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Pluto Through the Houses of Astrology

Pluto is a generational planet, it takes a long time for it to transition into a different sign, it takes somewhere from 14-30 years, so it doesn’t take part in our daily life. Although, where it’s placed in the houses is far more important than the sign, because that changes by the hour. I will start off by explaining what exactly is Pluto? Well, Pluto is the co-ruler of the sign Scorpio. Now, we all know something about Scorpio ;) (hehehe) There are 5 main themes of Pluto. One is transformation, two is destruction, three is intensity, four is rebirth, and five is obsession. Pluto is also known to be the ruler of the underworld which can be very intimidating and powerful. He’s mentioned in many books, and my favorite mention of Pluto is Inferno by Dante Alighieri, where Plutus is the lord of the 4th Circle for those who are the Miserly or Prodigal, which means people who sinned by trying to control money and fortune were to be in the 4th Circle. As many of you may know, the 8th house rules other people’s money, due to Pluto being the ruler of that house along with Mars. Now that we’ve learned a few things about Pluto, I will explain what it means when it goes through each house!

Pluto in the 1st house: The 1st house is the house of your identity, public persona, first impression, personality, and physical appearance. So when Pluto is placed here, you can be a bit of an intense person because you come off as different from society, you don’t mind hanging in the shadows. Being in the public eye and having everyone know about you can annoy you a little. You change a lot, whether it’s weight, height, style, personality, so on. Each person thinks of you differently because of that. You can have a bit of a dark atmosphere hanging around you, and your eyes are hypnotic, demanding, and very powerful. You can seem a bit power hungry yourself, always trying to be in control. 1st house also represents the story of your birth, and early childhood. Your birth could’ve been painful, intense, and transformative for your mother. In your early childhood, there could’ve been a war in your birthplace, or some sort of deep conflict that later brought enlightenment.

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Seeing Stars

How long had it been? Four or Five Years since you became his caretaker? Five, but the last year seemed like a blur. A wonderful blur, but a blur nonetheless. Now, the merman considered you more than a friend or caregiver. You were his mate. And he made sure to show it and let any staff member know if they even looked at you with a lustful gaze.

He was a special case. He was sentient and had the ability to speak. Though he often refused to. So, the staff members allowed the relationship to form. And when your manager saw his drastic improvements - he urged you to take it much farther than just friends.

He was a deep sea Mermaid. Unlike the reef mermaids who were predominantly female and brightly colored. His skin was desaturated and light grey. His body was muscular, but athletic. He had: black hair, a Spiney tail with bioluminescent scales that formed a pattern, sharp teeth, webbed hands, and pink eyes that dilated and contracted in the light. And his species were predominantly male. They rarely ever came to the surface unless in need of help. This Merman however was caught in Reef Mermaid Territory and they nearly ripped him limb from limb. His injuries had been life threatening, but thankfully since he was a rather large size - he was able to the operated on and saved.

When his time came to be released back into the wild - he relented. He wanted to stay and learn more about humans. And the aquarium allowed it. In return he just had to show off every once in awhile for an audience; something he was fine with doing since it was only for an hour three times a day.

However, he was picky about his humans. Only certain ones could give him medical care. And only one could teach him. And that was you. And he fell for you very quickly. He would always bring you gifts or ask certain staff to give you cards he came up with. Or even give you a bag of his favorite human snacks. And in your fourth year, you started to fall for him slowly. He even gave himself a human name for you.


He didn’t understand the concept of gender. Biological sex yes, but gender was something he honestly didn’t care about.

You looked out and saw him break the surface his pink eyes just watching you. You watched him go back under. Something was up. You took off your jacket and set his meal aside. Then your shoes before carefully wading into the water.

He popped up again this time in front of you. He looked flustered.

“S-sorry.” he mumbled, “I’m not feeling the best today.”

“It’s alright, are you feeling feverish? Bloated or?” you asked him.

Your aquarium knew a lot about his biology, but there was one thing they could never figure out and that was mating cycles. They weren’t like most animals where it was yearly or even monthly. Their cycles had to build up. And something in the back of your head told you - you were about to find out all about his biological mating cycle.

“Bloated… is a very good word for this love.” he chuckled softly, “Tell me what is the moon phase?”

“Full, and the fifth Anniversary of you being here.” you said blinking curiously.

“Mmmm that would be it…” he said, “Love it would be wise if you were not in the pool with me. I’m sentient, but still wild in my own way.” he gently pushed you into the shallow end.

It clicked. And your face was crimson red.

“O-oh!” is all you said.

He nodded, “I don’t want to risk hurting you.”

You scrambled back a bit, and he followed, but was still a few feet away. He just gave you a gentle smile.

“Sweetheart, you know you can ask me anything right?” you asked him softly.

“I do, but I know not how human anatomy would work with mine. I cannot risk hurting you or feel the heartbreak of an unviable brood. This will pass I promise.” he said albeit eerily calmly.

He looked over and saw the bucket of fish and hummed. He grabbed it and devoured the entire thing. Which was odd for him as he was a light eater. Yet this time he left nothing but bones.

“I-i mean… if human males can inseminate the Reef Mermaids… it should work for us yes?” you asked him.

He licked his fingers, before cleaning up his mess and setting the bucket aside. He crawled up further to you. He smirked.

“See, they are built like whales or other fish. My kind… we’re a little different. Being all male we have a different system that can work with each others anatomy.”

A webbed hand ran up your abdomen and gently pushed it. Like as if he were testing something. He hummed idly.

“Technically we’ve not consummated - so… I-i…” you murmured.

He heard this and perked up looking down at you, eyes bright and surprised. His skin filled with blood and turned red, his bioluminescent parts lighting up. He seemed to really appreciate that offer. He lowered down and kissed you.

“Tell me are you truly that serious? My kind mates for life. And if we do this~” he cooed.

You giggled, “Of course, I love you Star.” you said throwing your arms around him. You pressed into him, “T-that and to be honest I am rather curious… if it hurts me in anyway we will stop.”

He chuckled and gently tugged at your wetsuit.

“Promise?” he asked, “And should I explain… or?”

“No, explaining anything. It might scare me off, if I have questions I’ll ask as we go along. And I promise.” you chuckled nervously reaching up and unzipping your suit to reveal your breasts.

“Alright, but if I don’t stop just punch me in the nose alright?” he asked.

You playfully roll your eyes, “Alright. Jesus, for a creature that’s not supposed to be intelligent you’re smarter than most of my species males.”

He chuckled and ripped off your suit deeming you were being too slow. “Well we do love our partners. They come first.”

He looked over your body, gently touching every area he could to get a gauge on what felt good for you. Your neck, your thighs, the small of your back,and even smaller areas most humans forgot about. When he found all your erogenous zones he went to work.

You were quite surprised by how quickly he found everything. You moaned when he nibbled at your neck and shuddered when he kneaded your breast. You could barely return the favor as you ran your hands down his chest and over the sensitive gills causing him to gasp slightly and moan. However when you got too eager and moved your hands lower he pinned him above your head.

“No, not yet.” he said groaning slightly, he just wanted to take you, but he knew enough about humans to know they needed a little help to be prepared for sex.

You pouted and huffed, but respected his wishes and he let go. You leaned up and kissed him, but this time there was a thick mucus like substance. It tasted like kelp.

He chuckled, “Trust me darling you might not like the taste, but it’s going to make this process much easier and far more enjoyable for you. Now, since you’re about as clueless as I am on anatomy, please present yourself.”

You chuckled and nodded, “You’re sweet, Star.”

He just smiled down at you, “No, that would be you. You’ve been nothing, but kind to me since coming here.” he pushed himself back fully, examining you. This was rather different. So, many choices. What to play with first.

A cramp in his abdomen made his choice for him. There wasn’t anytime to experiment, this was getting painful for the merman. He needed to release his eggs and soon.

He gently rubbed two fingers over your folds causing your hips to buck up. You whimpered softly.

“O-okay, see the soft nub at top? That is a very sensitive place for us, and the middle hole? Thats our-”

“Mmm needn’t say anymore love.”

Before you knew it, your legs were over his shoulders and his long tongue was working you. The mucus made everything so warm that all you could do was moan as the pleasure became stronger.

When he nibbled and sucked at your clit you cried out in pleasure. Your hands reaching into his: medium length, black, wet hair. You pushed your hips into him. Guiding him as he asked what your liked. Of course, you hadn’t known at first due to inexperienced partners in the past, but oh boy you were beginning to find out.

“P-please just let me ride your tongue.” you moaned out softly.

“Mmm my pleasure dear.” he said and pushed what he could of his tongue into you. Salivating even more at your taste.

It formed more mucus that made your insides warm and seep in its own natural lubricants. And if that wasn’t enough when he started moving it, you felt like you were going to go right over the edge. Yet, no matter how much he teased you couldn’t. Even with the mucus causing your pleasure sensors to reach unbelievable heights.

When Star was satisfied he pulled away, he looked at how dazed you looked and then down at how soaked and engorged you were. Even your clit had enlarged before it had been barely visible, but now - it was triple in size and that’s what he had wanted. You whined spreading your legs more.

You were a little embarrassed, but heavens it felt wonderful and you trusted him not to belittle you for being so needy. He leaned over and bit your breast leaving some teeth marks, he sucked and gently pulled causing your back to arch.

“F-fuck Star!! Please…. Stop teasing.” you cried out.

He pulled away and licked up the blood. The mucus stopped the bleeding immediately. Good, he had no worries everything was compatible so far.

“Sweetheart, we can not do it like this, I will crush you.” he chuckled lifting your head.

You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and chuckled.

“How is it you can turn me into a goopy mess?” you smiled and kissed him, your core still aching.

“Mmm usually I ask that.” he said and looked around, he found a rock out of view, and gently took you to it. He carefully got onto it and then got you situated as well.

“H-heh so like this?” you asked, “M-makes sense since I can’t… nggh breath underwater.”

“Are you okay?” he asked a bit worried.

“I’m fine just… please…” you whimpered.

“First look down.” he cooed softly, he had been very good about hiding his arousal, but now some of it was peaking out, “You get to curb your curiosity.”

You scooted a little and looked down between you and smirked seeing it. So, it was fairly standard to most whales and dolphins. That made you less nervous. You hummed moving your hands down and rubbed around it looking up seeing his eyes were closed.You giggled and grinded on him and looked down seeing it fully emerge. It was hard to miss against his black scales. It was a flushed pink that matched his bioluminescence.

Your face flushed, oh he was large. No wonder he was worried. You snickered gently wrapping a hand around it, and felt all of the delicious ribs. The tip was thin and tapered which would make this a little bit easier, the base was slightly bulbous which confused you, but you rolled with it. You heard your mate moaning your name softly his pink bioluminescent features gently rolling in a soft soothing pattern.

You went a bit harder and faster, when his eyes shot open. You saw this look and stopped immediately. He grunted softly and sat up slightly pulling you into a kiss. You shuddered and kissed him back moaning when he shoved his tongue into your mouth. You felt his hands move you over him.

“Are you ready?” he purred softly, “Now remember if this is successful you may not be able to go back to a normal life. Nor can we break our bond.”

“I Understand love, just please, be gentle.” you said smiling.

“I love you.” he said and kissed you.

“I love you too.” you kissed him back, “I-i do have one request, could I maybe face the other way. You are a bit large so it will be easier.”

He nodded smiling, “Of course dear.”

He shifted you around carefully so your back was against his chest and his head rested on your shoulder before he gently lowered you onto him, his mucus and your own lubricants made the shift painless. And each little rib hit all the right places inside. You moaned out and leaned back slightly and began grinding into him. He did what he could, but you had to put out most of the work. Maybe one day they’d have a breathing apparatus you could use this would be much easier. For now this would have to do. You panted as you moved your hips, but you were wearing out rather quickly. It was then that you felt your mate’s hands come around your hips and begin lifting and plunging you onto him.

You leaned back onto his chest, arm slung back to stroke his cheek. Your breathing was becoming hard. You could feel your body coming so close. But, it was still so far and it was frustrating. Even with the rougher and faster pace your body was just not reaching.

“S-star please, I want to cum so badly.” you moaned.

He smirked, you were begging and it was kind of cute. A nice reversal as well, usually he was the one begging for attention. He hummed gently working himself deeper and deeper, the thin tip pressing pass the cervix he came to a grind not wanting to risk hurting you. He moved his hands around to spread your lips apart and rubbed at your engorged clit taking the large nub between his fingers giving you a mini handjob. If this was going to work, he needed to knot you during an orgasm so nothing spilled out. He grunted bumping into you faster his knot growing his fingers working your engorged clit more and more until.

“STAR!” you arched back and came clenching around him, barely even noticing the knot inside locking you into place until you tried to lift your hips and cried out again, you kept grinding into your mate setting off his own orgasm and moaned feeling the warm liquid seep into you. There was an unusual pressure however.

You glanced back at him, “L-love?”

He just kissed you gently, “Is it uncomfortable?”

“No, just odd…” you breathed whimpering it still felt oh so good, “How far are you in me?”

“Past your barriers darling.” he cooed moaning softly, gently grinding into you, “We’re not done yet.”

You were shocked by this, at least until you felt the knot expand even more, spreading you out. You felt little bumps in his shaft and it hit you what was happening. And now you knew exactly why he was concerned. However you were in too much pleasure to even care.

“Ahh.. fuck please fill me up.” you whimpered as he bit into your neck and thrusted only once and the eggs started moving into you. Every time one popped in you felt heavier and heavier. You noted his stomach flattened out as yours got bigger. You begged for more, but as soon as your womb was full, but not stretched too far that was all he had, he rammed into you bringing you to another orgasm as well as himself filling you up with more fluid to round out the small pooch you did have.

You cried out his name as he pulled away from your neck and licked it. Once he was down from his high he immediately tended to you.

“Sweetie, are you okay?” he asked rubbing a hand over your now obviously bloated abdomen.

You managed a nod as you felt his knot decreasing and him slipping out of you, which made you whine. You wanted more, “Mmm it feels so good still.”

He kissed your shoulder and gently rubbed your clit, it was still engorged, the mucus was almost washed off though perhaps he could bring you to another orgasm. “Patience love.” he hummed and rubbed at it, making sure to hit all the right places until you came again shaking against him.

He pulled away when you cooled off and just rubbed your abdomen, “Oh my my, you took the entire brood! Oh, they’re going to be so cute. Your dna mixed with mine.” he was just fawning over you now. He nuzzled your cheek and licked it, “I must get a bed put in here for you! Or a pool  in your place for me! I want to be there watching you grow as you carry my fry.”

Your face flushed as you leaned back onto him looking at your own abdomen you looked four to five months pregnant. “H-how big will they get?” you asked worried.

“Not very, they will fill up their egg, maybe double in size. You’ll lay them and then they’ll hatch!” he hummed, rubbing your abdomen.

“O-oh good… my body can handle that.” you chuckled smiling, you looked back at him, “You really think I look good like this?”

“You do.” he cooed kissing your lips, “Maybe next time there will be more!!”

“N-next time?” you asked.

“Mmm yes, once every five years we must somehow remove our brood whether it’s implanting or naturally disposing of them…” he hummed kissing your neck, “And please don’t stress, not many survive. It’s not like you’ll have dozens of babies. And not all mating cycles work… to be honest… if they are viable it’ll be my first time too.”

You actually felt kind of sad, but understood what he meant, you nodded, “I actually like this feeling…” you smiled and looked back at him, “I love you Star.”

“I love you too.” he said and shifted so he could kiss you deeply and tenderly.

The months passed by and you had been able to talk the aquarium into letting Star take Parental leave until the small merbabies were able to function well and were healthy enough to be in the now expanded aquarium tank with their father. He was sitting in the salt water pool making sure his aquascaping would be safe for them. He even made a small area just incase they needed more time to hatch. He was so excited. He hummed and looked at the ring on his finger. It was his idea, he wanted to marry you in the human way since you went through with what his kind did for mating for life. Luckily since he was able to prove his sentience easily you were able to find a priest willing to do the ritual.

He looked over to you as you just relaxed in the shallow end of the pool. You looked about eight months pregnant now. He swam over sensing something in the air change and pushed himself up so he could be sitting with you. It was almost time.

He had been doing some reading on human births and found your systems were very - unethical as he called it. The pain he read about scared him, so he had a plan. He kissed your neck and up to your cheek giggling.

“Star, what are you….” you winced feeling the pressure in your abdomen.

There it was, Star cooed, “It is time I could smell it!!” he said and kissed you, “Darling, come into the water.”

You obliged and gently waded in. Star managed to push himself up enough to hit a button that would close any open blinds. Then another that dimmed the lights in the pool. He let the overhead lights stay the way they were since they weren’t very bright currently. He swam back over seeing you were already starting the breathing exercises. He was working up that kelp flavored mucus. He was hoping to make this as painless on you as possible. He hummed kissing your cheek sloppily.

“Darling take off your bottoms. I have an idea.” he said gently trying to reassure you.

You nodded and took off your swim skirt and set it to the side. The labor pains weren’t as severe as they could have been, but still had you close to tears. You were relieved when Star told you about his plan and hoped it would work. This was too much and it wasn’t just one baby it was a brood of eggs.

You felt star rubbing at your lips and groaned, what was he trying to pull? You weren’t in the mood for this. You looked down at him and he just pulled your legs over his shoulders.

“S-star what are you?”

“If the mucus worked before maybe it’ll work here.” he said before plunging his tongue into you.

Now that made sense and you felt your sore body immediately take in his little quick fix and warm itself into pleasure. Oh, if this was how it was going to be everytime viable or not you wanted him to stuff you with his brood every time. Within five minutes you were moaning out his name. Your vagina, lips and clit engorged even more than before. He spent about ten or so minutes doing this until you were an absolute mess of pleasure. He noted how long it would take you to become near unresponsive for future reference.

But, now came the fun part. Star shifted so he would be able to help adjust your legs into a proper position. He even moved his hand between your legs to hold your lips apart as he would’ve done for a another mer partner. However he decided to help coerce the eggs out and gently rub your clit and lips.

While this seemed odd you were grateful. You’d rather be put into a stupor with pleasure than pain. And would have to do something for him later. You felt the eggs line up in your canal and soon it came time to push. Stars fingers did not relent on your engorged clit. However each wave of pleasure helped you push a jumbo chicken sized egg out and through your vaginal canal into the water. Luckily they were rather spongy so they were able to gently and carefully fall to the bottom of the pool.

Stars little plan was working. It was making this process painless and much quicker than it would have been otherwise. He never let you come to orgasm. He mentioned something about saving that for the last few difficult ones, but you were to busy focusing on the pleasure and process of laying the eggs to really pay much mind. When you were nearing your ends he felt of your abdomen. Just as he thought. There were a few stragglers. However that just meant you’d get to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

“Almost done love, you can do this.” he cooed and kissed you nipping at your lips and neck before his hand moved from your vaginal lips to your two inch clit.

This caused you to scream in pleasure as your hips moved in time with his movements helping the trouble maker eggs line into your canal in a large bunch. He was rather rough with you causing your orgasm to be so powerful you squirted and the very last few eggs came out in one go.

He cooed softly and slowed everything to a stop and came up and laid your head in his lap. He stroked your wet hair, pink eyes looking down at your filled with absolute adoration that you could birth so many. He looked out at the pool and noted sadly; that a good 80% of the brood was unviable. They were floating a top, but that was alright. He would clean the mess later and more closely examine the others and cull the ones with any imperfections or the ones who wouldn’t survive.

He looked back down at you, your breathes heavy from the amount of work you just went through. You gently shifted so you could lay against his chest. Body now numb from everything you did. You looked up at him with tired eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, that little plan of yours helped so much. Mmmm and felt heavenly if I do say so myself. I could get used to this~” you said with a worn voice.

He chuckled and kissed you gently, rubbing your back, “You did good. I will be transporting them to their little place soon love. For now you need rest.” he said and smiled helping you get back into your swim skirt, “Not here though, I can’t risk you drowning.” he cooed. “I love you.”

“I love you to.” you said.

Carefully stood up and kissed him one last time before heading to your room. You had no idea what to expect when you woke up, you only knew that you were happy. You fell onto your bed not caring you were sopping went and fell asleep. You loved your merman husband and little soon to be children very much. And it was hard to believe it was all because of an assignment.

Art by: http://artistic-alpaca-afterdark.tumblr.com

Persona Chart and the Ascendant

The Ascendant in any Persona chart placement can show us how we may come off to others at first while expressing this side of us. It may also be how you guard this placement of yours.

The Ascendant and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Ascendant can give clues about the kinds of manners you have and how you adapt to your surroundings. This is also the kind of person you are upon first meeting someone. Maybe you’re a little more straightforward or overpowering at first. Maybe you have excellent manners and know how to comfort others.

The Descendant and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Descendant can give clues on the kind of partner or people you’re physically attracted to. It can also show us how we may want our partner or loved ones to come off to others as well. Maybe you want someone that’s physically attractive and respectful in the eyes of others as well. Maybe you prefer someone who doesn’t draw as much attention and comes off mysterious.

The Midheaven and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Midheaven can show us how you may want to be seen as when someone does meet you for the first time or how you aspire to act like. This can also give us a clue as to how others may see us or notice us in a larger environment or in a crowd.

The Moon and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Moon sign can show us how you guard your Moon sign. Some may open up quickly to others and some may be a little harder to get to know at first. The Ascendant of your Moon sign can also show us how others may perceive you as being. You can be seen as overly emotional or possibly colder than most people of your Moon sign.

Mercury and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Mercury sign can show us how others view you when you first speak to them or possibly how others view you when you go about your day. Maybe others find you chatty or maybe you’re a little too blunt upon first meeting. The Ascendant of your Mercury sign can show us all of this.

Venus and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Venus sign can show us how you guard your heart and how you can come off to others as a lover or simply as a friend. Maybe you’re viewed as someone who is much more protective of your friends or maybe someone who is the vain or attractive one in the friend group.

Mars and its Ascendant

The Ascendant of your Mars sign can show us how you come off when you assert yourself to others and also how you go about confronting, being confronted and also decision making and acting on it. Maybe you approach spontaneity in a nervous and rather hesitant way or maybe you’re someone that is bold when it comes to confrontation. This is how others view you to be when you’re expressing your anger as well.

Important Notice
All interpretations, observations and assumptions were made by me. I may or may not be right about it, but these are my viewpoints and my opinion. Feel free to respectfully share some opinions or interpretations.

love her, but don’t idolize her; she’s imperfect and realizing that is okay, ignoring the negative things isn’t healthy for either of you. love her for her faults and failures just as much as for her talents and accomplishments! be there for her when she messes up or has bad days, weeks, even months. it’s so easy to get swept up in new love that we forget that our partners are only human, just like us. you should be equals 💕

You're anti-porn? You just want to slut-shame women!

…Right. Okay. This is honestly one of my pet peeves. No woman should ever be abused or bullied for having sex…so why is it okay when the porn industry does it? Honestly it’s silly for me to even go through and grab screenshots. Women being called horrible names in porn is so ubiquitous that you don’t even have to go looking for shit like this. So let’s see what the porn industry is saying about women who have sex:

  1. Women who have sex are sluts and whores
  2. They deserve foul treatment and degradation
  3. Sex is a punishment for “sluts and whores” who step out of line
  4. Once a woman is deemed a slut, she should be treated poorly for life
  5. Perhaps worst of all: women like being treated that way.

So don’t accuse me of slut-shaming because I’m anti-porn. Women deserve a sexuality where they are viewed as equals. We deserve sex where our pleasure is just as important as our partners. We don’t have to be in love when everyone we have sex with, but they should at least see us as human.

Abuse is not part of any health expression of sexuality. Period.


Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

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I’m beginning to read “Women Who Love Too Much” by Robin Norwood and just from the start I wish I’d read it years ago:

“When being in love means being in pain we are loving too much. When most of our conversations with
intimate friends are about him, his problems, his thoughts, his feelings—and nearly all our sentences
begin with “he …”, we are loving too much.
When we excuse his moodiness, bad temper, indifference, or put-downs as problems due to an unhappy
childhood and we try to become his therapist, we are loving too much.
When we read a self-help book and underline all the passages we think would help him, we are loving
too much.
When we don’t like many of his basic characteristics, values, and behaviors, but we put up with them
thinking that if we are only attractive and loving enough he’ll want to change for us, we are loving too
When our relationship jeopardizes our emotional well-being and perhaps even our physical health and
safety, we are definitely loving too much.
In spite of all its pain and dissatisfaction, loving too much is such a common experience for many
women that we almost believe it is the way intimate relationships are supposed to be. Most of us have
loved too much at least once and for many of us it has been a recurrent theme in our lives. Some of us have become so obsessed with our partner and our relationship that we are barely able to function.

In this book we will take a hard look at the reasons why so many women, looking for someone to love them, seem inevitably to find unhealthy, unloving partners instead. And we will explore why, once we know a relationship is not meeting our needs, we nevertheless have such difficulty ending it. We will see that loving turns into loving too much when our partner is inappropriate, uncaring, or unavailable and yet we cannot give him up—in fact we want him, we need him even more. We will come to understand how our wanting to love, our yearning for love, our loving itself becomes an addiction.

Addiction is a frightening word. It conjures up images of heroin users jabbing needles into their arms
and leading obviously self-destructive lives. We don’t like the word and we don’t want to apply the
concept to the way we relate to men. But many, many of us have been “man junkies” and, like any other
addict, we need to admit the severity of our problem before we can begin to recover from it.
If you have ever found yourself obsessed with a man, you may have suspected that the root of that
obsession was not love but fear. We who love obsessively are full of fear—fear of being alone, fear of
being unlovable and unworthy, fear of being ignored or abandoned or destroyed. We give our love in the
desperate hope that the man with whom we’re obsessed will take care of our fears. Instead, the fears—
and our obsession—deepen until giving love in order to get it back becomes a driving force in our lives.
And because our strategy doesn’t work we try, we love even harder. We love too much.”

In desperate love, we always invent the characters of our partners, demanding they be what we need of them, and then feeling devastated when they refuse to perform the role we created in the first place.
—  Elizabeth Gilbert
In the beginning, we fall in love more and more with our partner every single day and we call this the ‘honeymoon phase’. But once that ends, it’s because we’ve stopped falling for our partner. We’ve gotten used to them and started taking them for granted. And we stop feeding the spark we felt in the beginning so we start to forget what it feels like and years later, the love we once felt for each other fades. But just because this is how it has been, doesn’t mean this is how it always has to be. Fall in love everyday. And the ‘honeymoon phase’ never has to end.
—  S.C. ~ How to stay in the “honeymoon phase” Intro

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Why would a scorpio venus be a hard placement to have?

Here’s a link to all my tagged Scorpio Venus posts: X

Here’s a link to a post I wrote about AstrologyMarina’s blogpost about it. This is perhaps the most insightful and accurate Scorpio Venus description I’ve ever read, and it was all very true for myself: X

Venus in Scorpio is in detriment. This creates a war between the natural expression of the planet venus and how the sign of Scorpio wants to channel this energy. To me, Venus is a very lighthearted planet. It deals with love, beauty, art, harmony, etc. The Archetype of Scorpio includes sex, the taboo, death, transformation, darkness. I find detrimental planets often express their negative traits more often than their positive ones. For a Scorpio venus, this means it’s wayyyy easier to be manipulative, possessive, controlling, rash, extreme, illogical, fatalistic, etc. than to access their more positive traits of thoughtfulness, healthy intimacy, everlasting bonds, strong connections, heightened intuition, compassionation, trust, etc. It’s a difficult placement because we want love but don’t feel we deserve it. We want our partners to trust us completely but we don’t trust them completely. Underdeveloped we are paranoid, cruel, unforgiving, obsessive, delusional, terrified, and self-loathing. It takes a lot of time, energy, and healing to get Scorpio Venus to a healthier and more nurturing octave.

EDIT: This link sends you directly to astrology marinas blog about it, if you only look at one link, look at this one: X


I’m surprised I haven’t written about Venus yet - it’s my most dominant planet. As someone with Sun in Taurus and Libra Rising, the ways of Venus are very familiar to me. Venus is one of the personal planets, alongside Mercury and Mars. Venus, of course, is Mars’s opposite. We employ Mars when we are trying to achieve something in our personal life, when we want to take action, exert our individual energy (more in my article, here). Venus has different goals in mind, although much can be accomplished when we have Venus on our side. Venus is the planet of congeniality. While Mars has no problem pissing someone off in search of its own ends, Venus is defined by being in relation to others. We all have a Venus sign and house placement in our chart, as no one can escape the interconnected social web of human existence. Venus is what helps us get along with others. It is the enjoyment we feel when we compromise, it is that empathetic connection that allows us to feel another’s pleasure. Venusian love, however, cannot be mixed up with the Neptunian variety. While Neptune gives and serves others, asking nothing in return (and oftentimes ending up a martyr or victim), Venus gives so she can receive. She is no saint - Venus puts on her people-pleasing hat knowing that she will benefit in some way.

The problem to watch out for if you are highly Venusian (lots of Taurus/2nd house, lots of Libra/7th house, lots of Venus aspects) is this people-pleasing tendency. Are you the peacekeeper in your family? Are you that one friend that stays out of conflict and can empathize with both sides? The Venusian way is marked by its ability to find commonality. Venus likes to emphasize similarity, rather than difference, because it bridges us together. Venusians make great counselors and mediators because they can see all sides objectively, and remind others of what they share. What they need to be careful of, however, is concentrating on this commonality to the detriment of their own individuality. Because they get off on pleasing others, Venusians may forget what is most important to them. Making other people happy may be their top priority. This in itself doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But we must ask, why are they doing this? Is it because they lack a strong ego? Perhaps they grew up in an environment where to survive, they had to make other people happy. Venusians can be very chameleon-like, they change who they are depending on who they are with. This is a great social skill to have, but if underneath this changing nature there is no solid self, Venusians can become codependent and directionless. They must balance their feminine side with the masculine planets, the Sun and Mars. I wrote a little more about Neptunian and Venusian people-pleasing here.

Venus rules our values, what we find beautiful and important to us. For Taurus, it may be material possessions, property, income, physical pleasure. For Libra, it may be principles, civilization, justice, intellectual pleasure. The sign and house placement of your Venus sign describes what you value. I gave some brief descriptions of the sign placements in an answer to a question here. I didn’t speak of houses, but they can be read similarly to the signs, while keeping in mind that they apply to the area of life Venus will express itself. For example, my Venus is in the 7th House (told you, very Venusian), Libra’s house, so I value relationships. My Venusian side comes out when I’m with other people, specifically in one-on-one partnerships. While an Aquarian excels in a group, feeding off the energy of collectivity, Librans prefer the bond between one person and another. It’s all about finding that commonality, the meeting of two opposites, and the balancing act of love. In my article on the Descendant, I talk more about this.

Speaking of love, the Venus sign, as you all know, describes our relationship-style. The manner in which you relate to others can be shown by the sign. Playful and thrill-seeking in love? Your Venus may be in Aries (like mine). Conservative and cautious in love? Maybe you’re Venus is in Capricorn. Independent and aloof in love? Maybe your Venus is in Aquarius. Sensitive and intense in love? You may be a Venus in Scorpio native. These descriptions can loosely apply to the elements (fire, earth, air, and water, respectively). Everyone has a unique way of expressing love, and if you are having problems in your relationship, you may benefit from comparing your Venus signs. Sometimes we expect our partner to act the way we act in love, but this isn’t always the reality of the situation. For men, the Mars sign may have a heavier weight in their relationship-style (if they are Martian-identified). If this is the case, their Venus sign will be their female-image, the woman they seek out. The Moon is also an important factor in our relationships, along with some other parts of the chart, which I wrote about in this article.

If you are looking to get in touch with your inner Venus, lavish in life’s pleasures. Bubble baths, chocolate, candles, faux-fur coats, makeup, perfume and cologne, etc. Let yourself feel beautiful. Love isn’t just something we give to others - everyone knows that no one loved Aphrodite more than herself. Bask in your own glory. The Venus symbol is a mirror - because when we act as Venus does, we get in touch with our self-worth. We get to know ourselves, our values, what we enjoy, what makes us happy, what makes us beautiful. When we get in touch with your own unique beauty, connecting with others is more enjoyable. Pleasing others can come from a place of genuine contentment, rather than from a place of neediness (i.e. I’ll love you if you love me). The Venusian individual knows that human connection is what makes life worth living - the moments of me too! I know exactly how you feel! I’m so happy for you! you look great! etc. We’re wired for this kind of mutual enjoyment - think mirror neurons. So get in touch with your inner Venus, the goddess of love and beautiful things. She’ll color your world, fill your social calendar, open the doors of love to you, fill your walls with art, and make your life feel like a blossoming bouquet of fragrant roses.

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What's each of yours favorite ship?

I think the overall answer to this one is going to be “no”

We’ve discussed it a few times, both in videos and text posts, but most of us don’t really “ship” characters much. Most of us have couples we like, but most of the time its a favorite character and their canon partner, because we love to see our favorite happy.

The being said, Ron and Hermione are totally my favorite couple. Full stop.

-Jamie (Gryffindor)


-Amy (Hufflepuff)

Originally posted by mystery845

 -Justin (Slytherin)

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

fallen silk // TAEHYUNG [PT2]

summary - Enrolling at one of the most renowned fashion schools was what you have been working towards ever since you first had a needle and thread in hand. You made sure that nothing would come between you and your goal, but you didn’t expect an effortlessly handsome boy to completely overrule your priorities.
word count - 2.7k

genre - fashiondesigner!au, fluff, angst + smut in later parts
pairing - Taehyung x OC/Reader
warnings - none

A/N - just a little note that i changed the gif for this fic~

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PART 1 // PART 2

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So don't get me wrong, I love Wildflowers, but it seems you kinda dislike Victor? Just wondering why that is cause he's kinda my fave lol

Hi nonnie!


So the thing with Yuri on Ice is that things seem to fall into place pretty easily. Kubo is an amazing storyboarder and doesn’t let it happen unrealistically, but in placing the spotlight on Katsuki Yuuri she left a lot of holes regarding Victor’s personality and how that defines his interactions and subsequent relationship with Yuuri.


I’ve added a read more because this is over a thousand words long, but if you want a breakdown of Victor’s flaws, feel free to click on!

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First Group Sex Experience in English

Today I(Archu) going to share my first group sex experience with my lovely foreign followers…..
After getting into swinging lifestyle we decided to experience group sex…
So we with one of our close cpl frnd decided to do group sex with a cpl who lives in Sikar near Jaipur….
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We both started our journey overnight with our close cpl frnd….
We exchanged our partners & sat n started making love in our car….
Slowly slowly we started kissing sucking fondling our partners on our journey….
After few hours of travelling we stopped at a Punjabi Dhaba where we all get down for some refreshments….
Meanwhile we both ladies got down wearing our clothes but without wearing any bra panties…..
Our nipples were clearly visible n poking hard….all dirty men n workers were gazing on both ladies….
After refreshments we again started our journey n for travelling some distance we got a highway which was fully empty n no vehicles was coming or going so we both ladies decided to have some photoshoot n do exhibitionism n nudism on empty highway….
After nude exhibitionism we again started our journey…..
Finally we reached Sikar at cpl house….
After having breakfast n some chit chat we all go to sleep….
After waking up in noon we together had lovely lunch n decided for further program n how we should do it….
In evening we all went to local market for shopping….we all 3 ladies bought some lingerie n bra panties for fun….
After lunch we all went to restaurant fir dinner….
After dinner while returning all men bought drinks for night….
Finally at their house we started our drinks with some music n dance….
Meanwhile we all decided that there will be 2 groups of MFM & FMF in which there will no same partners means husband n wife will not be in same group n both groups will have fun in different rooms tonight….
According to the plan we moved to different different rooms with our partners….
I was accompanied by 2 male frnds but not my hubby n my hubby was accompanied by 2 ladies…..
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When we wake up it was noon n decided to order some lunch from outside….
Sam suggested that we ladies should seduce the delivery boy….
As the delivery boy came I went to open the door being in towel….he was shocked to see me in towel…. then I called him inside to sit as I have to take money from the room to give him….meanwhile another lady came in bringing water for him from kitchen wearing only camisole from which her hard poking nipples were seen clearly……other other lady in just bra n shorts came to him to give money but he was unable to take it as he saw 3 different ladies in 3 different outfits……he was too nervous n his dick was fully erected as seen from his trouser making unusual shape…..meanwhile my hubby called me n that guy was so nervous that he took money n ran like he has to catch some train or bus….
We all 6 started laughing on the guy n seeing the situation….
After lunch we all slept again….
In evening we all decided for tonight fun….
All men went to bought some drinks n snacks…. meanwhile we all 3 ladies decided that we will wear new lingerie n bra panties n seduce all 3 men n we ladies will do lesbo session in front of them n surprised them….
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After lesbo we decided we will have fun in drawing hall with whomever we want but not with husband n atleast 2 rounds wid 2 men….
We all started having sex in hall with our partners n soon whole hall was filled with moaning sounds….atmosphere n scene was so much erotic that it cant be explained in words…
After having 2-2 rounds of fuck it was decided that there will be anal fuck too but one lady was not ready for it as she was not doing….. but we convinced her so she said she will have it at last as she wants to see it…..
Anal fuck was started wid me n finally ended wid her who was not ready…..
After anal fuck we all gave hard blowjob to all men simultaneously by changing ourselves n finally they all jerked n came ours boobs n faces…..

We were so much tired after 2 days of hard n awesome fucking session that we all slept on floor nude in hall after getting fresh….

After waking up we n cpl wid whom we came got ready to go back with some great n unforgettable memories….

Hope u guys loved my story…. keep loving liking n reblogging….


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Tell your opinions all about feyre please 😊💙🌌

Thank you so much for asking for my thoughts !! I really appreciate it.

So! My thoughts on Feyre. She’s my favorite character in the ACOTAR series and the one I relate to the most.

I found her experience with familial abuse to really resonate with me, and to be very relatable. I didn’t find her reactions to it later on and in different books to be relatable to me personally, but I’m sure it was relatable to others. There are a lot of survivors who don’t really understand what they suffered was abuse or that they will excuse their abusers behavior out of love or many different reasons. So I think Feyre would be relatable for them, and I’m glad for that. But I wish it had been more relatable for me. I wanted to read how it hurt and hurt and kept hurting, how betrayed she felt by the ones who are suppose to love and care for her, and how angry and bewildered their behavior made her feel. And I wanted to read her overcome that. And become a better person than them. And be successful in spite of them. And show them how she doesn’t need them, and can rise above how they treated her. And I wanted to read her live her life without feeling like there was still a family shaped hole inside. And I wanted to read her forgive them, but only after they deserved it. After they realized how they treated her was wrong, and they apologized, and changed. I wanted to read the closure I haven’t been able to have. So on one hand I was really happy with how family abuse presented, but I guess not entirely happy on how it was handled.

I loved reading her fall in love with Tamlin. Not because I loved them together, but because she loved a man who was so wrong for her, and how long it took her to realize it. I found that to be incredibly relatable. I did love how partner abuse was handled in the first two books. I like how it reminded us how easy it is to fall for abusive partners. Or the wrong kinds of men. I loved reading how she tore herself apart for him, she gave him everything she had, and when she had nothing left, she gave herself. How many of us have done that? Given all we had for men who wouldn’t do the same? Or women- depending on who you’re into. I loved reading her slowly realize something was wrong, but she wasn’t sure what. She slowly realized they weren’t right for each other. And it wasn’t until after she had left him that she realized he was abusive. I think that’s incredibly relatable. How many of us have been in harmful relationships, and we love our partner so we stick it out, but the whole time there’s this nagging feeling that something is wrong ? And sometimes it isn’t until after we had the courage to leave that we realized exactly what, and how wrong it was. I enjoyed reading how Feyre handled it, and how similar it is to experiences readers have had.

Most of all I loved reading her fall in love with the right man for her. I loved reading her realizing she deserved more, she deserved better. I loved reading her find someone who would love and cherish her the way she would him. And I enjoyed the internal conflict she had when falling in love. How she felt disloyal to her past love, even though it had been wrong, and at the same time knew that this connection was what she wanted.

I loved Feyre. And I loved reading her story. I loved reading how she learned and grew and overcame all the obstacles thrown her way. I’m saddened that there will be no more books from her perspective, because I loved reading how she thought and felt.