we love u justin

for those who don’t know: may is mental illness awareness month!

please remember that this month is to commemorate those who suffer from any sort of mental illness, and rather you have one, or you have twenty, you are valid. mental illness awareness month is about shedding the negative attributes associated with mental illness, and bringing support and encouragement to those living with mental illness.

do not ever be afraid to share your experiences or call on someone for support. mental illness is real, and you should get the respect that you deserve for making it to this point.

please continue to stay safe and work hard!! you’re doing amazing and every day is yours for the taking.


Mark My Words, because I’ll Show You.

What Do You Mean? You’re Sorry.

You should Love Yourself and I will keep you Company.

There’s No Pressure, this makes No Sense.

The Feeling I get, because Life Is Worth Living.

Where Are U Now, don’t act like we’re Children.

I didn’t do this on Purpose. It has always Been You.

You just have to Get Used To It, We Are who we are.

Trust Me, because I’m All In It.

  • Justin: Khalil babe can u take a pic of me in this bathtub?
  • Khalil: Sure baby... wait... can we make sex love after?
  • Justin: Yes babe anything for u... and i know that i can turn u on... gasping for air till the early morn...
  • Khalil: (notices justin's fake bubble beard) Juju... how did u know that i had a fetish for santa sex?
  • Justin: I know everything about u babe ❤