we love our merrells up in here


While working with ElBee this afternoon on her school, I realized how desperate I was for a run. After nine days of no running after injuring my knee in a fall in Maine, I’d had enough. Also, I could tell she was totally over school for the week.

“How about we blow off the rest of school and go for a run?”
(we were pretty much done already)

(not a big reaction from ElBee)
“We can walk and run…”
“Okay!” she says, “Can I wear my new running shoes?”
“Of course!” I said.
“Will you wear your matching ones?”

So my first day running after more than a week off was with my lovely daughter, with walk breaks. Just over a mile. Then my inlaws arrived and we had a lovely dinner and a firepit. My mother in law asked me what my record for hula-hooping was and I said I had trounced all of my previous competition. Then I proceeded to hula hoop for 48 minutes to prove my point.

As a result of all of this, I just finished icing and biofreezing my knee. Now it’s time for bed.