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When Sherlock didn’t know Irene faked her death, he kept her phone. You may argue that it was for the case’s sake BUT he knows that (1) Mycroft is smarter than him, (2) there are more important information in them, (3) the British government is involved, (4) a lot are at risk if he keeps classified information inside this, (5) the case is allegedly closed because Irene is dead, (6) he doesn’t need to keep the phone, and (7) there is no benefit for keeping it, etc.

With that in mind, I would like you to ask yourselves:
1. Why would Sherlock keep it? Because it belongs to Irene and it’s important to him.
2. Why let himself go through the trouble to getting the passcode when he knows Mycroft may be more than capable? Because it belongs to Irene and it’s important to him.
3. Why keep the phone after it’s been stripped? Because it belongs to Irene and it’s important to him.
4. Why would he actually take something from the British Government? Because it belongs to Irene and it’s important to him.
5. Why did Mycroft let him? Because it belongs to Irene and it’s important to him.

Irene’s First Death || Irene’s Second Death

Crystal Dynamics

You are doing something wrong when…

this girl:

this girl:

and even this girl:

are more badass than your “Lara Croft”:

or whatever that is….

anonymous asked:

The worst part of the AOD game is fanbase. They just don't accept that AOD is not a good game. It coulda been but It's not and when they recieve criticism they are like "Game was rushed by Eidos. AOD is an incomplete masterpiece and the best game in entire series. Go back to your Crystal Crapmatic games" Also what have you really accomplished by supporting AOD for 14 years? It still sucks and series is still Crystal Dynamics hands.

OMG you’re so right, we TRAOD fanbase are the worst, I mean, we just don’t accept the game we love is a bad game!!!! AFTER YOU POLITELY ANON-HATE US!!! HOW WE DARE!!!!

This has been sent seconds after my TR Question Time reply and the first anon hate. I MEAN, SECONDS. I didn’t even mention TRAOD in that reply but! Apparently classic fans can’t state their opinion on the franchise without having some anon hate/bullshit seconds later so they can’t be at peace. Apparently every TRAOD hater out there feels entitled to keep spreading their bullshit on us because, alas! WE DARED TO LOVE TRAOD!!! GOD FORBID IT!!! BURN US AT THE STAKE!!! 

What people like you do is not criticism, it’s stalking, bullying, harassing TRAOD fans because they like a game you don’t, because they don’t take your crap, because no matter your pathetic anon hating, we still like the game you loathe and that makes you rage - otherwise, you wouldn’t be sending anon hate.

I don’t go to other blogs to bother people about their preferences on the franchise and try to force my opinions on them, or make them feel bad about their preferences, much less behind a grey mask. Also, I try to keep my hate on the Crystal Dynamics era also at moderate levels - the moderation depending on my day -  out of respect for my Crystal fan followers - which I really appreciate and they’re not to blame for my current mood -  but if you come like this to me, this is what you get. And I promise you my absolute honestity - that is, saying things at uncovered face.

I’m so fucking done with you TRAOD haters and your crap too, but no, no matter what you send me or the reasons you can use to force your poor opinion on TRAOD on me - I won’t give in. I am not taking your shit. I’ve played this game many times, one just right now. And nothing can’t change my own game experience.

No, TRAOD is not a bad game, and funny thing, it’s not bad even after all the cuts and unfortunate circumstances that damaged it. No, you can’t make me think it’s bad. You can’t make me hate it. And you can’t absolutely make me feel ashamed of it, or regret loving this game. Period.

Legend is a bad game for me, short as fuck, absolutely uninspired, boring as hell, and same with that disgrace of remake called Anniversary. Let’s not talk about the reboot which is not even a Tomb Raider. But will I go to your blog to trash on them? Ha, no, of course not, that’s not my style - oh wait, I can’t do that anyway, you safely hid behind an anon.

So keep trying to make us hate the game we love, and keep sending us your bullshit. For me TRAOD is the best TR ever - an incomplete masterpiece, as you said, thanks - and it’s so even despite the flawed gameplay - which is not as bad and despite the cuts and rush and deletions, which still can’t ruin the terrific fun and the amazing feelings it still awakes in us.

And you don’t even dare to call criticism what you do. You’re not making any criticism. You’re comfortably hiding behind a grey mask and a pair of sunglasses while bullying and harassing people for their preferences. And right now, you’re not even messing just with me, but the entire TRAOD fanbase. Turn down your anon mask if you dare.

If we love TRAOD and won’t take your crap on it, it’s our business, you better deal with it. What we’ve accomplished after 14 years? Well, irking you, at least, apparently. So you’re like “after 14 years the series are still in Crystal hands so bend the knee and take my shit on the game you love”. Yeah… what about no?

Forgive us, Your Majesty, if we dare to love a game we love and we’re not willing to take your crap, neither 14 years later, nor 1234 years later. That won’t change.

You better deal with the fact TRAOD has still a strong fanbase that loves it no matter the bad press, the exaggerations, the difficult circumstances and flaws with which it was released, no matter the constant shitting and trashing on it by the rest of the fandom. And if not, keep hating. We’re not the wrong part of the fanbase. You are - and it’s not your preferences, but your attitude, which puts you there.


I saw chapter 51 is out, and I’m super happy to read it. *o*

To thank you for the translation I made you a little gif. ^^ 

(I know that Kouyou isn’t in the latest chapter, but since she is one of my favourite characters, I drew her. And you seemed to like my previous art, so I guess you like her too. :3 )

PS: I also made her a little crown - After all, she’s a queen.

And thank you again! <3

(Submitted by Lara)

We love Queen Kouyou!! Hopefully we’ll get to see her in the manga again soon, though she won’t be quite so cute (but just as regal). XD Thank you for the adorable gif~

My heart has created roots in your heart
I cannot cut them off without risking my own demise

“But he [Richard Croft] was a broken man. I don’t want to see you end up like him.”


I’m rereading the Lara Jean series and I’m really excited to discover what happens in the last book 🙈 This series is super cute and fluffy (what I need right now) and I’m enjoying it as much as the first time I read it 😍💕


“For you Lara!” - Audience member

When your audience sings the entire song for YOU. Singing “On t’aime!” (“We love you!”) to Lara Fabian. It’s so beautiful.

He loves me,
he loves me not.
He loves me,
he loves me not.
He loves me,
he loves me not.

She loves me, she loves me not.

It is my 7th birthday. Today I know; today it all makes sense. It is a Tuesday night, 7:06pm, precisely 36 minutes past my bedtime. We are sitting awake in my bed, Lara and I, huddled under the covers with a bottle of ‘Coca-Cola’ we stole from Mum’s mini-fridge. Lara is my best friend, my partner in crime. If you count sniping sodas from your parents a crime, that is. We snuggle together under the duvet, my night light illuminating her face. Her freckles dotted perfectly along her rosy pink cheeks, her golden hair swept gracefully in front of her eyes. Oh, those eyes. My hand reaches towards her and caresses her head as I pull her closer to me, embracing her warmth. Her plump, pillowy lips are alluring and our eyes lock. In that moment, I know exactly what I want: her. My lips are drawn to hers, as if there is a magnetic force pulling us together. I am in love with my best friend.

Confusion takes over my entire being. These feelings contrast everything I have ever known, everything I have been taught. 'You will fall in love,’ they said. 'With a man,’ they said. At school my friend Sebastian gets teased for liking boys, for being gay; I don’t want to get teased! Mum says that being gay is a choice. She thinks everyone is born to like the opposite gender. Dad says that they’re just confused, just trying to figure out what they really like. I know what I like, I know who I like… I like Lara.

We sit awake in my bed, Lara and I. 7 years have passed but the memory of her lips against mine never faded. We are here, once again, huddled under the covers, this time with a bottle of 'Shiraz’ from the mini-fridge. We are here, once again, with her soft, crimson lips so alluring to me, each kiss leaving me breathless. Our hearts collide under the sheets and fireworks explode every time she smiles. She giggles, her laugh like a breath of fresh air. I am so undeniably in love with Lara.

The night sky is freckled with stars and the luminous moon dances to the beat of my heart. My toes linger upon the damp sand and the sweet perfumes engulf my entire being, sweeping me off my feet. My heart and soul ache for the sound of her voice; a voice as sweet and as smooth as silk. A soft breeze brushes against my neck followed by delicate whispers. My head whips around to the most beautiful, angelic being my eyes have ever landed upon. Lara’s lips graze my ear, seducing me ever so subtly.

'I love you’

            'I love you.’

Three thousand, six hundred, and twenty two miles apart. Lara and I are three thousand, six hundred, and twenty two miles apart. I am drowning in a pool of my own tears. They are consuming me drop by drop. I am crouched on the ground, head clutched in both hands. I am both physically and mentally exhausted from the marathon of thoughts running through my brain. It feels like there has been a bullet to my heart. Lara had caused me a lifetime’s worth of pain. 'She doesn’t love me, she doesn’t miss me, she doesn’t need me; she left me. She left my soul to rot.’ The world around me dims and wanes as I fight desperately to keep our love alive. Inside my chamber of thoughts, I am battling for a woman who couldn’t care less, who doesn’t need me. This battle wound lurks inside of me like a black hole, absorbing all of my joy, all of my hope, all of my love; it devours me whole. Traumatizing… that’s what it is.
My mind overflows. Lara. My mind is buzzing with the fear of losing her forever. Lara. She left me without a trace. Lara. Shattered my heart. Lara. She was selfish. Lara. I was naïve. Lara. We were so madly in love. Lara. We are so madly in love. Lara. I miss her. Lara. I want her. Lara. I need her. Lara.

Distance no longer stands between us as our fingers intertwine and our souls melt into each others, combining in a whirlwind of laughter. Lara smiles, a smile the colour of crushed lavender leaves as she tilts her head towards the sky. She really does love me. She really is sorry. A burning desire to hold Lara in my arms rages in my heart and I pull her towards my chest, not ever wanting to let go.
She stares into my eyes. My chest grows tight and my mind goes numb. I look into hers; they say the eyes are the key to the soul. I think I finally understand what they mean. I have never felt this way before. She gives me a high; no drug could ever provide me more. I believe love is all or nothing, if it doesn’t make you tremble at the thought of its absence, you should move on. I tremble and I pine, for a love that was once mine. A love that is patient, a love that is kind. I understand now why hurricanes are named after individuals. Lara was a hurricane; wild and completely unpredictable. I am willing to give up my entire world for her. I am willing to give up all that I have, and all that I am for her.
'Lara my love, my rock,
Will you marry me?’

Dearest loved ones, today I tie the knot with the one I love so deeply. I need Lara in my life. She is my anchor, my hope. She gives me strength, so I can cope. When skies are grey, she stands by me. Her loving heart, it sets me free.’
'No matter the distance, I will always be yours. No matter the circumstance, I will always love your flaws. Please trust me because I love you, this is where I say I do.’
'Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole wold to find it. Others find it in a person.’
'I have found my home.’

Erin Mills // 4.12.2015

  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Lara Croft, we know, you love Lara Croft so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Lara Croft , we KNOW, you love Lara Croft,   you fucking love Lara Croft ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE LARA CROFT. WE GET IT.