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Better storylines than that incredibly fake episode of Jane the Virgin

- Michael passes his exams and becomes a lawyer, defends Rafael and finds his birth parents
- Michael and Petra become superheroes and start chasing down sin rostro
- Michael comes to terms with Jane also dating Petra as well as being married to him but he’s totally ok with it
- Michael and Rafael argue about who gets to drive mateo to baseball practice (when he’s older) but instead they work it out and create their own league
- Michael passes his exams and starts working at airports trying to counteract the ban
- Michael has to help Luisa find a more suitable relationship (again)
- Jane and Michael have a second baby
- They have to plan a big catholic christening it’s very stressful
- Michael helps Jane publish her novel (it’s dedicated to him, mateo, xo, alba and rogelio)
- Jane and Michael live happily ever after and both die of natural causes


“The bible had a plauge of locusts, we have a plauge of pensioners*” - 5.06

Every ‘Shrixie’ moment 💖💛💖 (5/??)

shit my shakespeare prof has said

so my roomie and I took a class on shakespeare’s comedies this semester and the professor was literally a Gift so we started writing down her best quotes please enjoy

  • always leave room for jesus, at least 12 inches
  • hospitals actually have put a locator on babies and if a baby leaves a certain area an alarm goes off. I know this - they’d be like “back behind the line lina” ooh ok *mimes wheeling baby back in*…. how did I get here
  • (talking about cuckholding) usually the mother knows that the baby is her’s but for the father ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my children look exactly like their dad though so there isn’t as much mystery…… *turns to chalkboard to write* ok lina what are you talking about
  • (scrolling through scene selection screen on Much Ado About Nothing dvd) there’s, there’s keanu… aw keanu how did you end up here
  • (scene from movie changes, switches to shirtless keanus reeves in a tunnel) *pauses* heh… there’s keanu again….. not his best work
  • *draws heart between Antonio and Bassanio’s names*
  • a midsummer night’s dream was the first shakspeare play I read. I read it when I was 12 and high with a 104 fever, I guess I thought it was a good time to start reading some shakespeare
  • (about the same experience) wow I can hear my blood
  • beatrice: man eater
  • my name works perfectly with iambic pentameter haha – this won’t be as easy for some of you
  • not a quote but she put a random smiley on part of an assignment where I explained the use of spleen(e)
  • flowers… always vaginas…. arrows…… always penises
  • (about the christmas carol if people in the class didn’t know it) He says bah-humbug a lot
  • If music is the food of love, give me so much of it that I barf
  • synesthesia is like when - without drugs - you hear music with colors. or with drugs, that’s good too
  • (about belief that semen was basically brain fluid) a medievalist told me that this was so deeply believed that supposedly when a man ejaculates his head shrinks
  • my husband had lyme disease and didn’t know it and he got to the point where half his face was frozen. but at least it wasn’t a stroke, I was happy about that.
  • what is sex? sex is music, no sex is rat poison
  • we might associate authority with height, I guess since we’re mammals??
  • (continuation of last quote) my dog used to be obedient for us but he’s blind and old. Now he’s just like “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m gonna run in the street!”
  • children are unsettling. full stop.
  • (about mamillius in the winter’s tale) his name is breastboy!
  • and here’s the bear running!

All right, all right! It’s a pile of rubble, not the pyramids of Egypt! Get a shovel and start clearing it! Anyone would think there’d never been a war!


Morning Sister Julienne, Sister Mary Cynthia! Meanwhile I see Fred’s been pillaging the dressing up box.


“Although… This planet of which you speak, London; what do you do there?”
“Solve crimes”
“Protect the Empire”
“There’s quite a lot of running”
“Some spectacular dresses”
“And an awful lot of fun”

[Doctor Who Series 7 Minisode, Demon’s Run: Two Days Later]

bisexualcordelia  asked:

honeybees, poppy flowers, fairy lights and cats !

Honeybees: What is something you have done recently that you are proud of? It can be anything at all, even just waking up every morning. 

  • I had a job interview earlier today!!! I’m proud of myself for that and also because I think the interview went well? SO like whatever happens with that I’m just proud of myself for getting an interview and for going and for looking cute af tbh like I bought new gel eyeliner for this I’m thriving 

Poppy flowers: What are your favorite flowers?

  • that being said i really do enjoy like….every flower they’re so wonderful i’m all about it 
  • tulips are like The Classic Elegant flower in my mind though like that’s some fancy shit i love them 

Fairy lights: If someone wanted to get to know you, what should they read/watch/listen to?

  • READ: every book gillian flynn has published
  • WATCH (movies): The Matrix, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, No Country For Old Men, All Wes Anderson directed films, The Matrix again, start making your way through all of Keanu Reeve’s filmography, watch Angelia Jolie movies – specifically Mr and Mrs Smith – and then become strangely attached to the Sanda Bullock/Ryan Gosling movie Murder By Numbers for unknown and ?? reasons. Also make time to cry an unnecessary amount while watching Labor Day and cry even when thinking about the movie, years after you’ve seen it 
  • WATCH (tv): Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle, Six Feet Under, but that’s really precious to me so probably just more Malcolm in the Middle. I’ll talk about every goddamn show on the planet if I feel like it so maybe carry a flow chart. While making the flow chart watch more Malcolm in the Middle and learn all the words to the Buffy musical episode. 
  • LISTEN TO: radiohead radiohead radiohead radiohead and more radiohead. when you’re done listening to every song close your eyes and listen to all of them again. never stop listening. i love them. 

Cats: What do you like to do on lazy days?

  • Um, well, I feel like pretty much 90% of my days are lazy days, BUT on an ideal AU lazy day I’d like to wake up and actually eat like fresh fruit and a waffle maybe idk idk this is too big too broad 

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Prompt: Greek God/desses doing life in the 1700's. Also, some of your regular recurring characters are there too. Bcos i really love Jenny...

(We all love Jenny, she can’t stand to have it any other way!) And I actually don’t know a whole lot about the 1700s, so pretty much all of this is based on wikipedia!

There’s a woman in her underwear standing at the far end of the room. Aphrodite isn’t entirely sure why no one else notices her, bedecked in what the humans called pantaloons (though they’re black, not beige as is the fashion), but that’s what makes this land so exciting. She’s not used to not knowing and these colonies are rife with secrets.

She wonders if this is what it’s like to be in love? Always trying to navigate the whirlwind of confusion, always searching for reasons, heart always pounding in her chest.

“May I have this dance, Miss…?” The young gentleman looks at her hopefully. He’s wearing the red coat of a British soldier, a somewhat tense addition to the dance, and it’s only the small heels on his boots that puts him at her eye level, despite being reasonably tall for a human. 

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