we love new followers

now that it’s 2018 i wanted to do my first ever follow forever. this year i met so many absolutely amazing people who made me feel so loved and i’m so grateful to all of them.

firstly, i want to start off with some special mentions because these people mean the absolute world to me

@larryandgaystuff: Cece!! my mother, the big sister i never had, i love you endlessly so so so so so much. thank you for always being there for me whenever i need you. thank you for crying over ziam and omgcp with me. thank you for just being one of the most amazing people i know. i love you SO much 💖💖💖

@larry-feels-like-home: my dearest Mads. the loml eternal my moon and stars my best friend i love you so much it’s crazy. i feel like i’ve known you longer than just the 6 months since you messaged me and we became friends. you’re genuinely seriously obviously one of my favorite people in the entire world and i love you so so so much. i can’t wait to meet you one day so i can finally hug you. you’re so brave and i’m incredibly proud of you. love you forever bby 😘

@rosealouis: nina bean!! my platonic soulmate!  i can’t belieb our friendship was literally written in the stars i love you so SO SO much. thank you for converting me into a hardcore ziam (seriously if you wanna know more about ziam message nina she knows her stuff). ANYWAYS i can’t wait to see niall (and hopefully louis) with you next year. i adore you neen thank you for being my friend 💗💗💗

@lovelylarrie: aiyana i love you so so so much. thank you for always being there for me when i need you. thank for crying over our boy J with me anytime anyplace (i’ll rendezvous it, i’ll fly ya to it, i’ll beat ya there). i love you so much ai thank you for being amazing 💓

@hellaplantsjpg, @bibi-harry, @rosebhd: banan, bec, and bella boo. i’m putting y'all together bc i consider y'all 3 as like a little family unit. plus!! you made the gc that made me feel so loved and at home in this fandom, and led to me making some amazing friends. thank you guys for being amazing and wonderful and 3 of the best people on this planet. i love you moms and baby bells so much 💕💕💕

the oasis gc: @louisysl @what-does-one-affects-the-other @another-dreamless-girl @geeslouisee @nin10done and @literlarryreal y'all are my favorite people in the universe. my first ever gc i love you all so very dearly ❤️ ❤️

my nicies: @bangpayne @the-unwanted-losers @oliviatracknine @fratnaddy @harryisabean @iconic-harry MY NICIES MY BABIES!!! y'all are the lomls id die for each and every single one of you i adore you all SO MUCH


and now some love for my mutuals! ily all sm!! if you’re bolded then i consider you a friend. if you’re italicized then you’re one of my favs. this is gonne be hella long so pls bear with me


@1800louis @achilleanlouis @actionlou @adidasmodel @afireforaheart @almightyroseharru @almiqhty @always-pointing-home  @androgynoustommo @angelboyslarry @angelharry @angelichl @anklou @ann-fortunately @availablealways @babybonitaharry @babyhoneyvevo @bardymum @becauseoflouis @berryzouis @bigsparrowharry @blougreen @boots-and-dagger @bootsftvans @bulletnthedark @butterflygunmovie @celebratinglouis @cheshireflowers @chicken-wrapped-in-larry-hell @cinnamonswirlbfs @collegeauharry @crapcrepe @creaturestyles @crossnecklace @daggertattooh @daisyhrry @dashinglou @deathbystylesss @definegirlfriends @delicatelou @devon-palmer @dottystyles @drunkcasterparty @dualouist @dulcelarry @eightiesau @emperorstyles @englishtealarry @eratolouis @erosau @eversincesnlharry


@favoriteirishmember  @findacloud @fireproofharrie @feellikehome-o @flamboyantloueh @f-l-i-c-k-e-r @flowerloufeast @fondfordays @fooledtheworld @foolishrainbow @foolsghld @foreveragayicon @forthelarrylove @freelouisankles @frenchlouau @fridaaahs @ftdtlouis @fxonnwhxtehead @gabrielleesandoval @galaxieslouis @galway-girl @gaylienharry @gentlemanharry @gigglelou @giggleslarrie @gimmieshelter @girlcrus-h @girldirection @goldboothaz @harryspdf @harryspinkboots @harrysrainbowtour @harrystaars @harrythesongwriter  @hazah @heartoutlouis @heyangxl @hless @hlvans @hogwartzlou @homepluslouis @honeyhl @honeymittenslou @howadreamcomestrue @hzzs @iamlouis @iamstuckinthelabyrinth @iconichalo @ificouldfly—home @ilongforlou @i-miss-my-bearents @imjustanotherlarrie @inkedfears @it-is-i-a-louie @itslovestylinson @jewishdyke @jimmytfallon @julienottheone @just-end-it @justholdon-sweetcreature @justlikebirds @kinglouislove @kiwisinnewyork @koolkidzlarry


@lackadaisicalarry @laerrys @larrievibes @larriez @larryaretwoghosts @larryboner @larryforsale @larryinmydreams @larryiswhatilivefor @larryownthisass @larryshotcoco @larrysoulmates @larryssmutt @laureltatt @larrytrashblr @lesbianharold @lesbianhoran @letstalkaboutziam @let-us-love-thetruth @lgbtommo @lgbtqialouis @lhoume @lickmybooty @lilaslouis @lilspoonhaz @liltinylouis @lipsyncserenade @litleloulove @lionheartlouist @loualbum @loucember24 @loudidas @louieh @louinefable @louis2k15 @louisbunboy @louiscroptoplinson @louisfeaturingharry @louisfeelshome @louisisloved @louisispuresunshine @louislittletummy @louismushroomhair @louisosoft @louistheelf @louistomlinsonofficial @louiz @loullabyx @lou-the-hedgehog @loverlouis @lovliestlarents @ltcouk @lwtrainbows @lwtvibes @maka-yla @mangoeharry @matchingbees @mattbelloumy @meandmyinu @mehconomancy @midwestharry @midwestlouis @milkshakelarry @minilouis @missyouhs @mistletoespirits @mlmharry @mlmlouis @moonlightlouie @moonsunhl @mxybeimissyou @mysmollou @mysmutmylarry @my-tiny-sun @nbharrie @neilisirish @niallerer @niallhoran2018 @niallhoransalbum @nosuchblue  @nsfwhazza @ofrainbows @oh-no-its-elle @omi-palonelouis @onlyhalfthestory @paisleystyles @panlouie @panlouis @pastel-louis @peachbootylouis @peachybesos @perfectionlouis @petitbby @petitelouie @pinkislouder @please-dont-freak-out @pridelou @proudhl @purpleziam @queeralbum @rainbowboaharry @rainbowsboa @rainbowstyles @raysofloushine @roguecurls @roguesinks @roseguccisuit @ribbonsandinkwells @running-through-the-garden @rosebld @rosegoldeyelids @rosepetalsandlarry


@saintlaurent @sayyestostylinson @scintillalwt @seeingrainbows @settingtrends @shadyshit91 @shewaspurple @shorthairlouiscares @signedtimes @smallstyles @smileystyles @snowielouis @soft-lou @so-happily96 @soloutomlinson @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @spaceboysweater @spacelou @spacesinthewind @steviestyles @styleandsin @stylesappreciation @stylex  @styloueh @sugarlous @sufferiing @sunshine-lou @supportivebfs @suspendrs  @sweaterlouis @sweetestcreaturefionn @tatu28 @taytay3493 @teacupslou @teenytinytomlinson @tempolarriefix @theblueau @thechainlive @teentomlinson @theducknoiseinwoman @thegaynkle @thegreenau @the-lalbum @thendshirt @thelouistiti @thesongofharry @thestagandship @theyknowthatweknowlarryisreal @tinkerbelllouie @tippingbrandy @tolgucci @tominlou @tomlinpiano @tomlinsun @tommostummie @tropicalharrys @twaslouis @twinflamesneverdie @two2pizzas @twofronteeth @vansharry @vipkiwi @viplourry @warmlou @werewolvesau @what-happened-in-wellington @whattarush @winningziam @wlwharrie @wlwlarrie @woahharry  @wrappeditmyslf @youngandbeautifulpdf @yslsaint @yvesyaintlaurent @ziamspaynus @ziamxo @zladdins

🎊 happy new year!🎊

Follower of the Week!

Hello, everybody! Here we are, and the post you’ve been waiting for! This is our first Follower of the Week event! We’ll see how this one pans out, and if all is good, we’ll do many more! 

Here’s how you join and what’s the prize:

Joining: You must reblog. We love likes, but that reblog will seal your place in the contest!
Saturday morning we will choose the winner, giving you all 24 hours to get the chance to reblog!    
Reblog this post! This post is your ticket in. 

Prize: After announcing the winner on our blog, one of the Admins will private message you, and we will talk to you about the prize which is…..
A personalized story for you! Staring you, the main character! (or an OC..that works, too)! You also get to choose whom you want to star in your story! 

May the odds ever be in your favor~..!
Happy reblogging, and good luck!

*if anyone has questions for the Admins, let us know and we will clarify. 


Regards, hello, welcome or welcome again to this blog, Mustang Legendary Machine but now We are in 2018.

Happy New Year 2018, for everyone.


New kids on the block!

I meant to draw a little celebration back when we learned the names of the new characters in Episode 7, but hit a bit of an art block, along with holiday madness, and never really finished it… :<

But didn’t want to end the year without trying to push through! I can’t wait to meet these guys in 2015!!

Overdosed-for-EXO GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Year!

Finally. Finally, we’re having a giveaway.
We love our followers so very much, so it felt only right to do this for all of you and start the year off really well.

While I was in Korea this past year, I gathered lots of fun stuff for this, so I hope you all participate!

Here is what you’ll get:

1. EXO Season’s Greeting 2018
2. The Big Issue (Kai cover) Dec 2017
3. Leon (Sehun cover) Jan 2018
4. Nature Republic face masks (3 of each): Baekhyun (aloe), Xiumin (honey), D.O (shea butter)
5. Suho postit notes
6. Chanyeol (61) Lotto magnets
7. EXO ‘Universe’ Album (Suho photocard)
8. 2 Universe posters (Kai + full group)
9. Pepero

Other small things may be added.

- You must be following us.
- Only reblog ONCE. More than once and you’ll be disqualified.
- Likes will not be counted.
- Giveaway deadline is February 28th.

Good luck!

- the AdminZ

Third Animatronic in honor of a person I loved.

Even though we now have Periwinkle and Ohla, this Animatronic is more important……If about our Grandmother.

To let u know, I’m a twin. With my older twin sister, @hamiltonlover15. I’m the youngest in the family. The is about our grandmother, our aunts and Uncles​ say that my twin and I look and act like her. She was the greatest grandma. The greatest and the most bravest woman ever, she was even a great mother of 10 kids, along with our grandpa, one of the kids was our dad. She loved them all. A year before I and my twin was born, she died of a cancer, leukemia. My family was heartbroken. Months after she died, my mom found out that she was going to have me and my twin.

That’s why I want to make a Third Animatronic in honor of our grandmother, Elena Gonzales.

Animatronic: Midnight

Ghost kid: Elena Gonzales.

This time I’ll make it 40 notes, because we’re doing it more to see if anyone of my followers can see this.

REBLOG OR LIKE, if u guys think it’s a good idea or not. 3, 2,………1, Go!!

@qwer-iuyy @weirdperson208 @wolfgirlazure @wolfsofthesun @enzo-fpt @ellakeane77 @rize54 @rice-cancer @ruethefox @raqueltwt @thebbros @tonycrynight @theniceprincess-tnp @yofavcurlyhead @yoursnowywinterclaw @umsernormal107 @undershadowgirl @idolaelyartist @ihaileysenpai @i-am-macki @iggy-springy @orion-sea @irenebgaia @ilauralaanimatronic @pankekearts @princess-cosset908 @ask-the-nightshift @aminamanga @aadbas @staquid @smol-sinner-artist @datsheepbeep @dannidennisfnafdw @delicatelysaltybeliever @derek-jefferson @dreamnoteprincess @doggo95 @fnaf-sxc @fazbearsecuritycrew @fnaflover2134 @gendertakahashi @gabbylikescats101 @gabriela-girl @kittietv @kms-fnaf @kurosing @laizy-boy @loverpod153 @luna-y-jenny-the-gamer853 @lauralaanimatronicewelove @zoophobianexus @xxsalmaxx900v @xlilybox96x @creepy—cato @chanukzqwp @chips-chan @cookie-lena-lox @missclaraalera @vivimanga @vendy2 @valentinelovedraw @valentine-love99 @victoria-mendes98 @blogthegreatrouge @bagelpanta @bendywackyadventures @brian-kun @bonnie1229 @blue-violet153 @nummynerd77 @mobox87 @maycky-chan @melanie6510 @minhvankaty224 @marcosvargas97 @mimsyvenegas96 @m-h–fnaf68 @marisu300 @mariami-lee @marianamoreira5678 @neko18 @enderfisher @royalruka @toxic-blueberrymuffin @felinaxd @hell-n-dove @hamil-toonz @star-cakee @star-toonz @stone-and-stars @thenutcrackerus @mimibunnychanblog @mini-qweeny @exoticbutterlol @thecryingchild135 @fritz-the-night-guard @luna-supreme @smol-sinner-artist @xlilybox96x @missclaraalera @mobox87-fan @thisverybadartist @toyboxy97 @toy-bonnie-the-toy-bunny @blxxdingtoy @chanukzqwp @tyy-girl @noreencent36bluebell @hamiltonlover15 @your-friendly-anon @djgirl66 @cutecupcakelover07

“she’s gonna get her heart broken,” they said. “that girl is gonna break her own heart again.”
they aren’t wrong and every part of me knows it. the last time someone loved me, it ended in dark circles under my eyes and tar in my spit. i am not good at using my tongue, my hands do the talking and they do it well. sometimes i cannot speak, sometimes my head feels black and those are the days i tend to turn to ash. don’t let me slip through your fingers, although if you did i couldn’t be too upset. i do it to myself most nights. i do it to myself. it’s all i really have left.


Happy 20th Birthday to Rin Nitaya! (1997/08/08)

Hello lovelies! Autumn, Bella, Dulcie, Claire and I decided to host an award together! We all love bubble tea and therefore, we present the Bubble Tea Awards! If you love bubble tea too, continue reading:


  • must be following me, Autumn, Bella, Dulcie & Claire
  • reblog this post
  • likes only count as bookmarks
  • no deleting or self-promoting


  • best theme (x2) - taro milk tea
  • best posts (x2) - original milk tea
  • best url (x2) - peach tea
  • best overall (x2) - green tea
  • best icon (x2) - almond tea
  • best new discovery (x2) - lychee tea
  • nicest blogger (x2) - passionfruit tea
  • most unique (x2) - avocado tea
  • best blog details (x2) - tapioca
  • best under 1k (must submit proof here) (x2) - fruit jellies
  • jane’s fave - thai iced tea
  • autumn’s fave - honeydew tea
  • bella’s faves - jasmine milk tea
  • dulcie’s fave - earl grey milk tea
  • claire’s fave - hazelnut tea


  • a follow from each of us (if we aren’t already)
  • many queues on queues
  • promo to 15k+ upon request (2x a week)
  • featured on a beautiful page (here)


NOTE:  if you follow us on social media or apply for other awards, message us the following: “bubble tea awards: (social network or awards) + (your username)” and we will add you to the higher chances list


  • we will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • banner was made by dulcie

hello, this is a new blog for a deity & an angel. we were previously located at @lithochromic, but have since abandoned that blog.

as we want to return to the divine community, we’d love to have new followers !

please like or reblog if ::

  • you are divine ( a deity, demon, angel, etc. - benevolent, malevolent, or anything inbetween is a-okay ! )
  • you post divine aesthetic
  • you post brainweird stuff ( bonus points if you’re autistic, cluster B, or are part of a system ! )
  • you post forests, snowy areas, animals, gemstones, victorian fashion / architecture, lunar things / space in general, & mythology

we will be following most everyone who interacts with this post.

*please don’t delete the text or self-promote or you’ll automatically be excluded*

Happy New Year guys xoxo 

So, me(flawlissly) and Lexi(hunqrey) decided to make an awards together to sum up the last year. It’s called Hits of 2016 awards!

Here we go…


  • Must be following me(flawlissly) and Lexi(hunqrey). We will check!
  • Reblog this at least once. Likes are count as bookmarks.


  • Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth - See you again = Best URL (x2)
  • Coldplay - Adventure of a life time = Best icon (x2)
  • Coldplay - Hymn for the weekend = Best theme (x2)
  • Twenty one pilots - Stressed out = Best posts (x2)
  • Sia ft. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills  = Best playlist (x2) 
  • Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna  - This Is What You Came For  = Best new discovery (x2)
  • The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey  - Closer  = Nicest blogger (x2) 
  • Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water = Best overall (x2) 
  • Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez - We don’t talk anymore = Zhenya’s favorite (x2) 
  • Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better = Lexi’s favorite (x2) 

Higher chances:

  • Reblog this post more than once. The more that you reblog the more that we will notice you. Please do not spam though.
  • Talk to us here and here. We love making new friends.
  • Reblog from us a lot.


  • Two new friends!
  • A follow from us, if we are not already.
  • We will queue a lot from you.
  • Any help from us!
  • Promos up to twice per week (upon request).


  • Awesome banner made by perfect Lexi(hunqrey) xx
  • We will be choosing when we are happy with the notes.
  • If you have any questions you can ask here and here.

So that’s all! Happy reblogging and good luck!

With lots of love,

Zhenya & Lexi

Say hello to Victoria of SF Pink! We love finding new talent. Go to her page and follow her. Type SF Pink in the comments on your favorite pic and we will pic one person to win a $100 Amazon gift card! We can’t wait to see more of her.
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