we love trees

The boy’s head snaps upward. His eyes, those are different colors, too, Izuku notices, widen like a deer in headlights. He scrambles to get up, holding his arm out in front of himself protectively, but then something clicks and Izuku sees the shoji door behind the boy inch open just slightly. Gray and blue eyes flicker and spark desperately in the dim lighting of that room before, wrenching his stare away from Izuku, the boy turns, favoring one arm, angling the other one into a fist ready to sail.

The door opens. Izuku sees a man, engulfed in fury and hellfire, and the image fades away until all he sees is his own petrified stare gawking back at him in the mirror.

from legit the best written fic ive read ever by @todorokishouts (read it read it read it fiC RE C REA D IT BEST DECISION YOU’LL EVER MAKE)


A few of the flowers we saw walking our favorite local trail.


“So apart from the salmon, the whisky and the beef, I ask you, what have the Scottish ever done for us?”


“Well, there’s the telephone.”


“And the television.”

“Right! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone and the television you tell me, what have those Scottish bastards ever done for us?”

“Well, I’m wearing a waterproof jacket. And our Denise is taking penicillin to clear up that rash she had.”


“And there’s the oil and gas, that’s all quite handy isn’t it?”

“Okay, okay! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone, the television, waterproof fabric, penicillin, oil and gas you name ONE THING the Scots have ever, ever done for us…..you can’t, can you?”

*long pause*




@arukasblue and i cosplayed as Evan and Connor at Torucon this weekend! We had so much fun and ended up getting hitched

The treehouse||Janiel||Boyxboy imagine one

Summary:Thee treehouse is where it all started 


Ship:Jack and Daniel


A/n: Gonna try to post on here more

Daniel and Jack had been best friends since the blue eyed boy had moved in to the house next door when he was 4. Jack and his mom had brought over a plate of her amazing chocolate chip cookies to say welcome to the neighbourhood. Mrs.Seavey had invited the duo inside for a cup of tea and a glass of milk to say thank you for the amazing gesture and to meet her son Daniel.

“I’m Jack” the little four year old smiled as he walked over to Daniel who had been sitting up at the very tall kitchen table colouring in his TMNT colouring book.

“I’m Daniel” he mumbled a little shyly. Daniel was very shy and as Jack had the more out going, loud personality, everyone was shocked at how well they got along.

“Would you like to go outside and play wif me?” jack smiled, reaching out his short arm with his chubby hand.

Placing his blue crayon down, Daniel looked at the boy with the sweet smile on his face- for some reason Daniel felt as if it was safe to say yes- so he took Jack’s hand and jumped off of the chair that was way to tall for him and ran outside where the two of them played for hours.

On a summer night when both the boys were 14 they sat in Jack’s treehouse, both of them looking up at the stairs while Daniel’s head rested on Jack’s shoulder.

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oth meme: [6/10] ten characters: anna taggaro

My name is Anna Taggaro and I’m a junior at Tree Hill High. And, I’m gay, and straight, and a Latina, and I hate labels. And I hope by the time you see this, those things won’t be an issue. For now, all you need to know is this, My Name is Anna and I’m just trying to find my way, like most kids. I guess that part is timeless.