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New kids on the block!

I meant to draw a little celebration back when we learned the names of the new characters in Episode 7, but hit a bit of an art block, along with holiday madness, and never really finished it… :<

But didn’t want to end the year without trying to push through! I can’t wait to meet these guys in 2015!!

Hello lovelies! Autumn, Bella, Dulcie, Claire and I decided to host an award together! We all love bubble tea and therefore, we present the Bubble Tea Awards! If you love bubble tea too, continue reading:


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  • best theme (x2) - taro milk tea
  • best posts (x2) - original milk tea
  • best url (x2) - peach tea
  • best overall (x2) - green tea
  • best icon (x2) - almond tea
  • best new discovery (x2) - lychee tea
  • nicest blogger (x2) - passionfruit tea
  • most unique (x2) - avocado tea
  • best blog details (x2) - tapioca
  • best under 1k (must submit proof here) (x2) - fruit jellies
  • jane’s fave - thai iced tea
  • autumn’s fave - honeydew tea
  • bella’s faves - jasmine milk tea
  • dulcie’s fave - earl grey milk tea
  • claire’s fave - hazelnut tea


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NOTE:  if you follow us on social media or apply for other awards, message us the following: “bubble tea awards: (social network or awards) + (your username)” and we will add you to the higher chances list


  • we will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • banner was made by dulcie

“she’s gonna get her heart broken,” they said. “that girl is gonna break her own heart again.”
they aren’t wrong and every part of me knows it. the last time someone loved me, it ended in dark circles under my eyes and tar in my spit. i am not good at using my tongue, my hands do the talking and they do it well. sometimes i cannot speak, sometimes my head feels black and those are the days i tend to turn to ash. don’t let me slip through your fingers, although if you did i couldn’t be too upset. i do it to myself most nights. i do it to myself. it’s all i really have left.

hello, this is a new blog for a deity & an angel. we were previously located at @lithochromic, but have since abandoned that blog.

as we want to return to the divine community, we’d love to have new followers !

please like or reblog if ::

  • you are divine ( a deity, demon, angel, etc. - benevolent, malevolent, or anything inbetween is a-okay ! )
  • you post divine aesthetic
  • you post brainweird stuff ( bonus points if you’re autistic, cluster B, or are part of a system ! )
  • you post forests, snowy areas, animals, gemstones, victorian fashion / architecture, lunar things / space in general, & mythology

we will be following most everyone who interacts with this post.

*please don’t delete the text or self-promote or you’ll automatically be excluded*

Happy New Year guys xoxo 

So, me(flawlissly) and Lexi(hunqrey) decided to make an awards together to sum up the last year. It’s called Hits of 2016 awards!

Here we go…


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  • Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth - See you again = Best URL (x2)
  • Coldplay - Adventure of a life time = Best icon (x2)
  • Coldplay - Hymn for the weekend = Best theme (x2)
  • Twenty one pilots - Stressed out = Best posts (x2)
  • Sia ft. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills  = Best playlist (x2) 
  • Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna  - This Is What You Came For  = Best new discovery (x2)
  • The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey  - Closer  = Nicest blogger (x2) 
  • Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water = Best overall (x2) 
  • Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez - We don’t talk anymore = Zhenya’s favorite (x2) 
  • Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better = Lexi’s favorite (x2) 

Higher chances:

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  • If you have any questions you can ask here and here.

So that’s all! Happy reblogging and good luck!

With lots of love,

Zhenya & Lexi

Lovelies- Thank You

As we have just reached 600 lovelies, on top of welcoming the new followers to our growing family, I want to extend an individual thank you to each and every single lovely, for your support, understanding, genuine care, interest, and following since the day I began.

A thank you to my biggest fans currently

1. @misspanda28​

2. @floppymagikarp​

3. @singer-named-julia​

4. @dreamsmistakesandbubblegum-blog

And to the lovelies who were with me from the very beginning











There are many more who have been with me for a long time, but I wanted to pinpoint the first ten on the list.

To all of you, truly, thank you.



Where we have chosen the favorite and most liked AU’s and Prompts from the past week.

To get things started (this will not be repeated on future recaps), let’s explain this a bit. We’ve gotten a lot of fresh ideas, recommended some really nice AU’s and recieved so much love and support with all these likes, reblogs, asks and new followers! It’s overwhelming and amazing. Now we would love to keep this mess of all those stories a little more organized with this recap, which will basically showcase those stories who got the most attention and love added with personal favorites.

Disclaimer: If there isn’t a new or groundbreaking idea for one week, there will be no Weekly Recap. So always keep at it my creative sweet little children.

Added to that there will be weekly shoutouts to those who show some extra love, who have created new AU’s and who have done some amazing fanart/fanwriting for the AU of the week. Of course it’s always a big shoutout to all our followers but that list would be too much.

AU of the week

Of course it has to be the Asylum AU originally created by @slawter-rhinfox

In this AU, what we have gathered so far, are Wildcat and Nogla the guards in the Asylum. Mini, Delirious and Ohm are patients and Vanoss and Bryce are the Psychiatrists taking care of said patients. It is open for multiships and open to add more participants, as Mod Loo has added Lui to the party already.

The original and first creations of this AU can be found here

The Asylum AU tag for more fanfiction and fanart can be found here

It is a fantastic story with an open end and we’re definitely looking forward to more creations dedicated to this.

Weekly Shoutout

Biggest Fans:

And extra shoutout to @cosmosogurl for these amazing ideas and support you’ve been giving us. Really appreciate it!

A big thanks to @my-names-blue for giving us the brilliant idea to do Weekly Best Of’s.

At last we would like to thank @sfheibai and @derpydoodlez for the amazing fanart [1 / 2] for the Asylum AU.

That about wraps it up for this recap, we thank you for everything so far and there will definitely be something special for those damb 200+ follower we have recently hit!

♥♥ Much love, AU-Hell  ♥♥

Mods talk #1

Hello sweet people! Mod Dokie it’s here.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for the support! This blog only has 2-3 days of life and we have receive a lot of followers and asks. We’re very happy for your warm welcome and we want to do the best that we can for all of you!

Second, I have to apologize with all of you if we don’t answer your ask very quickly. At the moment we’re three mods and we’re from different countries so we have different time zones. We like to discuss together about your asks and what we can answer because we want to give good material for all of you. So be patient! All of your ask will be answer.

Third, for the moment we’re a new blog, but we have some ideas for activities in this blog! Everyone will able to participate if you want! We want to make a good community between us and have a nice relationship. So just wait! When the moment arrives, we’ll make a post about it.

Anyways, feel free to ask anything! About your theories, your ideas, your doubts, we’ll glad to help. This blog is AzaNina oriented, but all of the Mods are roleplayers and analyse a lot the characters and their relationships in this series, so we think we can help in many ways. (In my case, I’m Nina RP and I analyse a lot her personality, feelings and relationships, so I can answer a lot about her.)

That’s all! I don’t think we’ll make a lot of this kind of post because we don’t want to make spam, but an informative post sometimes don’t hurt anyone.

Thanks for the support and I hope we can have a good relationship together! Let’s support our ship and enjoy it!

Mod Dokie out.

WHEEE I finished the faq and about the admins post p l u s the new masterlist. aah~ I’ve wanted to work on them for weeks but I always had more important things to do… Getting them off my back is a relief~ 

I feel like I can work on my other stuff now… -stares at other important work-

…i slep now.


                                   ~ Mizu’s End of Year ~
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                                   ~ Follow Forever List ~

Hello friends! Seems like it’s that time of the year to do a roundup of some of my favourite blogs! Whether or not they follow me back, I decided to include a bunch of blogs that I frequently reblog from for their quality content to go check out as well :) Cheers for an amazing year of content! Here’s to the new year!

Bless <3

Bolded are mutuals/bffs ;) (Everyone I follow is amazing and if I missed anyone, consider yourself on the list <3) *if I missed anyone for the mutuals I apologize xD*

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