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Q :whats your favorite Justin Bieber song?
JK: *sings Nothing Like Us*
His voice is so pure and beautiful ;-;

Today during Daegu fansign, with the help of masternim ASiGoKi, the message of Gabbie (Youngjae’s fan who has passed away of leukemia) has been successfully delivered to Youngjae. Youngjae was sad hearing the news and wished her be in heaven as an angel. He also said he would sing for everyone forever. Youngjae was thankful for the support. You can read more on Gabbie’s story & her last request which sent by her mom below. I want to thank everyone especially IGOT7 who helped spread the message so the message can reach Youngjae. Thank you.


{070917} - JB Solo VLive

● JB apologized for being so natural around the viewers (because he didn’t shave or was wearing that much makeup) (but we secretly all love it)

● JB said that GOT7 are preparing many things that the fans will love

● JB says all of the songs for the new JJP comeback are really good

● He said it’s not a dark or sexy concept. He said it will be youthful.

● He also said there will be quite a few songs in the album

● A fan asked him for a spoiler and JB said: We will be wearing shoes

● Jinyoung also called after seeing the notification of JB doing a solo VLive

● JB said he will not be rapping in this comeback

● Fan asked JB to describe the comeback with a colour. JB said: Sky Blue, or completely blue, or completely grey.

● He said he doesn’t use a phonecase.

● Fan asked JB how many bucket hats he owns and he said only one because he was lazy and just continues to wear the same one

Honestly, If Jackson isn’t better by the 13th and the doctors definitely say that he is not fit for the comeback performance then I don’t want them to it. I worry because if Jackson goes out there on the biggest performance and passes out again or vomits, I know he will NEVER get over that. It just pains me to think this wonderful person who wants us igot7s to be healthy and happy is neglecting his health and happiness for us. Honestly, I cannot speak for everyone but I know the majority of us love Got7 and want them to be in the best condition mentally and physically when it comes to performing, events, fan meets and concerts. Speaking of which Jackson also does many shows and appearances in Korea and in Hong Kong so that is, even more, stress. We just want the best for our angel who always looks out for us so we should do the same for him. 

Got7 Little Spoon vs Big Spoon vs Both

Requested: Yes

A.N. Added the both part to the request just because it fit a few of them.

JB: Big Spoon- Well this was just a given. I mean he would just having you close to him, loving the warmth that you give. Plus he’ll keep giving you kisses on the top of your head. I’m just going to stop before I go insane with this

Mark: Both- It varies on his mood in all honesty. One day after practice he might just go to sleep in a bad mood so you’ll be the big spoon and it’ll make him feel better BUT then there’s random days where he’ll just grab you and pull you closer to his body. you’re killing me mark you’re killing me

Jackson: Big- I feel like he would be little too but only when he was like really needy and attention seeking lol BUT FOR NOOOW definitely big spoon. He’ll whisper things into your ear and trace little circles on your arm or your back. His breathing will be so soothing it puts you too sleep BUT THEN HE STARTS TO SNORE AND WILL WAKE EVERYONE UP I just had too lol.

Junior: Both- Aw junior would love just holding you. Cuddling with you would be the best thing in the whole wide world to him, so of course he would be the big spoon. If he ever falls asleep before you even get in bed you’ll be the big spoon that night, and he tries to fall asleep before you just he can have your hand on his chest.

Youngjae: Little Spoon- The both of you would fight to be the big spoon literally. “I WANT TO BE THE BIG SPOON” “LET ME HOLD YOU DAMN IT”. He’ll protest a lot and would stick with him being the big spoon until you gave him the cutest aeygo ever, making him cave in letting you be the big spoon. He secretly loves being the little spoon but will never tell you.

Bambam: Little Spoon- He use to be the big spoon and you loved it! Until he started to roll on top of you, spread out like a starfish and suffocate you. So you decided to be big spoon one night and he didn’t roll on top of you and it was so soothing because you finally had one great night of sleep with your boyfriend.

Yugyeom: Big Spoon- This little tall fluff ball would love to be the big spoon. He would play with your hair and tell you stories about some random time at dance practice, just so he can hear your laugh before he goes to sleep. Seriously the happiest at this time, knowing he gets to see you when he wakes up.