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This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

this year has been absolutely crazy for me for so many reasons, and getting to meet my best friend kayli @fairlylester for the first time and spend most of my free time with her from september-december was a pretty huge one (in a good way!!). this girl has been my stability for whenever i felt down or hated my job, and to be honest having each weekend free to spend exploring different areas of london with her was so hugely important to me and always will be. we have done SO MUCH in such a short space of time (dodie gig, tøp concert, halloween, bonfire night and trying out all the american food chains i could find) and i’ll really really miss being able to see kayli so often, but we still have plans for other exciting things in the future ✨✨ one of the biggest highlights of 2016 was getting to spend time with her and i won’t forget a minute of it- she is my best friend and platonic soulmate and i love her with all my heart 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖to more adventures in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  • K-2SO: I believe the captain has feelings for you, Jyn.
  • Cassian: NO I DO NOT.
  • K-2SO: Never mind, he hates you.
  • K-2SO: OMFG, Captain, just tell her you love her, we all already know
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hey, mon-el isn’t stealing kara’s storyline. he’s the one obsessing over kara and reduced to a boy whose whole world is spinning because of a girl, not the other way around. kara’s still kara. strong-minded and brave. it’s kind of hypocritical to be upset now, since we’ve already seen her being distracted because of a love interest in the past. it’s nothing new that she’s troubled with her feelings now. that’s who she always was–a girl with no clue about romantic relationships. 

if anything, mon-el has provided to her development. i’m not saying he’s controlling it, just that he’s provided to it-just like alex and j’onn and lena and cat and even snapper. characters don’t develop on their own, they develop through struggles and interactions with other characters. she’s always seen her parents and krypton as perfect. now she’s gotten to see the wrong of their ways. there is a lot more about mon-el’s involvement in her life than just romance. and that was the only wrong thing about that poster. the caption. mon-el is part of the main storyline that’s currently informing kara’s character, that’s why he’s on the poster. not because kara’s entire life revolves around him. so please, chill. 

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“How do you know about such thing?”

“Look Anakin… I once was young like you and I met this beautiful, beautiful girl. Y/N. I told her that what I felt for her was wrong. But it was too late. We were already in love.”

“What happened?”

“I broke her heart. I still remember the pain in her eyes. She was so amazing but I knew that she wasn’t my destiny. I did what I had to do but it wasn’t easy. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. Padmé doesn’t deserve it and neither did Y/N.”

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  • Torin: Your Majesty, what are you doing?
  • Kai: I must not give in to temptation and go after Cinder. I must protect my country.
  • Torin: We all already know you're in love with her and you're going to go after her. What are you doing?
  • Kai: Huh?
The ‘Other Daughter’ *Part 2*

Klaus Mikaelson X Reader McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 1033

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Warning: Mentions of blood

*Part 1*

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Klaus hadn’t expected to see you sitting with Hayley in the compound the next day a map spread out in front of you, Stiles was sitting to your right and next to him was Malia, Scott was on your left Lydia next to him and finally, Liam sat next to her. “So you lost track of her here?” You asked pointing to a place in the bayou. Hayley nodded and you smiled “well all we need is something that was hers.” 

“We’ve already tried witches love, it’s a dead end,” Klaus said making his presence known.
“Good thing I’m not going to them then.” You mumbled as Hayley rushed off the find something of Hopes. You managed to occupy yourself and thankfully Klaus hadn’t tried to actually start a conversation with you.
Your attention was immediately drawn to the sound of a gun, as the Sheriff made his way into the compound, your reflexes were faster this time and before Klaus could react you were in front of the Sheriff letting out a threatening growl as Klaus took up the position directly opposite you. Before a fight could break out though the Nobel brother your uncle, Elijah appeared breaking the tension. “Niklaus please refrain from killing any of these children’s family members.” Elijah suggested as he looked towards you and smiled “we mean them no harm.”
“You mean them no harm.” You corrected as you growled at Klaus’ movements. You glanced behind you to see that Melissa was there as well, they must have realised that their kids were missing and ended up at your house where your mum’s dead body still laid.
“I give you my word they will not be harmed,” Elijah promised and you continued to glare as Hayley came down the stairs with something of Hope’s. “I know somewhere that they can stay until your done which will guarantee their safety.”
“(Y/N) what’s going on?” Melissa asked.
“Just keeping you safe.” You answered aware that both Klaus and Elijah were moving. In your direction. “You make sure that they are safe.”
Hayley walked over hesitantly and passed you one of her baby grows, you took it and threw it to Malia. “You got it?” You asked. Malia nodded and you turned “let’s get going the quicker we get this finished the quicker we get to go home.”

You were out in the middle of the bayou, Hayley had come with you to make sure that the wolves out there didn’t attack you. Malia still had the scent and you were following it and Stiles had refused to leave the pack and stay with Melissa and the Sheriff. You were walking towards the back with him and Lydia. None of them had asked you how you felt they all knew in one way or another, but you had done this before with Alison and though people would like to argue that this would be different the methods for coping were not. “The scent stops here,” Malia informed us as we came to a clearing, though you couldn’t see anything there was definitely something there we could hear it.
“There’s a barrier, we need to break it.” You mumbled, “Scott use your other eyes can you see the barrier glowing?”
“Yeah, I see it.” Scott nodded.
“Scott I need you to direct me to the edge of the barrier” You ordered, Scott did as you asked and using your claws, you dug them into your palm and used your blood to break the barrier spell. Once the spell was broken it was obvious that the people who had taken Hope were not expecting to be found. “That baby is not yours.” You walked towards the two, your claws still out.
“No we wanted the Hybrid, he’s not here.” one of them said.
“Yeah and he’s not coming he’s never wanted a child.” You argued, “I’m one of the many mistakes that he didn’t know he made so he killed my mum, my friends and I are just here to make sure that this baby gets a good life with its mother.”
“The real way to punish him is to give the child back to the mother,” Stiles added. “Then he never gets her back.” Stiles kept talking as you shuffled your way around.
‘Ready?’ you mouthed to him and when he nodded, you knocked both of them out and tiles dove forward to catch Hope before handing her over to Hayley.

You sat on the stair in the compound watching Klaus and Hayley with Hope and sighed “You know, he doesn’t hate you.”
“Some would disagree with that statement.” You mumbled looking over at Elijah who stood next to you.
“He’s not very trusting-”
“That makes two of us.” You mumbled.
“And he is the worst when it comes to expressing his feelings but I know my brother well enough to know he doesn’t hate you,” Elijah explained.
“Hm.” You hummed before changing the subject “They’re ready to go?”
“Yes although I’d prefer you stayed with your family,” Elijah answered.
“I am.” You mumbled standing up as you walked down the stair Hayley moved to meet you and hugged you.
“Thank you.” she whispered.
“No problem.” You answered. After that you left New Orleans and went back to Beacon Hills, where you continued to live in the house that your mum had bought, you’d find yourself sleeping in her room on the nights that you were alone, which weren’t very often because Stiles and Scott would spend the nights that their parents worked the night shifts with you.

One night you were alone and had managed to find sleep which was rare. Klaus decided that it was about time that he explained his reasoning to you. When he got there he saw that you were asleep in your mother’s room and that made him heart stop for a second as he remembered what he had done to you. “I was never any good for you,” he whispered as he placed a note on the nightstand next to you. He leant forward and placed a kiss on your forehead, sighing heavily “but I want to be better.” Then he was gone.

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I don’t get everyone who said The Final Problem sunk Sherlolly? In fact, I was never an active shipper of it before, and now I totally am.

It TOTALLY didn’t “confirm that Molly’s love is unrequited” like some people were saying, all it confirmed was that Molly BELIEVES her love is unrequited, which… we already knew?

And it also confirmed that Sherlock cares deeply about Molly and is emotionally distraught at the idea of hurting her, and was in fact EXACTLY like something out of an angsty hurt/comfort fic, it was a pretty shippy moment. Why on earth would the Sherlolly shippers be disappointed?

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

So I’m not going to lie Weightlifting fairy is a bit of a problematic fave but there are some really lovely things going on in this drama that made me pick it back up after I dropped it and that make me look forward to seeing it to the end.

Bok Joo is just fabulous. I love that we meet her after she’s already dealt with years of dealing with harsh treatment, sexism, fat shaming and while it has in some way skewed her opinion of herself which the show addresses, for the most part she has built up a beautiful self-esteem and self-worth that transcends whatever else anyone says. This shows itself in a lovely way when she gets her first big crush. While there is a lot of talk from her about her not being womanly as a weightlifter literally the only thing she does to “fix” this is to buy a hairpin and try to wear more colorful clothing. The simplicity of this is just so wonderful because she doesn’t change. She puts on a hairpin, a comfy pink sweater and smiles at herself in the mirror, fully satisfied with how she looks. 

She doesn’t start wearing make-up, try to lose weight which she’s supposed to be meeting her crush for anyway, or do anything else to physically change her appearance. She’s able to be happy and confident with herself the way she already was. Her desire to look nice in front of the person she likes is relatable but I like that the show lets her do that without the typical kdrama makeover (I’m actually feeling pretty positive she’ll get through the drama without one. Miracle of miracles!)

I also really like that Nam Jo Hyuk’s character supports both her crush, even as he himself is falling for her, but even above that her career as a weightlifter. He does make some jarringly annoying comments about how much she eats and nicknames her chubby but he simultaneously takes this seriously as a part of her job as a weightlifter and is upset when she demeans herself because what she’s occasionally ashamed of he knows she should be proud of. When he’s not teasing her he earnestly encourages her to move up a weight class, to eat as much as she wants, not solely because he knows she enjoys eating but because it’s part of her training and key to her success and he wants her to do well and to be proud of herself when she accomplishes these things.

He never says that she’s any less desirable because of her weight instead consistently tells her she doesn’t need to change herself to find love but instead to find someone who admires her, respects her weightlifting, and thinks she’s cute as she is which he unfailingly follows up with saying “like I would” basically admitting that he would totally date her or any weightlifter. It’s nice that this occurs frequently before  he’s fallen in love with her, because then we sidestep that weird thing that kdramas often do where they have the “handsome” male lead fall for the “frumpy” female lead and what makes her loveable is simply his love not really who she is, like the viewers are supposed to marvel at the fact that a guy like that fell for a girl like that. Joon-Hyung's telling her this before he falls for her puts the emphasis on Bok Ju and weightlifters in general being awesome as they are and societies super limiting standards become what’s unrealistic instead of Joon-Hyung’s feelings because he’s fallen for someone who doesn’t meet those standards.

This show is not without its issues but I really like that we’re given a female lead who gets to struggle with not feeling like she fits societies standards of beauty but is still allowed to be confident and happy with herself the way she is. And also gives us a male lead who, though not without flaws, never fails to affirm Bok Jo for who she is and encourage and support both her love life, even when it frustrates him, and her weightlifting, even when it goes against societies norms. (And no makeover?? That would make me really really happy)