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I do not understand why your fandom is so excited with the letter and calls Klaroline endgame. Caroline is in love with Stefan and Klaus with Camille and it was a friendly gesture. They are just friends.

Yes I agree completely. Why would the fandom be excited that Klaus chose to use in the letter the very same worlds he has used when he promised Caroline to be her last LOVE? No romantic connotations there sure. Especially when Klaroline -along with the promise of the eternal last love- came before every other aforementioned in your ask relationship with people that happen to now be very much dead when both Klaus and Caroline are both immortals. Immortals that will happen to have memories of many people they will get to  bury in their forever. Some will become fond memories and some will be forgotten and life moves on. And between the first loves and the last loves (he is your first love, I intend to be your last) there comes the middle that is followed by the however long it takes.

I do not get the excitement either anon. You are right. They are just friends after all.


 Moments like this mean the world to us! ❤️  

🎂 21st May 2017. 🎂  

Thank you guys for making our birthday so cheerful and unforgettable 🥂Cheers to more moments like this in the future, you all know that we Blanchett love to entertain🥂   @caratempelton @emmaxsteen @mikobennett @classymarzia @siobhanchap @devchapman @gabrielkazakov @gracieyon @jadexmallory @ivyriva @isaderoche @lorrainesagan @h0tline-pxpi @xnarcx

So I’m probably going to get hate for saying this but tbh I don’t care about the skin color of TV characters or movie characters. At all.

I don’t friggin care about “whitewashing”

I don’t care if the entire cast is black

I don’t care if the entire cast is white

I don’t care if the entire cast is purple with polkadots made out of the friggin color from H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space”

LISTEN: You don’t need a character to have the same skin color as you to be able to relate to them.

You do not need a character to have the same skin color as you to be able to enjoy them.

And believe me, I know. I’m not black and yet there are some black characters whom I really relate to and enjoy.

Case in point? Iris West from CW’s The Flash. For the first season I was kinda neutral towards her, but when she landed a journalistic job and became more aware of Barry’s feelings towards her I really started to grow attached. I’m a journalistic writer like Iris, I’ve got two siblings like Iris, I’m here for emotional support like Iris, if my brother/boyfriend was a superhero I’d probably run around getting myself into trouble like Iris, too. #IrisWestIsTheNextLoisLane

My point is that you don’t have to have the same skin color as someone to be able to relate to them!

My point is that skin color doesn’t matter because we’re all humans. People of every ethnicity go through the same struggles, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Love
  • Heartache
  • Loss
  • Abuse
  • Rape
  • Poverty
  • Loneliness
  • Responsibility
  • Guilt
  • Emptiness
  • Hopelessness
  • Envy
  • Vanity & Pride
  • Anger
  • Yeah basically all the 7 deadly sins

I could go on but I think y’all get the point.

I just can’t see any reason for why we need to have exactly 25% black characters and 25% Asian characters and 25% Muslim characters and–

like, for the love of Dormammu I don’t care, just give me a compelling character who’s going through a relatable struggle

I can understand why it would matter if you’re trying to make a film that focuses specifically on racism, or the Holocaust, or oppression as a key theme. Then I can understand why casting and skin color matters.

But the vast majority of entertainment are about superheroes and ninja turtles and starship captains and elves and teenage drama and adult drama. Most of these shows and movies take place in privileged America where your biggest dilemma is the fact that they took Doctor Who off of Netflix, not the fact that you fear getting shot in the streets because of your skin color.

To clarify: I’m not against having a diverse cast. I’m not saying that we should just turn a blind eye to racism. I’m not saying hate crimes don’t happen in America.

What I’m saying is that if you really want to make a change, focus less on entertainment (which you are so very privileged to receive in the first place) and more on the REAL issues in the world, like the fact that people are dying for being LGBT, women are being raped. Stop complaining about how some dumb TV show didn’t cast enough black people and try doing something substantial for once. Go out and join a club that actually raises funds to help people or something.

I feel like we’re getting worked up over all the wrong things.

Sorry if I triggered anyone out there.

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Anonymous said :Hi~~ I love your blog a lot! It always make me less bored when I got nothing to do xD ..But anyways can I get a fake texts of Jimin getting confession from his crush? and his crush told him that she was madly in love with him,she has been learning korea just to communicate with him .Thank you~ :) (Ah,Sorry for my terrible english btw)

Jimin getting texts from his crush, who has been studying Korean on their own to tell him they love him

We’re happy to hear that we can entertain you hehe. I hope you enjoy this~ (and don’t worry your English is great!)


Dear FNAF artists,

I sincerely thank you for your lovely presence in the fandom. Thanks to you, we can constantly be entertained by your lovely imagination being brought to life, in silly or serious situations. What you do for this fandom is create content that makes people feel happy to be associated in a fandom with such a skilled, talented person. Your creations are fabulous because you could talk visually anything and draw it, you have no limits. This applies to both traditional, digital, and 3D artists! (SFM, MMD, GMOD, etc.) You can do things outstanding, and I applaud you for taking time out of your day to do it.

We love you, FNAF artists!

Damn you Bafta!

I was so convinced that Benedict would win this time, I didn’t prepare a «loser post»… Or maybe I didn’t want to think in that chance.

I’m so mad right now! So unfair! This was an great opportunity to finally recognize his talent, but no, they wasted it again.

They liked to show off Benedict, they used his popularity to make people assist and watch the ceremony. But at the time to reward him, what? He’s way too popular???

His talent will be always recognized and valued for the people he’s dedicated to entertain as an actor, his loyal public.

We love you Benedict… Always, always!


I need closure so here i go:
  1. Yes, it was rushed AF, the 5th season is 10 episodes long who would have thought that it’s not a good amount of time for character development? There’s not much anyone can do about that.
  2. No, it’s not pedophilia, both are legal adults and time-travelers/non-ager characters are somehow always ok to pair with their age-group of that time they are in.
  3. No they are not related, that was never stated anywhere that was a stupid fan headcannon.
  4. Heterosexual pairing. So. fakin. WHAT?!
  5. Ashi’s “born sexual” thing or what you call it: Brah… when we all thought it’s just a body suit no one thought it sexualized but once it’s called charred skin it suddenly is? You saw nothing more of her than before…  and what the fuck is sexy in charred skin, tell me seriously because i have burn marks on two places and when they were charred it NEVER made me think “hmmm yes this should be a kink…” Do you guys hear yourselves? Or ever re-read something you wrote?
  6. Forced? Brah lot of us saw it coming from a mile away, SJ is a cliché collection!! of COURSE the main characters that are on the same side gonna hook up… this whole episode was an awkward cliché collection, i still feel like puking from secondhand embarrasment 

Onto the unacceptable behavior of the whole fandom:


  • by all means you do whatever you want, but if you take my word for it, don’t throw away a whole show for 1 episode that was all about embarassment on a whole new level…
  • attacking those that like the ship with the aforementioned points when half of them is fan-crafted false accusations? seriously? reality check sometimes people…
  • i’m not even gonna adress those that hate it just because it’s hetero… 

Jashis(dear god, i know it’s for the tags but these words make me think of cults)

  • i understand your pain that they ruined your parade but wtf… your reply to a bite is to bite back?
  • the antis have all the right to hate the ship, but just like they have no right to ruin your parade, you have no right to smear your joy in their faces just to spite them

I’m all around disappointed eventhough i’m not new to fandoms clashing.

Jesus guys, the thing airs on adult swim, one would think the ones that watch it are not whiny CHILDREN!




I’m in tears.
Taehyun is so so strong. He has gone through so much and he still put a smile on his face. I admire him emensly I can’t even begin to explain. He went through everything with all that he’s got going on personally and I don’t know how he did that, I can barely get through my days without breaking down, he’s so incredibly strong. I hope he can continue to make music, even if he isn’t sharing it just as long as he’s doing what makes him happy. Winner won’t ever be the same without Taehyun in it. I will always support them, but it won’t feel the same. We must keep in mind that it’s the best for him. He’s taking time to take care of himself and that’s what most important. We love you Taehyun♡

Dear FNAF Cosplayers,

I sincerely thank you for your lovely presence in this fandom. Thanks to you, we can constantly be entertained by your lovely visualization of your own AU, being brought into many different varieties. Whether you make human costumes of the animatronics, dress up as a night guard, or make full suits for the animatronics, you contribute greatly to this fandom. You spend so much time and money making such lovely and beautiful costumes that help put smiles to so many people’s faces. Your contributions and effort are appreciated and loved by all. You can do things outstanding, and I applaud you for taking time out of your day to do it.

We love you, FNAF cosplayers!

Who are you people, I only know where 2 of you came from

 FIRSTLY TY TO ALL OUR FANS…WITHOUT U LOWLIFE WOULDN’T EXIST!!!…we at Lowlife are dedicated to providing content that our fans love and are entertained by…due to this we want to give YOU THE CONTROL….We are starting a fan based story where you the audience have complete control!!!…inbox us themes and story lines YOU want to see on the Lowlife screen and watch us turn it into a story you’ll love;)…we will select one theme a week and produce it for you and our audience with your name on the project!!!!!  ..so what are you waiting for get that inbox flooding with ideas and themes…we LOVE U ALL and as you know we aim to please;)

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ALSO …Ty to @majestyvu and @xqueenkylie for modeling so beautifully on this post:)

Dear FNAF animators,

I sincerely thank you for your lovely presence in this fandom. Thanks to you, we can constantly be entertained by your frame-by-frame amazing beauty of animation. Whether you do it traditionally, digitally, or even by a 3D program, it is very difficult to work out the perfection and mastery of animation, and for that, you sincerely are a special variety of the fandom. It is not every day we see specially done gifs of FNAF scenarios, it brings certain things to life, which is very amazing. You can do things outstanding, and I applaud you for taking time out of your day to do it.

We love you, FNAF animators!


To those who wasnt able to watch Made Tour Concert.
This is their mini-movie clip being played during the concert.