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Thank you!

So I did a thing after the first episode of Yuri!!! On Ice aired - I  immediately ran upstairs and created this blog because I knew that this show was really special and I was going to obsess love it to pieces.

Turns out, I’m not the only nerd who fell in love with it! There’s over 3K of you who are now following my crappy side blog alone, which makes my head explode! I am amazed and thankful for the community that we have built in the past six weeks. We’ve got six more episodes left and there’s more people joining us everyday.

We are legion, people!

With this said, I just want to remind everyone to be patient and kind to our new members, and for the new members to be patient and kind right back. Remember, there isn’t one true way to ship, and my ship isn’t your ship. LOVE WINS!

See you at the Grand Prix Finals!  XO


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.

Hey, I want to say that if you’re going to ask about relationship advice here please don’t mention kink or something.

Example: Asking how to meet new people is one thing, asking how to meet some kittens/baby girls/whatevers to play with makes me, personally, uncomfortable. Half of us mods are minors and when someone asks off-anon I like to look at their blog and getting a bizarre question from a blog with porn on it is really uncomfortable.

We’ll do our best to help people with anything, just try to phrase things in a friendlier way instead of a way that made me not want to publicly answer a question. If you do have something nsfw-ish to ask, just please mention that at the beginning so the mods that want to avoid that sort of thing, can avoid it.

This is just my opinion on these kinds of asks, if another mod says they’re comfortable with taking them then feel free to address the ask to that mod, or put a disclaimer.

~Mod Ama🌺

SMS ✉ ___.
  • sammie: i can't fucking stand being on greek row
  • sammie: my friend told me she delivered a pizza to a frat house last night and some fucking asshole was yelling at her and whistling at her from his open window?
  • sammie: how gross is that

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