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Tea and Eating Disorders

We love seeing people appreciate tea, but it’s always sad when we see pro-ana or advocating for other eating disorders, latching onto tea. Tea is great and it can sometimes stave off appetite temporarily in cases where you need to wait before eating, but it’s not a good thing when you’re not eating enough to maintain essential body functions and you skip meals and replace them with tea.

We want everyone to love their body as-is and be healthy.

We want everyone to feel in control of their life so they don’t need to turn to an ED to grasp desperately at something they have control over.

We want people to pay attention to how their tea tastes and enjoy drinking it, in part so that they can pay attention to how all their food and drink tastes, and enjoy eating and drinking all around.

We want to nudge people away from counting calories and thinking of nutrition in terms of math and numbers, and encourage people to listen to their bodies and eat when they’re hungry, and stop eating when they’re full.

Our society glorifies thinness to unhealthy degrees, and we also send all sorts of unhealthy messages encouraging people to count calories, and to disregard natural signals of hunger and fullness, and it is very easy for people to get sucked into the ways of thinking and patterns characteristic of eating disorders.

We want to be here too if people want to talk about these things. We care about all of you, both the people who follow us and the random people who post in the tea tag. We want to help you if there is any way we can!

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(Anon in love with Zed) So you know how the first episode ended with Hummer's Avengers reference? The whole Libra gang actually went out and got shawarma (as evidenced by a picture in the end credits theme). Zed looked less than impressed with it. Would you mind sharing any headcanons about the types of foods Zed likes?

Writing this made me hungry and now I really want spicy noodles

  • Zed seems like the kind of person who’s open to any kind of food (as long as it’s not raw fish or fish in general), but I imagine he likes to eat foods that come from Asia or some parts of Europe (Though he can’t help but admit that the burgers that Leo and Zapp like to eat are very delicious.
  • Meat buns!!
  • Steamed dumplings!!
  • Croissants and brioche bread… he’d love eating those.
  • Pasta/Spaghetti, turkey (since we’re getting close to thanksgiving lol) the occasional corn dogs are a few foods that Zed would like. I have the feeling he’d love eating warmed biscuits with honey on them aha
  • A little random hc, but Zed loves to eat strawberries. Strawberry shortcake?? Yes. Chocolate covered strawberries?? Yes.
  • Continuing with desserts, Zed seems like he’d like cake. Chocolate cake, vanilla, any kind honestly. A chocolate mousse cake or a tiramisu would taste amazing to him aha

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Gen, don’t let anyone make you feel bad, if you want to eat that cake, go ahead and eat it. You are beautiful. Never stop yourself from eating what you love, we only live once, so live a life that’s the best. Love you xxxxxxx

Thank you sweetheart, love you


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago

today i noticed that life is very short. life is so short that we must follow our dreams. that we must kiss the person we love. that we must say hello to strangers. eat that creamy chocolate bar we were craving. leave our friends and family with hugs and kisses instead of just saying goodbyes. we should look at the sky. gaze at the stars and count it too. smell the flowers, pick it and give it to your neighbours. look at our lovers face and memorize the twinkle in their eyes when they talk about their day. call our mothers. call our old friends. dance the night away till your feet give up. enjoy the little things before it’s too late. before it’s too late to enjoy life.
—  S.Bashir

gfriend’s love whisper comeback stage on water. dancing 2x speed and blindfolded wasn’t enough for them. stan talent, stan gfriend.

Hannibal Fandom

ok can i just make an appreciation post for the hannibal fandom?

Almost every single person in it is great. They are collectively enthusiastic and welcoming. You will see a person post that they’re just now starting to watch the show and 20 different people will be there welcoming them to the fandom and being just over all super friendly and inviting.

Plus the network for sharing fics and art is just really awesome. I can’t count the number of times I’ve made a post asking for fic recs and had a number of people boosting it until I had an inbox full of suggestions, which isn’t something I’ve experienced before. (not to mention the quality of the art and writing. it’s consistently well done across the board, and some of the best fics i’ve ever read are hannibal)

I’ve had my experiences with toxic fandoms (I don’t even need to name it. We all know) and I basically never wanted to be in one again but man. The Hannibal fandom is just so lovely