we love nasty

you know what i liked more about this episode

is like how the child acted…like kids

how teen moon was scared because she was suddenly queen and didnt have idea what to do because she was a child facing adult responsibilities

how marco needed help from his parents and even then he wanted to see his friend and carried those sweet seeds all the way

how star cried and asked for her mom when she was trapped inside ludo

like im so happy cause i always see how in all the shows the responsibility is put on children shoulders like they were adults or they know what they are doing and then everyone expects them to do everything right but they are just kids and they need guidance.

and that effect you could see it on ludo. asking for being loved and recognized for something in his life.

i loved that.


These two are so likeable that I can’t just color one in. (ノ_ _)ノ

Have poor awkward son and blushie food junkie.

(;-◞౪◟-)  Ch.7′s a doozie. We’ll post it in like a day, but have these for now


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.

Humans Are Weird

Have you ever noticed how humans love talking about their problems? Not like important or emotional problems, things like “If I touch poison ivy my entire body swells almost double.” “Oh that’s nothing. If I eat a tomato my eyes grow double in size and can pop out of my head.” “My bunions get super dry and flaky if I don’t moisturize twice daily and I am able to shed an entire layer of foot skin.”

We love sharing nasty body facts. So imagine Engineer Xathner has had a long day monitoring the warp core, and just wants a nice dinner before bed, but the humans at the table next to him are swapping stories about what happens to them if they eat bread or touch a cat. Xathner has never heard such disgusting profanity! And it just seems to keep getting worse and worse with each round! At this point he is surprised these humans are alive at all, given what happens to them if they use that particular soap brand!

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One thing I am really hoping JJ doesn't do is bring Phasma back. Again. But given that she somehow survived being put into a trash compacter on a planet that then exploded I wouldn't be surprised if he did. We don't technically see her die in TLJ either...

Yeah, I was excited about the potential of her character but I think that ship has sailed. It’s such a waste too, of a great actor and the character’s history with Finn. I hope JJ remembers Kylo Ren’s obsessive hatred of Finn that he himself set up in TFA and makes it pay off in Episode IX.