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150 (so far...) reasons to ship McDanno

Hi! Today I bring a gift to the McDanno fandom, courtesy of a lovely fan I met on twitter, @elsitaa, who asked me for a little help on a very nice project she had: watch every episode of Hawaii Five-0 and write of a list of all the reasons to ship McDanno. Season after season, she sent me a list and, believe me, after seven season the list was VERY long, but we managed to sort-out all the reasons and pick those that seemed more important to us. Now the list counts 150 reasons to ship McDanno, but this is most of all a wish for the show to make this list much, much longer.Now, I’m posting the list for you, and you are absolutely welcome to comment on it, add your reasons to ship McDanno, if you don’t find them in the list, pick your favorite reasons on the list or even, if you have the skills, make a video about it: feel free to use the list. It’s really just a way to celebrate this wonderful story of love and wish it the best, happiest evolution.

REASONS TO SHIP MCDANNO (150, so far… here’s to many more!)

1. The first meeting: sparks flying immediately and, most of all, the fact that fate brought them to each other in the worst time of their lives to give each other a reason to be happy again. 

2. Steve starting Five-0 because he found something, or better someone, in that garage: Danny Williams. 

3. Carguments (lovers’ quarrels) since day one. 

4. “Book’em, Danno”, a term of endearment. 

5. Steve’s gift to Danny and Grace to spend some quality time together: three nights at the Kahala Hotel. Just the first of many gifts that show how much they care for each other. 

6. “We are partners”. 

7. Grace telling Steve her dad talks a lot about him. Steve being delighted about it. 

8. Steve talking to the Governor to help Danny when Rachel threatened to bring Danny to court to change the custody deal so Danny couldn’t spend time with Grace. 

9. “Maybe you are not as alone here as you think, Danno”. 

10. “How long you two been married?”, something they have been asked a lot throughout the years. 

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Jealous part 3

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Warnings: Fluff (just as always)
Words count: 1403

I remember when (Y/N) said she is pregnant with (Y/D/N). I have never been that happy before. I was the winter soldier, a deadly assassin and I never thought of anyone ever love me. And there’s (Y/N) who loves me and give me a beautiful daughter and a wonderful life. And now I’m staring at her with wide eyes and try to understood what she said. I’m gonna have another child. I kissed her and tell her at lest hundred times how much I love her and how happy I am. 

The first few months was okay. (Y/N) is gets a little picky but it’s okay I can deal with it, now. I feel so bad abut her when in the first few weeks she always throw up and I can’t do anything to change it. We tried to tel (Y/D/N) that she is gonna have a sibling. Actually she become very excited and caring and I thinks is gonna be a great sister.

We bought a lot of toys for the baby. But we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl so we try to find thing what good for boys and girls too. We went for sonogram to see if the baby is alright. They said the baby is perfectly healthy thanks to (Y/D/N).

A few months later we go another sonogram but this time we are going to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy and we bring (Y/D/N) this time. I’m so nervous. When (Y/N) get pregnant the first time I want a boy. But then (Y/D/N) born and I realized that I don’t care about it. 

(Y/N) is lying on the bed while the doc doing her job and I sit next to her hold her hands and (Y/D/N) is sitting on my lap. Just a few minutes.

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Love You Like: A Peter Parker Oneshot

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Plot: The Potato baby. It’s the end of the semester health project everyone dreads. You and whoever you’re partnered up with must take care of a potato with a face drawn on it. If you bring it back at the end of the week with little to no scratches or dents, you ace the project and potato parenthood. You’ve been partnered with fellow Avenger Peter Parker. The boy you’ve been friends, and only friends with, since forever. The boy who’s tried so hard to hide his feelings from you. The boy who’s had a crush on you since first grade. But you’re calloused, a soul bent but never broken. Leaving you protective of yourself and hard around the edges. Your only goal, never hurt anyone, and never let anyone you love get hurt. And Peter loving you will only get him hurt as far as you’re concerned. But Peter is determined to prove otherwise. 

Warnings: slight language 

Characters: Peter Parker, and Steve Rogers


“It’s a potato. How hard can it be to take care of?” you laugh, tossing it around in your hands. He rolls his eyes as he clasps the helicopter seatbelt buckle across his chest, keeping his smile hidden. 

“So you guys are now parents to a…vegetable?” Steve asks from the front of the helicopter, keeping his eyes on the sky as he flies to Avengers Tower, where you and Peter have been told you will be staying for the next two weeks. 

This happens a lot. You’ll get a text on one of your many burner cellphones saying that Steve or Nat or someone from the team will pick you and Peter up from school that day in a discreet silver minivan, the kind soccer moms drive. You drive for a bit before veering off some side road and end up in an ally where the helicopter is hidden. You get on and fly to whatever destination the mission requires, usually stopping at Avengers Tower for a few days to prepare for the assignment. 

You’re both their so often you have your own rooms, half your clothes there, and the other half back at home. And as far as Aunt May or your parents know, you’re on an overnight school field trip, or engineering camp, or simply sleeping over at the others house. It’s a system with very few flaws. 

“It’s not just a potato!” Peter says, pretending to be offended, “It is our child and we love it very much.” 

“Very well said!” you grin with an approving nod, “I’ve been working on getting him in a nice potato private school, the one across from Celery Charter School. It’s hard work, but I will have nothing but the best fro our little…our little…” you trail off, trying to come up with a name. 

“Roger.” Steve chimes in, “Named after none other than his uncle Steve Rogers.” You and Peter share a quick look before silently agreeing that the name Roger will do just fine. 

“Roger it is.” Peter nods. Although Peter would never admit it to anyone, he had persuaded the health teacher to make him your partner. Because as he figured it, if you pretended to be a couple for this project, maybe you’d want to be one for real. Although going over the once thought to be perfect plan, he’s now realizing it’s a long shot. Because just about every guy, and a few girls for that matter, have or have once had a crush on you. 

It’s not only because of your effort looks and charm, but your hard to get nature that everyone believes to be a teasing strategy. Really, you’re just a hard to get person. You don’t like getting to close to people. Peter is the closer to you than any person has ever been. 

“Are we almost there?” you ask plainly. And just as the words leave your mouth, the helicopter jolts forward, causing your head to snap forward violently. On instinct you use one hand to grip your seatbelt strap to make sure is secure, and the other goes to your waistband, where your gun is holstered. You don’t even notice that the potato has come flying out of your hands. 

“Easy there soldier.” Steve smiles, easing the plane downwards as you near the tower, “It was just some turbulence. No need to go all agent mode on me.” 

You take a sharp breath and feel your grip relax on the gun’s handle, but your finger still pulses over the trigger. You’re a naturally cautious person, or rather, you like to be ready for whatever comes. 

“Hey…we’re alright y/n. We’re here. We’re home.” Peter says slowly, raising his hand to rest on your shoulder. But you flinch away before his skin can meet yours. 

“I’m fine Parker.” you say tightly, tearing the seatbelt from across your chest and standing up, not even waiting until the chopper has fully landed on the platform to throw open the door and jump out. Peter unclips his own straps and reaches over to grab the now dented potato. So much for an A+. 

He closes his eyes and draws in a long sigh, shaking his head at the stupid move he tried to make. He’s known you since you were kids, before you were both recruited as Avengers, before the accident that left both your parents dead. He knew you back when you believed the world was full of good people and everyone deserved a second chance. He knew you when everything was good and you weren’t so afraid of hurting people. He knew you before everything changed. 

“Don’t beat yourself up over it kid.” Steve sighs, powering down the chopper before turning around and looking at Peter, “Y/n’s had it rough. Anyone she’s ever cared about has been taken from her, and she thinks it’s her fault. I know what that feels like…” he trails off, a far off look in his eyes, “You can’t blame her for wanting to keep her distance.” he says, holding Peter’s wide, lost gaze, “If you thought you were a ticking time bomb, you wouldn’t want anyone to get too close either.” 

“But she’s not. She couldn’t control her powers at first, but I know she can-” 

“It doesn’t matter what we think or know to be true.” Steve says harshly, “It matters what she thinks.” he mutters, his voice softer now, “And that’s all that matters.” With that, Steve jumps from the chopper, Peter close behind. 

The place is empty when he walks through the sliding glass doors to the living room. It’s usually bustling with at least half the team, all with different agendas and assignments. But now it’s quiet, an eerie kind of quiet. Steve is probably in the home theater Tony insisted the tower needed, watching movies with Bucky who is always here. They’ve made it a mission of their own to watch all the movies they missed while Steve was frozen and Bucky was…out killing people. And Peter knows where you’ll be.

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Here’s my choice from 4x02: first time for McDanno with the L word  this season and we know there are many more juicy moments to come ;)

‘We love uncle Steve very much’, Grace’s nod & Steve’s wink… 

And all this happens while Steve is coaching Grace’s team together with Danny and they both act like parents with her giving unrequested and confused advice ;-)

what a perfect little family they are? :-)


A/N: I love pregnancy imagines, can I just say. Also, in Steve x Reader imagines, I have discovered that I love the idea of Nat x Bucky. Who knew? Request: Can you do a Steve imagine where you are pregnant and you both have Bucky and Natasha come over to ask them to be the godparents of your unborn child since Bucky is Steve’s best friend and Natasha is your best friend. “Baby? Can you help me down the stairs?” You called after your husband. You were 8 months pregnant with Captain America’s baby, and she was so big it was getting hard to navigate the two-story home you had purchased together. “Coming, darling,” Steve called, and he smiled as he picked you up. “Is our little Dot giving you trouble?” You rolled your eyes. “When is she not?” you answered, smiling at him. You were excited to be a mother, but you were anxious for your daughter to just get here already. A sharp knock at the door pulled you from your thoughts. “Coming!” you called as Steve set you back on your feet at the bottom of the stairs. You pulled the door open, and Natasha swept you into a big hug. “How is my favorite y/n? And the baby?” she asked, a huge grin spreading across her face. Nat couldn’t have children of her own, and she was so excited for you to have yours. “We’re both great. Hey, Buck,” you waved at the dark-haired man standing just inside the door, talking to your husband. When Natasha and Bucky had announced that they were together, it had taken everyone by surprise, but they had proven to be the perfect couple. “Evening, y/n,” he smiled at you, and Steve ushered him inside, shutting the door. “Shall we eat?” you asked, leading your friends to the dining room. As you all sat down for dinner (Steve had blessedly set the table for you before they arrived), you glanced nervously at your husband. You knew the couple sitting across from you would be thrilled at what you were about to ask, but you were nervous all the same. You waited until everyone began to eat, and then you nudged Steve under the table. He cleared his throat, and Nat and Bucky both looked at him. “So, as you guys know, our baby girl should be here in about a month.” They both nodded, laughing at his obvious announcement. “Well…” you said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “You guys are our best friends. Buck, you and Steve have literally known each other forever, and Nat, we’ve been best friends since I joined the team. We talked about it, and we decided that, if you two would want it, that we think you two are the perfect choices to be the godparents for our Dot.” Natasha’s eyes instantly welled with tears, and a huge smile spread across Bucky’s face. “Of course!” Nat exclaimed, and she came around the table to give you a hug. Bucky came around to slap Steve on the shoulder, and then he knelt down beside you. “May I?” he asked, looking to Steve and you for permission to talk to your daughter. You both nodded, and you pushed your seat back so that he and Nat could both lay their hands on your stomach. “Hey, Dot,” Bucky said, a small smile gracing his lips. “It’s your Uncle Bucky. Your Auntie Nat and I are so excited to see you, and we love you and your mommy and daddy very much.” You wiped the tears that came into your eyes, and Steve squeezed your hand as everyone sat back down. “Let’s eat!” he exclaimed, and you all laughed, joy at the imminent arrival of your daughter settling in all around you.