we love hoa

My older 2nd cousin (she’s 30) was here with her two young boys today and we spent the day with her and earlier I casually mentioned that I had a girlfriend (who she’d seen me with on the 4th) to her and she asked me really sweetly if I was coming out to her and I said yes and she was so nice and accepting! It kinda got interrupted because one of her boys was misbehaving and they had to leave but she just called my mom to talk with me and spent like 10 - 15 minutes reassuring me of her unconditional love for me and thanking me for being so trusting of her (she’s the first non-immediate family member I’ve told, and she knows that) and was just very respectful and loving and told me how special I’ve been to her since I was born and how she always loved to hold me and spend time with me. And she gave me advice about our other family members and told me more about them and she was just so sweet and loving and reassuring and understanding and listening I feel like crying!