we love nail polish


We call everything on the ice “love”. (GET MATCHING ITEMS ON REDBUBBLE! ;) )

Awesome Gifts For Mermaidkin
  • Hair accessories!!! It does not matter if we never wear them. We want them. Ribbons, flowers, hats, scarves, headbands, anything! 
  • Jewelry!!!! Even if we only wear the same bracelet and necklace day in and day out, we LOVE to hoard jewelry and shiny things.
  • Speaking of shiny thing…. 
  • Other things we love in gifts: Bright colors, Cool colors, smooth texture, ocean themes, thoughtfulness, smells good, handmade
  • Pool toys, like diving toys, goggles, those long blow up beds for napping, blow ups in general, fish that swim in the water, etc. 
  • Pretty stones, shells and gems, preferably hand picked from a beach. Even if they don’t look ‘interesting’ we will love them. 
  • Mirrors!! 
  • Little things like beads, coins, and string. 
  • Nail polish, preferably in cool colors. Also, makeup. And face masks and scrubs, especially if they have something sea related in them. In fact, just take us to a beauty store and give us twenty bucks to run wild. 
  • Candles. Fire is fascinating.
  • Chocolate. 
  • Gift cards to book stores, beauty stores, salons, nail salons, massage places, etc. Or, if possible, passes to beaches. 
  • CLOTHES!!!!!!! You know boho and indie? We like boho and indie. White tops, colorful leggings, peasant style skirts and blouses, anything with an ocean theme, anything that is super light and airy, lacy undergarments, sandals, sunglasses, totes and purses, really, I could go on.

I put nail polish and a hoodie on and suddenly I feel like Connor Murphy??

It just occurred to me

Harry Potter was set in the 1990s, and all the…..ahem… fashion thereof.




Watercolor Nail Polish Art!

We love decorating our homes with one-of-a-kind details that makes the place look just a little bit more inviting. As many of you might have seen, there are a lot of videos and posts going around with mugs decorated with nail polish watercolor. We were really inspired by this simple and cheap, yet trendy and stylish trick, so we decided to make our own version. Instead of decorating a ceramic mug, we decided to use plain white poster paper and turn it into a work of art - No more boring white walls!

This DIY-project may seem more difficult and time consuming than it actually is, which is why we decided to put a little extra attention into creating an easy step by step guide that you all can follow. Scroll down and you’ll also see a short video that we created just for you!

All you need to make this creative DIY project is:

Nail polish - We used some cheap ones that we had just laying around.

A plastic container

A toothpick or any other stick with a thin point

Paper of choice and size

Hot water 

Press play to see how easy this DIY project actually is!

What you do:

As you will see in the video, we simply dropped a few drops of nail polish into the warm water and then used our stick (or toothpick) to move around the color and form a pattern of our choosing. ***Tip: You need to work quickly because the nail polish film will dry. You can see that we just spent a matter of seconds doing this. You then dip the paper in and you’ve got yourself a beautiful design! You can choose to proceed with another color or do both colors at the same time :). 

The combinations are endless, choose any color or why not combine two to make a more colorful poster? We love how different our posters turned out - The perfect trick for creating unique decorations for the home! Plus, they make an excellent gift, just put them in a nice frame and you’re good to go! 

Hope you have enjoyed this unique and creative project, we would love to see how your posters turn out! :)