we love rookie

fun jake guentzel facts
  • Jake Guentzel is one of only 6 rookies to score 10+ goals in the postseason 
  • Jake Guentzel is currently leading the league in postseason goals
  • Jake Guentzel alone has scored over three times as many goals in the playoffs than the entire Chicago Blackhawks roster 
  • Jake Guentzel is very good at hockey
  • I love him

happy birthday to nct’s strong and loving leader lee taeyong 🎉

our Big Exhibit is done and we just had our wrap party and i’m drunk and really emotional about working with such amazing people

i love my museum and all my coworkers and i’m so lucky to work with such fantastic humans. 10/10 would coworker again


Holly Stewart Appreciation Week - Day 1: Favorite Episode

Episode 4x9 - What I Lost

“It’s not going to kill you to try something new.”

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