we love jenni

Better storylines than that incredibly fake episode of Jane the Virgin

- Michael passes his exams and becomes a lawyer, defends Rafael and finds his birth parents
- Michael and Petra become superheroes and start chasing down sin rostro
- Michael comes to terms with Jane also dating Petra as well as being married to him but he’s totally ok with it
- Michael and Rafael argue about who gets to drive mateo to baseball practice (when he’s older) but instead they work it out and create their own league
- Michael passes his exams and starts working at airports trying to counteract the ban
- Michael has to help Luisa find a more suitable relationship (again)
- Jane and Michael have a second baby
- They have to plan a big catholic christening it’s very stressful
- Michael helps Jane publish her novel (it’s dedicated to him, mateo, xo, alba and rogelio)
- Jane and Michael live happily ever after and both die of natural causes

Petition to have Dean wear...

…the “dead guy”-robe for an entire episode, which also happens to feature a scene in which we see Dean dancing through the bunker like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” to “Old Time Rock and Roll”. After all, as we know since 11x04 “Baby” “everything is a Bob Seger song” to him. ;)


I can’t be the only one who saw the S9 trailer and thought this.

Black girls loving themselves and also loving fictional representations of themselves really scare some folks shitless. Keeping on loving you and those characters that represent you in 2015 y'all.

My TBR Books.

Currently I’ve been having no time to read any books and It’s devastating me to be honest with you. Can’t wait till I finish my finals so I can read again.