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Teenage Monkees follower Jan Swanton arrived early one day at Kensington Park where fans were camped out next to the hotel, and was among those who shared a magical morning with Micky Dolenz.

“Micky came walking from the hotel, and just walked up and said; "You’re not going to chase me, I’m just going to walk and I’m gonna go sit on the bandstand.” And he sat up there and he just started singing to us.“ - Jan

"I started singing Monkees songs, and then I said; "You sing to me.” And all these hundreds of little girls started singing their school songs.“ - Micky

"He divided us up into groups and he got us singing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’, and we were all singing that and I was sitting there thinking; "This is what it’s about, this is what life is about. This is what I want to be about”.“ - Jan

"We all start crying, the girls are crying and I’m crying and I’m singing Monkees songs and they’re singing back, and it becomes this like, you know, beautiful, "why can’t we all live together and be happy?”“ - Micky

"And then he just walked back to the hotel. And it was the most perfect moment ever, it really was wonderful. For years afterwards we used to come up on the anniversary and put flowers on the bandstand and stand and sing 'Row Row Row Your Boat’.” - Jan

We Love The Monkees. ITV, 2012.

We love you, Davy!

It’s been four years since Davy left us, and it’s hard to know what to say on a day like today. But instead of being sad, I’m going to focus on the things I love about Davy Jones.

  • His face. Has there ever been a cuter face? No. No there hasn’t.
  • His glossy hair.

Originally posted by yoursunnygirlfriend

Originally posted by yoursunnygirlfriend

  • He was a fab little actor
  • He was a proud Manchester lad!!!
  • The fact he was in Coronation Street and KEN BARLOW had this to say about him:
  • He may have been small in height but he had a bangin’ bod.
  • The love he had for his daughters <3
  • This face/picture
  • His passion for horses
  • His face in this scene:

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  • His facial expressions in general
  • The fact that he was so willing to endulge Micky during this ‘80s performance:
  • The fact that it was totally believeable that a different girl would fall in love with him every week on The Monkees

  • His fashion sense!!!
  • “We were, you know, all wacked out on California Gold, or whatever you called it at the time.”
  • HIS FACE. I know I already said this but it needs a second mention.
  • His showmanship.

Davy was a special something and I wish he could be here for the Monkees 50th anniversay. More than that, I wish he could be here for his daughters, his family, his friends, and everyone that loved him. But I know he’ll be having a groovy time up there looking down on us all!

We love you, Davy!!

I originally made a post like this last year, but I decided to update it. I’ve removed/changed some broken links and added a few more must-sees.

Obviously there are tons more interviews and Monkee-related stuff out there (particularly from the 80s-present), but these are some of my favourites!

Feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed from the list!


Hey Hey We’re The Monkees, 1997

Behind The Music, 1998 (?)

We Love The Monkees, 2012


The Monkees on KDWB-AM, 1967.
Not an interview as such, but here is audio of when the boys took over a radio station on their summer tour. (courtesy of psychojello​ )

Pop Chronicals, 1967 [audio only]
Great interview with Mike, who talks (among other things) about the hurt of not being respected.

The Hy Lit Show, 1968
Promoting ‘Head’.

‘Walking in New York’, 1969
Brief interview with Micky and Davy.

Australian Interview with Davy Jones, 1971(?)
Davy at his home with Talia.

Jane Pauley Interview, 1986
Noteable for Micky literally falling to the floor in laughter after being asked about the 'New Monkees’.

Mike and Micky 'After The Greek’, 1986
Micky looking at Mike adoringly and Mike giving Micky a big kiss on the cheek. Need I say more?

Mini Peter Tork Documentary, 2015
A short but sweet documentary about Peter, by his son Ivan.

Gilbert Gottfried interview with Mike Nesmith, 2015
A candid, hour-long chat with Mike

Loose Women, 2015
Micky and Peter interviewed.

Press and News Footage:

UK Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1967

The Monkees arrive in the UK/Press Conference footage, (in colour) 1967

The Monkees UK Press Conference, 1967

WKBW Radio, 1967

Australian Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1968

Australian Press Conference, 1968 [audio only]
Great interview which also includes a hysterical fan gate-crashing the press conference!!

Live footage with Monkee Talk dubbed over, 1968


Salt Lake City Concert, 1968
Silent behind the scenes footage and outtakes of The Monkees concert for 'Head’.

The Johnny Cash Show, 1969
Nine Times Blue.

The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, 1969
Medley (Last Train To Clarksville, I’m a Believer, Salesman) and 'Teardrop City’. Especially worth watching for the hilariously random sketch!

Christmas Medley, 1986
Monkees with extra cheese but seriously WORTH IT. Also features some of the Monkees kids. But can you spot Mike..?

Through The Looking Glass, 1989.
Micky in drag for no apparent reason…


Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger, 1964.
Davy performing I’d Do Anything with the cast of Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night as the Beatles made their US debut.

Monkees Screen Tests, 1965.
All the Monkees auditions and screen tests for the show.

Monkees Romp - Behind The Scenes, 1967.
Rare silent footage of the Monkees on the beach, set to 'Saturday’s Child’. Very cute!

The Emmy Awards, 1967.
Footage of The Monkees scooping two awards. The boys themselves don’t collect the awards, but worth watching for their lovely reactions!

Happening '69, 1969
The Monkees appear now and then throughout the whole show, but mainly from 20 minutes in. Listen out for what’s said about Piscean men and keep an eye on Micky’s reaction…

Laugh In, 1969
Clips from when the Monkees appeared on the show in October '69.

'Junkyard Movie’, 1969 (?)
Silent footage of Micky messing around a junkyard which includes him having a wee. The description says it’s from 1967 but I think it’s from later than that, maybe 1969 or even 1970.

Monkees Commercials, 1966-1970
Compliation of all The Monkees commercials.

The No No Song, 1975
Ringo Star performing the “No No Song’ on Hoyt Axton’s “Boogie Woogie, Gospel, Rock and Roll Show”, which features Micky drunk dancing and singing along.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart TV Special, 1976. Part One / Part Two
Features Micky’s infamous glam-rock performance of 'Steppin’ Stone’.

The Ben Stiller Show, 1992
Spoof of The Monkees called 'The Grungies’ (co-written by Judd Apatow!). Cameo appearance by Micky.

'Peter and Davy Come to Blows’, 2009
Davy and Peter talk about the bust-ups between the boys back in the day, including the famous fight between the pair.

The Monkees induction into the Pop Music Hall of Fame, 2014.
At the 2014 Monkees Convention.


Monkees Awards - Day 3



We Love The Monkees (ITV, 2012)

I have watched every Monkees documentary I’ve come across, but I will always have a soft spot for this one. It was shown here in the UK on ITV in the summer of 2012. At the time, I was only a very casual Monkees fan, but I sat down and watched this with my parents (my mum was a childhood fan) and this is what inspired me, my mum and my sister to track down The Monkees on DVD (at the time, the DVDs on Amazon were like £50 or something, but my mum managed to find them on ebay, brand new, for a lot less!) This was effectively the start of my obsession. It has been repeated since, and we still have it on our Sky+ planner. I’ve watched it several times on youtube also!

But apart from my personal soft spot for this documentary, it is a quality programme. It features interviews with Micky and Peter, and also slightly older footage from before Davy passed. Toni Basil, Bob Rafelson, Jim Frawley, and Chip Douglas also contribute.

Another great thing about this documentary is the fans. Lifelong Monkees fans talking about their love of the band. One of the women was actually one of the young girls who “shared a magical morning with Micky Dolenz” - she talks so fondly of that morning with Micky in Hyde Park, and how she and a bunch of other girls would go back to the spot and lay flowers on the bandstand on the anniversary for years after that.


MONKEE YOU’D MOST LIKE TO BE STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH (60s or present day - please specify)

This is a tricky one. For present day, it’s a toss-up between Micky and Davy, for me. Peter makes me feel uncomfortable when I watch him in interviews, and I can imagine Mike being really quiet and not saying a word (I could be wrong, obviously!) so maybe I’ll rule them out. Micky might be annoying, because he’s Micky, but he also might help kill the time. Davy (if he was still here) would possibly be the best option.

For the 60s, it’d have to be Micky, because he was hot as hell and so funny and cute. If it was just the two of us maybe we could do something to kill the time, YOU DIG? (I’m female and have a pulse, that automatically means I’m 60s Micky’s type). So I’m going for 60s Micky.

We Love The Monkees

So, I just watched this doc:

And I thought I’d be okay, that it’d be a standard-issue ‘origin/clip/weren’t they great’ cheesy doc. In some ways it is. But the last part of the show, where they show the post-Monkees careers and then talk about Davy passing away… man, that killed me. 

I think it’s because I don’t remember a time not knowing The Monkees. I was a little kid when I first saw re-runs and I didn’t actually realise it wasn’t real. I thought that they were just a band! 

Then, when I was a teen, I was embarrassed for liking them because they were officially uncool. It was only when I’d grown out of teenage conformity that I went mental on Nesmith and tracked down everything of his on original vinyl.

So many of my songs are Monkees / Nesmith rip-offs it’s incredible people haven’t said it before. I mostly get ‘sounds like Depeche Mode’ which is fair enough as I rip them off too. But, c’mon, I nicked the descending chord intro lick from Listen To Band exactly. And the melody line from As We Go Along was a… heavy inspiration *cough* to the first White Town song. And I nicked the bassline from Circle Sky pretty much note for note. 

If you’re into music, I think everyone has an artist or band who they’ve grown up with, who will always be there and has become something more than art in their lives, they’re more like family. 

For me, that’s what The Monkees are. Yeah, I love a lot of other ‘60s bands as well, Beatles, Stones, loads of Merseybeat and Stax and Motown. But because of that wild TV show, I kind of felt like I had four crazy older brothers who were immeasurably cool and handsome and talented. 

I wish I’d seen them play live.