we love u xd

      Her eyes did not drifted apart from the Ranger standing in front of her until there was another of his typical words, just flattering her too much once more. She could not help but to attempt and ignore him, since pushing him away from her did not seem to work any longer. Therefore, Tyariel merely looked down and smiled with a hint of shyness. 

      ❝I still do not know the meaning of those words -❞ she admitted when he spoke in another language. ❝It is certainly not quenya nor sindarin.❞ she laughed gently. ❝I could teach you, if merely you asked for…❞     

( @heartmeasured // Hawke. ) 

Before I head to bed as it’s super late right now, I just wanted to say how wonderful and emotional and thankful this day is. B.A.P and Babys have been going though such a bumpy ride since the lawsuit and the boys have been keeping us updated  through it all. And even here, on Daehyun’s own birthday he went through the trouble to set up and rehearse a show for the fans on his own time. Thank you Daehyun. And thank you to Hakssem and the rest of his friends and the people that made it possible today. It was such a thrill to be among friends and fans during the show as well. I think we all needed this. A day to show that we’re still here and we still care. That we’re still rooting for them through this. Despite all of the trouble he went through, I’m really glad he had fun and had fun with his friends and with the fellow Babys on his own terms. Hopefully if anyone missed it, there will be an upload online soon. Thank you everyone again for making this a great event for for all of us. I hope he had a great birthday ;u;