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GGF: Behind-the-scenes of “Memories”: 

Tanner had the amazing love confession ensemble with **dress shoes** picked out before he came to Canada. What a dude. 

Mandy and Tanner practiced individually for this scene, but never together, so the very first time Gilbert confessed his love to Anne was what you saw in today’s episode. Harsh, real, awkward, painful - for Anne and Gilbert, for Mandy and Tanner, for all of us sitting in that room. 

Before we filmed, Tanner was pacing everywhere and wouldn’t sit down, and Mandy was re-reading the script on her phone and asking about line changes. It was tense and stressful. Lucy started playing the ukulele and we sang “5 Years Time” (Noah and the Whale), which was spontaneous and strange - it’s not like we usually sang before filming - but it was a good pre-filming ritual and felt like a promise to Anne and Gilbert.

And then we filmed. This is after Solange called “cut” and Tanner came back inside: 

Last week I went to Cologne with my awesome boyfriend @magnetotheshark​ (♥) ~ and look at this. Starbucks. It was the first time my life that I went there to get a drink. I’ve never done this before and I didn’t really know or cared about that they write your name on the cup. Now, look at this. Real Cherik at Starbucks. This is great and it was SO MUCH fun. Really. I loved it.

We also went to the “Hohenzollernbrücke” in Cologne to perform a wonderful thing. This is what we did there:
For several years now, love locks have been considered one of Cologne’s most charming traditions. As proof of their love, couples fix padlocks to the railings on the Hohenzollern Bridge; to ensure everlasting love, they then throw the key into the Rhein river below. 
It is thought that the romantic custom originated in Italy. Over time, tens of thousands of couples and friends in Cologne have sworn their loyalty to one another in this way. Along with padlocks in all colours and shapes, there are also combination padlocks and bicycle chains on the bridge. Many of them have been elaborately designed; often engraved, painted, adorned, or decorated with home-made stickers.Experts estimate that the padlocks weigh over two tonnes. And more padlocks appear on a daily basis, as not just the residents of Cologne, but also tourists want to become part of the tradition.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering when/whether you're going to make any new posts? I haven't seen any since your amazing book came out and I can't get enough literary starbucks!! I've probably read all the orders twice or thrice and I'm just dying for new material 💕

First of all, we’re super touched you took the time to write this message! We always appreciate kind and positive responses from readers; we’re happy that you loved the book and have loved the blog as well.

As for posting on this blog, I think I said it best in our interview with the local newspaper in our college town: "There will never be an official ‘farewell’ post on the Tumblr site, but [we] have all moved into a stage where [we] are not obligated or capable of posting with regularity. At this point, we write posts when we feel particularly inspired by an author, character or now a work itself. It’s no longer a site to be checked daily, but we want people to keep coming back periodically to see what has struck our fancy in the interim, or just to revisit your favorite orders from the past.”

We love Literary Starbucks, and while it will always be a part of our lives and our history, we feel that the book is sort of the ultimate manifestation of these two years. Again, this is not a goodbye post– I just published a new order not ten minutes ago!– but it is a heads’ up of what this blog will look like moving forward.

Love always,

Jill (& Nora & Wilson)


jemma simmons in season two:
↳ scars

In which Karl Urban and I bond over our shared Starbucks experience
  • Karl: What's your name, sweetheart?
  • Me: Danielle
  • Karl: *starts to write D-a-n, then stops* How do you spell that?
  • Me: D-a-n-i-e-l-l-e
  • Karl: Got it. Sorry about that.
  • Me: It's okay. Starbucks never seems to get it right. Or even close. At least you asked.
  • Karl: Don't worry. They never spell mine right either.
  • Me: With a C?
  • Karl: *nods and sighs* With a C.