we love the bbs


W E ’ R E   F O X E S .

we laugh and we cry
and we break
and we make our mistakes.

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 


A stone slid under his heel. Laurent turned. For a moment, Laurent looked at him wide-eyed, young, and then the look in his eyes changed, as though the universe had fulfilled an ineluctable promise. ‘Oh,’ he said, ‘perfect.’

Look, I’m not saying that for a split second Laurent thought it was Auguste, but I am 100% saying he thought it was Auguste. The fact that it’s at Marlas compounds the pain a million fold. 

Part three of the continuing saga chronicling my descent into Captive Prince hell.

“why can’t you just admit that you like me…haha…ha..”

i’ve been trying to tell u for the past 74 years smh

Dear Kihyunie

Please eat food. I have seen a lot of pictures lately of you saying that you aren’t eating to look good for a photo shoot or a fansign. Kihyunie monbebe loves you for you. We love your size. Your skin color. Your voice. Your personality. We love you for you Kihyun. Please stay healthy so that you can be with monbebe for a long time. Please eat the chicken that monbebe knows you love. Monbebe loves you! ❤️

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anonymous asked:

"Fluffybuns" could just refer to Asgore being a fluffy cinnamon roll. On the subject of nicknames, what about Sans' pet name?

Hey it could be! Maybe Asgore’s nickname is more innocent and we’re just the naughty ones. 

As for Sans, we haven’t shown it yet (though it was and still is going to appear in the next comic) but Papyrus sometimes calls him “Bb” and River is to blame for that. When he was little, River would refer to him as “Baby Blue” due to his magic color and being their lil baby and it just sorta stuck. I mean…

Can you see why they called him that? Their Baby Blue~

Dings started calling him that and, while Pap has never said “Baby Blue,” he called him Bb for short. Eventually Tori, and a few others, will learn of this name and will abuse it. He’ll get an array of pet names from Toriel as they grow closer as well.

And we can’t forget the pile of strange and mostly inappropriate names Chara has for him. Bone Daddy being one of them. I could go down a list but then we would be here forever. This child needs parental help. 

~ Sol