribing, we would so appreciate it!

Love you guys! xx



make me choose: anonymous asked: dinally or caminah?
“Well, I admire her affection and how she’s, well, very affectionate. And then she just loves a lot of things. She loves people, she wan’ts to make sure that everybody is okay, like all the time. And I love her admiration for food too. Me and her we go in for food. Aw, Ally I love you. You’re so cute.

Queer Corps International

I’ve made a secret group on facebook for members/staff/auditionees/alumni of drum corps who are transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary, or anything like that. It’s a place to share experiences, ask for advice, talk, whatever. Email me at queercorpsinternational [at] gmail [dot] com with a link to your facebook profile if you would like to be added to this group! This is not a group for allies (although we love you very much!), so please do not request to join if you are not actually part of the demographic. Feel free to share this information on your own corps pages, so we can build a bigger support network!