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A few of the flowers we saw walking our favorite local trail.


“So apart from the salmon, the whisky and the beef, I ask you, what have the Scottish ever done for us?”


“Well, there’s the telephone.”


“And the television.”

“Right! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone and the television you tell me, what have those Scottish bastards ever done for us?”

“Well, I’m wearing a waterproof jacket. And our Denise is taking penicillin to clear up that rash she had.”


“And there’s the oil and gas, that’s all quite handy isn’t it?”

“Okay, okay! But except for the salmon, the whisky, the beef, the telephone, the television, waterproof fabric, penicillin, oil and gas you name ONE THING the Scots have ever, ever done for us…..you can’t, can you?”

*long pause*



Google Translate Sings pt. 4  {Sentence Starters} 

  • “We are hiding!”
  • “Please lead me.”
  • “Overtake ‘em all.”
  • “This is my crime…”
  • “I see famous people.”
  • “Do not do bad things.”
  • “…That behind.” *wink*
  • “You plan to be boring!”
  • “I will help you be boring!”
  • “You can call me ‘queen’.”
  • “Why? She was infected?”
  • “God was good… to try me.”
  • “…Adulterer with enthusiasm.” 
  • “But, I will have a guy shortly.”
  • “I am endeavoring to get drunk.” 
  • “I heard you didn’t know about me.”
  • “You will not be hungry! …But, I will.”
  • “If you do not fly, you will not get me!”
  • “I do not want a child who loves trees.”
  • “We all dwell in an amber subdomain.” 
  • “We want a different kind of excitement.”
  • “He also accepted me… as I am a person.”
  • “Human beings are not quite as boring as me.”
  • “Why, honey, I’m a nightmare dressed like a screensaver.”
  • “Every time I see someone better than me… and, face it, NO ONE IS.”
Time Flies (8/10)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: March 31st, 2017
Warnings: Love-making *will post a starting warning before it happens*, swearing, annnddd I AM SORRY!!! (><)
AN: Everyone voted for longer chapters! :) Sooo, here we go….
Pairing: 1940s Bucky x Reader Rogers 

**This is long–just warning you!**

Time Flies Masterlist


“D–(Y/N), please–I didn’t just do it for that. Yes, that was a small–small reason–but overall–I wanted you. I loved you–hell, I still do. Not a day has gone by where I regretted what I did and said to you. It mattered to me. You being the first–and the only girl I ever kissed–it mattered to me. I loved you when we were running around in the woods as kids. I loved you that night when we made love in that tree fort. Even now, as you sit before me–I love you. I know, I hurt you. I am so sorry about that. If I could, I would go back and slap the fire out of the younger me. I would change it, but I can’t, and I have to live with the burden knowing I broke the heart of the most important dame in my life. You do not have to forgive me, but I just wanted you to know that I am sorry.”

(Y/N) had tears running down her face as she squeezed his hands, “I forgave you long ago, Bucky.” As her right hand came up and wiped her face. Bucky smiled softly, noticing the fact she didn’t say she loved him back. Which is what he expected, but what he wasn’t expecting was when he swiped his thumb over her left hand–his thumb traced over a ring on her hand.

Bucky’s felt cold sweats come upon him, making the slow smile forming on (Y/N)’s face stop, “Bucky? You okay?” Her voice sound muffled to him as a sound almost like static–or maybe it was a ringing in his ears he was hearing. He wasn’t sure. The only thing he knew is he felt sick, as his entire mouth dried up as his heart pounded in his chest. Reluctantly he let go of her hand, as his vision of her face mouthing his name over and over again became blurred as he took a step back from the counter. Closing his eyes, as he tried to calm his pounding heart down, but he was failing–

“In–out—in—out—” He whispered to himself as he fought of this panic attack. His chest felt tight–as if it was closing it on itself. 

(Y/N) eyes watched him closely before moving to him and taking his arm, “Bucky, you need to sit down.” She spoke to a zoned out Bucky Barnes as she lead him to a chair and sat him down, “I am going to get you some water–I will be right back.” Running her fingers through his short locks before moving into the kitchen. 

“A ring–she has a ring on–ring–a ring–she’s married–engaged–” His mind raced, “You just told her how much you loved her–you told a taken woman you loved them–this is like some romantic book or something…” Bucky felt himself get sick again, “What if she is with–Lucas..” His hands went to his face as he mentally attacked himself till her footsteps pulled him from his thoughts. As his eyes looked up, he couldn’t get himself to look at her hand–even when she pressed a cool cloth to his forehead.

“There, this should help.” Her (Y/C) eyes looking into his greyish blues before his shut when her fingers went through his hair. Her touch felt so good—so relaxing—so like–

“Buck?” Her voice made his eyes open, “You okay?” Her soft voice matched her soft smile her left hand came up to press against his forehead, “You don’t feel like you have a fever.” The feeling of her hand slowly moving to cup his cheek made a closed mouth smile form on his face as he leaned into her embrace. Then he felt that metal on her finger touch his skin, he swallowed a lump in his throat before slowly reaching up and taking her hand in his. He brought their joined hands down to the table. Taking a deep breath he looked down and felt his shoulders slump at the sight of a silver band on her middle finger. 

“Idiot…” He whispered to himself before smiling as thumb brushed over the band.
“What?” She looked down, “Oh–Steve gave that to me as my graduation gift. Wait–” She replayed that just happened in her head, “You thought–noo–Bucky–I’m–I’m not seeing anyone.” She giggled before cupping his face in her hands and making him look into her eyes, “I couldn’t get myself to go on a date with a fella that wasn’t you.” 

Bucky felt his cheeks heat up as he looked at her, “Really?” He whispered before watching her nod her head, “Well, do you wanna go out this weekend?” Smiling shyly at her as she beamed. 

“About damn time you asked.” She giggled before pulling him into a hug tight embrace. His arms wrapped around her before he pulled back and brushed his nose against hers with mirroring wide smiles. Their eyes flicked to one another’s lips in sync, they giggled to one another before slowly leaning in till their lips captured one another’s in a gentle kiss. 

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Yikes, hope I’m still in time for this - these are for @meganwhalenturner ‘s ARC Thick as Thieves contest!! Pretty much I grew up on these books and these characters have been with me since middle school. Megan, thank you so much for your awesome writing and for creating this like. absolutely formative part of my childhood. These books are beautiful.

Most of these are for The Thief, but I had to slip one King of Attolia in there.

✦ —— the lorax sentence starters

  • ‘ i speak for the trees. ’
  • ‘ we love living this way ’
  • ‘ it’s perfect! ’
  • ‘ did you paint this? ’
  • ‘ wow! what does that even mean? ’
  • ‘ i’d probably marry him on the spot. ’
  • ‘ and it does what? i don’t even know what it does. ’
  • ‘ oh, it hurts, mom. ’
  • ‘ please stop. ’
  • ‘ would you be a dear and go get them for me? ’
  • ‘ you want one, you need to find him. ’
  • ‘ oh, he’s real all right. ’
  • ‘ wait, outside of town? ’
  • ‘ well, here goes another lame saturday. ’
  • ‘ you really think people are stupid enough to buy this? ’
  • ‘ i’m aware it rhymes. ’
  • ‘ no one is supposed to come here. ’
  • ‘ get out of here and leave me alone! ’
  • ‘ well, that’s me. the guy who still cares. i’m here. ’
  • ‘ it’s because of me. ’
  • ‘ sounds ridiculous, but i mean, that’s cool. ’
  • ‘ if somehow your invention ends up a failure instead of a success, oh, it wouldn’t surprise me at all! ’
  • ‘ i’m going to prove you all wrong. ’
  • ‘ with nothing but a completely irrational sense of optimism. ’
  • ‘ so let’s all make my dreams come true. ’
  • ‘ yeah, that’s awesome. ’
  • ‘ no, but that sounds amazing. ’
  • ‘ i’ve got one of these for the cutest little guy I ever saw! ’
  • ‘ i’m going to eat this, but i am highly offended by it. ’
  • ‘ you listen to me, you furry meatloaf. ’
  • ‘ if you’re not gone by the time the sun sets on this valley, all the forces of nature will be unleashed upon you and curse you until the end of your days! ’
  • ‘ well, i would love to tell you, but, sadly, according to the universal wish laws, I cannot. ’
  • ‘ kiss him! kiss him! ’
  • ‘ you’re kissing the cereal again, hon. ’
  • ‘ it is now personal time. i’ll be in my room. ’
  • ‘ don’t go poking around in things you don’t understand or i’ll be your worst nightmare. ’
  • ‘ lots of fun stuff to occupy your short attention span. ’
  • ‘ hey, man? you know, you need to change that door bell. ’
  • ‘ clearly, you missed me a little. right? ’
  • ‘ why aren’t you like other kids, break dancing and wearing bell-bottoms, and playing the Donkey Kongs? ’
  • ‘ because when a guy does something stupid once, well, that’s because he’s a guy. ’
  • ‘ if he does the same stupid thing twice, it’s usually to impress some girl. ’
  • ‘ how nice to see someone so undeterred by things like reality. ’
  • ‘ i didn’t mean you any harm. ’
  • ‘ sleeping is the body’s way of telling other people to go away. ’
  • ‘ okay, i put my lips on those. ’
  • ‘ you’re bringing a guitar? ’
  • ‘ my family was right. ’
  • ‘ i’m playing poker. he’s playing go fish. and i think he’s hungry. ’
  • ‘ i think he’s going to get to that part really soon. ’
  • ‘ you know me, just cruising. putting out the vibe. just me and my thoughts. ’
  • ‘ oh, is this the girl you’re always talking about? ’
  • ‘ there’s my big, suddenly successful son! ’
  • ‘ but you always said i wouldn’t amount to anything, remember? ’
  • ‘ so, who invited the giant, furry peanut? ’
  • ‘ that’s a woman? ’
  • ‘ take that, you stupid tree! ’
  • ‘ give me a reason, shorty. ’
  • ‘ do you think I’m bad? ’
  • ‘ something good finally happens to me, and he just has to come along and rain on my parade. ’
  • ‘ how bad can i be? ’
  • ‘ i’m just following my destiny ’
  • ‘ how bad can this possibly be? ’
  • ‘ you’re a fraud ’
  • ‘ this is really all your fault. you destroyed everything. ’
  • ‘ because unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not. ’
  • ‘ then make them care. ’
  • ‘ he knows his own name and everything. ’
  • ‘ must have been a misunderstanding. ’
  • ‘ i could just kiss you right now! ’
  • ‘ what do you think you’re doing, kid? ’
  • ‘ let it grow. ’
  • ‘ let it die! ’
  • ‘ you greedy dirt-bag! ’
  • ‘ you done good. ’
  • ‘ by the way, nice mustache. ’