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Have a Wonderful 2015 Beasties!

This was an interesting ep for me. I wrote a long rant on it here after my 1st viewing. The cute promo pics and title sure fooled me into having high expectations for one thing and getting something totally different instead.  Now is that necessarily a bad thing? Well when it comes to BATB it’s actually pretty great when they surprise you. Why was I bummed? 1) NO VinCat sexytime whaaaat?? Yup that was what I was expecting because NO stoopid Gabe around and NOBODY IS WATCHING them (except for us starving Beasties!) VinCat aka Mr and Mrs Vaughn had this big ol’ quiet home all to themselves to christen and what do they do? They argue instead and no make-up sex even! *sigh*  and 2) Cattitude stank when she blew their cover barely 24 hours of UN-settling into life in surburbia ~ she’d rather help strangers than her own BF?? /o\ BUT after rewatching several times, I now appreciate Ever After for the abundance of precious VinCat humor and subtle irony of their non-idyllic “normal”. THESE 2 very sweet VinCat scenes go a long way towards turning my scowls into smiles again. If Vincent can show such understanding and forgive his beloved then so can I ~ he IS totally THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! 😍 Don’t you forget that Cat!