we love parks and rec

“My brother’s really lame. But Scorpius is pretty cool. I guess I can kinda see why he’d marry him. Also, if anyone has seen my black hoodie, I lost it. Thanks.”

— James Sirius Potter (in his best man’s speech)

  • Kimberly: This is my boyfriend, Jason, this is Jason's boyfriend, Zack, and this is our boyfriend Billy.
  • Kimberly's Mom: Hey, Um ...wait, sorry. What’s the situation?
  • Kimberly: What do you mean?
  • Kimberly's Mom: How does this work?
  • Kimberly: Jason is gay but he’s straight for me, but he’s gay for Zack, and Zack's really gay for Jason. And we all love Billy.
  • Billy: It’s not that complicated.
  • Henrik Zetterberg: So basically we're completely swamped. All hands on deck.
  • Pavel Datsyuk: I'm not even on this team anymore.
  • Henrik Zetterberg: Don't care. I need anyone with a pulse and a brain to pitch in.
  • Riley Sheahan: [walking in] Hank, do you need help with anything?
  • Henrik Zetterberg: No, we're good, thanks. In fact, you can head home early.
  • Lucy: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life.
  • All of Narnia, in unison: We know this, and we love you.

Molly: I have never done anything wrong, ever.

Sherlock, Eurus, Mary, and Lestrade: We know this and we love you.

One of my online friends and I were at a park of some sorts and when we were by a fence, I saw the crew of Parks and Rec (which we both love) and Rashida Jones came up to me to ask me some questions. Then Adam Scott was cosplaying as Hajime Hinata and we went to a convention together. Trump came to the park and everyone left.


as we all know i love parks and rec and there are strange moments where i have terrible ideas while watching it

and thus we have this. when i have nothing better to do i make shitposts based on parks and rec 

(ann and april aren’t like, a perfect model for toshi and aizawa’s friendship but like,,, they’re not a bad one either?)