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i was gonna make a joke like “why did hagan steal my pet’s smarts lol” but then i came to a disturbing realization…

the king of brightvale is so smart…because he absorbs the intellect of innocent neopets via this wheel like some sort of Knowledge Vampire…


(。+・`ω・´)   Akui and Tsuki’s adventures at the con! Tsuki-chan and I were passing by, then we stopped by a group of awesome people who gave us strawberry pocky and we decided to play the pocky game! XDDD



AnnaWes in every episode ⇛ 3x02: There Are Worse Things Than Murder

God’s honest? I’m lonely. That’s why I asked you to move in with me. Tired of eating alone. I don’t believe you. Well, I can’t make you.


Some screenshots from the Rosewood Righteous Revelry! Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting us, I really hope everyone had an enjoyable time and got some awesome prizes! We love you all so much! <3

Sam technically got this for me for my birthday but they gave it to me months ago as a Valentine’s Day present. Either way, I am in love both with this commission by rubycurls (this is literally the best thing ever!!!!!!! NIALL IS MY BIGGEST FAN?? HECK YES. HECK FREAKIN YES!!!!!) and with Sam :)))))))) 

I am so gosh damn in love with this world and with all of my friends and family :) :) thank you to everyone for making this birthday so incredibly special and lovely!!!! My heart is so big and I am so warm and happy and content :))) LOTS LOVE xxxx

One of the books you can win in our contest that runs until Sunday. Details below:

We are having a contest starting now and ending Sunday, 11/19. Follow our boy @adamgnade on Instagram and you’ll be entered to win a massive prize package (details below) of Pioneers Press books and books from publishers we love. PLEASE SHARE!
Prizes. ALL three of Adam’s books that are in print (the novella Locust House, the novel Caveworld, and the DIY Guide to Fighting the Big Sad), a copy of Itzá by the very great Rios de la Luz, a copy of From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry by Justin Pearson,  a copy of If Nothing Else the Sky by Dave Roche, a copy of Loving the Ocean Won’t Keep It From Killing You by Rachel Bell, and a copy of the Unknown University by Roberto Bolaño.


It’s you. It’s you.

anonymous asked:

Hey so you really seem(ed) to like Crazy Ex GF. My Q is this - seen the pilot, liked it, but still concerned about the premise (i.e. girl dumping everything in her life for this dude). Does it work past the guy-obsession?

but what you’re asking me is literally the central question of the series

Rachel Bloom has said in interviews that the whole point of the show is to be a feminist deconstruction of the word crazy

if you’d made it to episode two you would have gotten to see the show’s theme song, which has the following lyrical exchange:

“She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend!”
“What? No I’m not!”
“She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend!”

The contradiction you’re pointing out isn’t a problematic flaw of the show. It’s the joke that the show is in on from day one.

Maybe Rebecca moves to West Covina to try to be with Josh. Maybe she doesn’t. The entire first half of the season is about interrogating her denial about that.

But Rebecca was miserable in New York. That’s a fact. And moving to West Covina is ultimately a necessary and healthy decision for her.

Does the fact that she moved to chase a dude make her earnest pursuit of her own self-fulfillment–and rejection of previous unhealthy patterns–less valid? If Josh makes her happy, is that happiness suspect because it’s dependent on a man? 

What does it say about our society that we prize romantic love over all else, and then punish the women who act like that’s true? What does it say about those women if they choose to buy into it even despite all evidence to the contrary, because for them romantic love–requiring the participation of another person–seems like the only achievable way to happiness, as otherwise we have to get through our depressions, anxieties, traumas and hang-ups on our own?

Or–if we’re only willing to LOOK at what’s actually all around us, instead of what we wish we had–can we find our way to those things not via romantic love, but through the loyalty and adoration of friends?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend doesn’t know the answers to these questions, but its purpose as a show is to try to find out.

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Yay I’m here to announce y’all the winners of our First Ever Tumblr Awards and to thank you guys for participating and making our tumblr experience awesome! I personally loved it, cause although it was a hella hard decision (we fought to death to decide who would be in each category no kidding), it was totally worth it, we discovered amazing blogs and made new friends! So without further ado, the winners are… *drum roll please*

+ reminder of what you guys have won  ❤。 ◕‿◕。