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in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

Why the Harry Potter fandom is important

Last night after walking down Regent Street and marvelling at the Christmas lights and how very much I love London(which happens anytime I walk around central London), I sat waiting in Leicester Sq. Me and my Hufflepuff fellow @andyouknowitis were off to see the midnight showing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

After a little while, the scarves began to emerge. A girl sat down next to me wearing a Slytherin scarf. Later replaced by a girl in a Ravenclaw scarf. Two Gryffindors came up to me and went ‘Would you mind taking a picture of us? We saw you and thought ‘She’s wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, we’ll ask her’. Me and the two girls got chatting about fandom and the excitement for the movie and they wandered off. I sat back down and then two girls in robes walked by and grinned at me. 

A guy dressed as Newt walked by and jokingly cursed a group of people, more friends in scarves began to appear, wands came out, hugs were had. The cinema was crowded, full of posters and people squealing over them. In the very long queue for food, one guy found out how long the adverts were and I asked whether he was a Ravenclaw, turned out he was. 

Eventually we all found our seats, shuffling around in the dark trying to place drinks and popcorn, balancing the IMAX glasses and jostling for space. The lights dimmed, the Warner Bros logo appeared on screen and we all cheered. Here we were, one big nerdy family in the middle of the night about to experience new wizarding world material. 

The movie was brilliant, we all laughed a lot, we cheered and clapped and gasped. We marvelled at the beauty on screen and were so very aware of how much we just really bloody love magic. 

It’s been nine years since the last book came out, back when most of us were in our teens and  early twenties. And yet he we still are, smiling at the people in scarves and laughing in a movie theatre, nearly ten years on. Older and adulter but still very much in love with this fandom. 

After the movie, we wandered off to House of Minalima, a place in Soho run by the people behind the art of Harry Potter. We got to talk to them and look at all the amazing things surrounded us. The creaky, wobbly old house imbued with magic whilst the drunken Muggles cavorted outside. It felt like the Leaky Cauldron, hidden away in London at 3am. We chatted to Potterheads, it’s London, you don’t talk to random people but with this, how could you not? 

The world has been a bit rubbish of late, it’s terrifying and scary and a lot of unkind people seem to be winning. But we still have Harry Potter, we still have kindness and joy and excitement  and magic. We need that, we revel in it and thankfully this fandom ain’t going anywhere. In ten years time I’d still like to be grinning at people in fandom scarves like we’re part of a secret society. We got this Potterheads, we ain’t going nowhere. 


A lesson in not sassing your DM. 

Our lovely crew was shitfaced in a bar when our lesbian druid decides to hit on the female barkeep. 

“PLUS TWO FOR WINGMAN! MY BARD CAN INSPIRE COMPETENCE!“ The DM agrees and, as fate would have it, our druid gets laid, along with our team’s sorcerer.

While those two are doing the do, of course, we’re all joking around.

"Roll for booty touch!" Pipes up the bard,

"Roll to save against STIs," 

then, the druid goes: "Roll acrobatics to see how good you are in bed!" Of course, everyone laughs. 

But the DM steps in. "Okay, roll." 

"Wait- what?”

“Roll for acrobatics to see how good of a lay you are C:”

Long story short, druid rolled 10, sorcerer rolled 5. The druid’s player has still not lived it down. 


So I joined the fandom in 2014 - well after series 3 aired - and this is my first time experiencing the three week flood of content…

And can I just say, I’m having a *fantastic* fucking time? Everyone has their game face on, everyone is so excited and engaged, there’s so much fresh meat to chew on and we don’t even have time to get entrenched and start flinging shit at each other because there’s going to be answers a mere THREE DAYS from now.

I love everybody in this bar right now. This is so much fun.

The Proposal

Title: The Proposal

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 960

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Becka and Johanna’s Challenge ( @beckawinchester and @boredoutofmymindwriting ). My prompt song was Better Together by Us The Duo. Thanks for letting me in this challenge! Hope you like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

“That’s a wrap, everybody!” - Bob said.

Everybody cheered. Another season finished. You were all tired, it was already 2 AM when you finally finished the last scene, but everyone wanted to celebrate, so you got into the car with Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark, and followed by other cars you searched for an open bar or something.

“Okay, okay… I wanna say a few things: 12 seasons! 13 years! We’re getting fucking old… but this is awesome and I love you guys. This is the best family ever!” - Jared said, raising his glass.

“Here’s to season 13! May the next year be as amazing as this one!” - Jensen raised his glass and everybody followed, cheering.

After a lot of drinks, laughs and memories, everybody went home. It was a great night!

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Happy New Year! Hopefully 2017 is better than 2016. (I mean, it’s a pretty low bar.)

Also it’s been a little over a year since Emmy and I took over for Fluffy and Angsty and we want to thank those two for letting us have their baby. And we want to thank all of you especially for filling our inbox up and being supportive and lovely. We literally do this for you and we’re thrilled that everyone is loving it so hard. 

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And here’s some New Years Eve fics to celebrate! 

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Do It (5-4-3-2) One More Time by fadedhues

(1/1 I 1,188 I Explicit I Sterek)

“You know the saying, ‘end the year with a bang’?”

Derek only lifts an eyebrow in response.

“What if,” Stiles leans in, “what if we end and start the year with a bang?” At Derek’s confused expression, Stiles slides his hand into Derek’s back pocket (talk about a tight fit) and squeezes.

“Oh my God,” Derek replies, but doesn’t ask if Stiles is serious, because Stiles is always serious about sex with Derek.


on the right track by HalfFizzbin

(1/1 I 1,577 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles is stuck on a broken-down train instead of dancing with Lydia at a swanky New Year’s Eve party, which sucks. OR DOES IT?

When Anger Fades by Wolfling

(1/1 I 1,823 I General I Sterek)

“I thought we were like Fight Club,” he blurted. Derek just raised his eyebrows at him so he continued, “Y'know, the first rule of Fight Club is we don’t talk about Fight Club. I thought we were like that. That we…”

“Don’t talk about it?” Derek finished for him.

“Yes! That us – what we have, our relationship, feelings, all of that – that we, y'know, do what we do and shut up about it.” Great, he’d gone from quoting Fight Club to quoting Supernatural.

Fireworks by DiscontentedWinter

(1/1 I 4,960 I Explicit I Steter)

New Year’s Eve is full of drunken idiots and Peter hates everything about it.

Except for Stiles. Peter doesn’t hate Stiles.

Sweeter Than a Cherry Pie by kitsunequeen

(4/4 I 5,055 I Teen I Sterek)

When Cora asks Stiles to be her pretend boyfriend for a New Year’s family dinner, he figures he can do a friend a favor. When he hooks up with an incredible guy, Derek, the night before, only to wake up alone in the morning, he supposes he can handle that too. But when he shows up at Cora’s house and Derek turns out to be her brother, well… that’s a bit of a bigger problem.

But In Case I Stand One Little Chance by mikkimouse

(1/1 I 8,601 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles’s Jeep breaks down in the middle of the snowstorm. He’s rescued by his high school crush, and as the cherry on top, is trapped in a cabin with said crush until the roads clear.

Fuck his life.

Until Next Time by mishapshappen

(29/29 I 11,611 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles’ English teacher gets a new program up and running—her students writing letters to juvenile delinquents for three months.

Imagine Me And You by callunavulgari

(6/6 I 16,080 I Teen I Sterek)

“My name,” the kid tells Derek, sounding amused. “It’s Stiles. I figure if I’m going to wrestle a complete stranger for a pumpkin the least I can do is offer my name afterwards.”

“Stiles,” Derek tries, testing the way the name sits on his tongue. “I’m Derek.”

“Derek,” Stiles breathes, like he’s testing the weight of the name too. He grins, bright and blinding, which Derek guesses means that he likes the sound of it. “I’d offer to shake your hand, but since we almost got to second base a minute ago, I’d say we’re past that point.”

A Hale for the Holidays by rlnerdgirl

(1/1 I 38,095 I Explicit I Sterek)

“I sent you a Christmas card that got sent back to me. Did you get a new apartment?” his dad wonders. The question is all suspicion and little anything else.

A flicker of an idea sparks. It’s not nearly formed well enough for him to say, “Yeah, actually,” and when he follows that with, “I moved in with someone,” he wants to punch himself in the face. He’s living with someone?!

“You’re living with someone?” It’s the same voice and tone as the one in Stiles’ head, just thirty years older.

Two things keep Stiles from bashing his face onto the table: there’s a steaming cup of coffee in the way and, more importantly, his dad will definitely hear. Someone passes by in front of him and a semi-familiar book cover catches his eye. “Derek Hale,” he muses, and stops. No. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.

The Threat of Human Sacrifice by vampireisthenewblack

(20/20 I 44,700 I Explicit I Sterek I MPreg)

The sheriff bought a crib and made Derek help him put it together. Stiles thought of Hemingway and the shortest, most heartbreaking story ever told, and dismantled it on his own while Derek was out.

[The one where Stiles getting knocked up is the least of his worries.]

Look, I’m as excited as anybody, but it says a lot of how whipped we are as a fandom that when after eight years Dean mumbles to some invisible enemy “Cas is my best friend” (and I mean, let’s be serious - what else would Dean call him?) we’re all losing our collective shit and crying and hugging one another.

If Destiel ever happens, people are going to drop dead left and right, and tumblr will probably explode.

Protons and Electrons

[This was requested by anon -  Could you write one where the reader is like a total baddass?! Like, leather jacket, cocky confident attitude, and best friends with Morgan? So, can Spencer try to be cool like the reader to get their attention, but fails miserably by being awkward nervous Spencer, but the reader loves that about him and they ask him out? Brownie points for super duper cutesy dorky Reid? TYSM!!!!! – I hope I did all right…”]


“The reason as to why we are attracted to our opposites is because they are our salvation from the burden of being ourselves.” 
― Kamand Kojouri


“Hey, pretty boy, I’m actually free to go out tonight, you coming?”

Spencer couldn’t help but be a little skeptical by the invitation.

“Where exactly are you planning to go?”

“Dive bar near Reston, come on man, everyone’s going.”

“I don’t know, bars aren’t really my thing.”

“Look, Reid, I love my son more than anything in this world, but I need some adult conversation tonight. Hell, spout off about proton charges for all I care.”

“Protons can’t actually charge without an electron to –“

“Yeah, all of that, save it for tonight.”

“Morgan, I’m not sure –“

“Is boy wonder putting up a fight?”

“He sure is mama, I come in to visit with all my loved ones, and this one here passes up the opportunity to catch up.”

Spencer couldn’t help, but falter on that. “That’s not it at all, I’m only saying that the location isn’t ideal. There’s more violence in those types of bars than one with a restaurant setting. Did you know a study was shown that –“

“Yeah, yeah, but I think what chocolate thunder forgot to mention was who else would be there.”

Morgan grinned at that, the mischievous spark coming to light. “Oh, I think I did.”

Spencer looked back and forth between them. “What do you mean? I thought you invited the team.”

“I did, but my sweet honey glaze has drove down here to meet up, figured we’d all hang out tonight and let her see Hank and the little woman tomorrow.”

Spencer’s brows knotted in confusion, not entirely sure who Morgan was describing.

“Y/N, Reid, you know the one you made goo-goo eyes at during the Christmas party last year.”

“I did not!”

“Oh, so you were weirded out by her, cause that’s what she thought.”

“No! That’s not it either. I have no reason to think she’s weird.”

And he didn’t, honestly he had been captivated by you. The way you carried yourself with self-confidence, so sure, yet with the warmest smile he had ever seen. It hadn’t mattered that half your head was shaved, didn’t matter that the part unshaved was dyed a startling shade of red, or that your tight clothing was mostly made of leather, and it didn’t matter that you’d set off metal detectors a mile away from how many piercings you had; the way you laughed and made people laughed, wanting to help so everyone could enjoy the party, how you listened and enjoyed his and everyone’s company, that’s what mattered. But he knew you’d never see him, not the way he wanted you too. No, like so many others you’d see him as dorky Spencer Reid, proven genius and all around mess.

“Are you even listening anymore?”

His eyes came back into focus. “What?”

“Oh, thinking about your lady?”

“She isn’t my lady, Garcia, it’s not like she’d ever be interested in me anyways.”

“Now that’s not true, you’re a marvelous upon marvelous specimen of man, but, well, maybe if you gussied up differently it’d catch her eye.”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, you’ve seen her, maybe something of cow hide would be more beneficial.”

“Reid in leather? Dear Lord, mama, what’s the matter with you? Just be yourself, except, you know, talk to her. Don’t hide.”

“I’m not saying to not be him, just he needs something to get her interested.”

“He’s not a peacock, he just needs to be himself, Y/N might be crazy as hell but she has a good heart and she likes that in other people. Just do you, Reid.”

Garcia rolled her eyes, exasperated, but was halted when Spencer started gathering his things.

“I’ve got to go, I’ll meet you guys there.”

“So you’re coming then? All right, pretty boy! I’ll text you the address.”

Spencer gave an offhand wave and went home.

Maybe he should try to be a little different, you didn’t know much about him, only a fleeting moment in time. A first impression could always be wrong. This could be his chance to be someone else, not be the clumsy, awkward know-it-all and be the guy people are drawn to. Rifling through his closet, he couldn’t help the depleted sense of his wardrobe, he had nothing that someone would think was cool. Cardigans and slacks taking up most of the space, but in the back he was able to find an old leather bomber jacket. He couldn’t even recall where he got it, and with his memory that fact startled him. He didn’t have jeans and he didn’t have boots but he did have his converses, the worn pair a comfort to him which he hoped would increase his confidence tonight. Fixing his hair the best he could he looked at the addressed to get to the bar.

‘It’s now or never, Reid.’

The place was dirtier than he would have liked, floor covered in peanut shells and sawdust, the tables and stools worn, the leather chipping away as rusted coated the frames, but in a way it was homey. The patrons looking as if they had just got off work and decided to catch up with friends.

“Pretty boy!”

‘Why does he have to call me that in front of everyone, it’s endearing when it’s the team but with –‘

“You made it I see and you had yourself a little costume change.”

Sitting beside Morgan he could see you, that same warm smile adorning yourself, your lips still puckered in a way that let he know you had been laughing at something before.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi, Spencer…it is okay if I call you that right, I can call you Reid if you want.”

“No! It’s fine I mean, I’d prefer it. So where is everyone?”

“JJ and Garcia are on their way, the boys were giving JJ trouble didn’t help that baby girl was there, she’d let them rule that house if she was allowed to.”

Thinking of their roles as godparents he couldn’t help but smile, yeah, the boys seemed to have a way to tug their hearts to fit them.

“Do you spoil them too, Spencer?”

“He spoils them with knowledge.”

Spencer watched you arch your brows up and nod.

“I like being there for them, all of them, including Hank.”

“I bet you’re good at it.”

“I try to be, I mean, when there’s time for it.”

He didn’t know if this conversation was going right, she was paying attention to him but he wanted her to see him as cool, an equal, but gushing over his godchildren probably wasn’t going to get them there.

“So, Y/N, did you drive your bike here?”

Watching you sip your beer he waited as you nodded. “Yep, why, would you like a ride?”

“Oh, you shouldn’t drive when you drink, people with even a slight buzz raise the risk of fatalities to forty-five percent and without the exterior a car gives a motorcycle may –“

He’s rambling, damn it, he didn’t mean to, but she’s smiling a quirk of one but it was still something.

“Maybe we can share a cab tonight and you can drive me to Derek’s on it tomorrow?”


“Reid on a motorcycle, you know I never pictured him in leather and he looks halfway decent, hell maybe he’ll be doing wheelies in the parking lot.”

He knew the jacket would be a bad idea. “Shut up, Morgan.”

Your giggled made him flush even more. “Ignore him, Spencer, have a drink with us, since I’m out with cops tonight and have to take a cab I’ll be having me some tequila.”

Observing the effortless way you drank and sucked the lime, he couldn’t help but think he could do it too.

“I’ll have one as well, please.”

He tried to ignore the smirk on Morgan’s face as the bartender poured his shot.

“Sure you can handle that, Reid.”

His lips wanted to pout in trying to keep from blurting obscenities.

“Here, Spencer, you just lick the salt, drink it back, and suck the lime. It takes practice to do it quick.”

Doing as instructed, he lapped the salt, wishing he had washed his hands first and then tipped his head and glass back, choking as the fiery liquid hit his esophagus. The remaining liquid in his mouth sputtered and he felt your hand patting his back in trying to quell the coughs.

“Can we get some water over here please?”

He blushed, this wasn’t going the way he wanted it to at all, he was looking like a bigger dork than usual.

“I would say suck on the lime, but I don’t know if that’d help or not.”

He shook his head at you, no the acidity would not help him right now. His cheeks and throat were burning.

“Maybe we could play some pool until the others get here.”

Morgan shook his head. “I think I’ll pass, the way genius here is he’ll take you for everything you have.”

You shrugged. “Perhaps I just have more confidence in my playing skills than you do.”

“Your money, Y/N. Hey, pretty boy, why don’t you tell her about that proton charging while you’re at it over there.”

He felt you lightly grasp his shoulder steering him to the table.

“I hope you don’t let him get to you.”

“I don’t, not all the time anyways, I just wish he wouldn’t treat me like a kid sometimes.”

“I wouldn’t say a kid, more like a younger brother. So, you good as he says?”

“Um, a little bit, pool’s mostly geometry and –“

“I’ll take your word for it, we don’t have to play for money then, I’ll need some to make it home. But we could play for a prize.”

His eyes searched your face. “What kind of prize?”

You smiled, mischievous. “Whatever we want.”


“Whatever I want if I win, whatever you want if you win. Except money or my bike.”

“What about a ride on it?”

“We can do that.”

“And if I want something else?”

You smiled, his heart palpitating. “We can do that too.”

He already knew he was going to win, he’d played enough games of pool in school to know that. The older students thinking they could out best a kid, well, at least there he was able to show them. Though it didn’t stop them from beating him up, claiming he cheated. He was about to shoot…

“Play hard, Reid!”

He scratched.

Oh, God, now everyone was here now. He wished they wouldn’t give him a hard time, and for once, his prayers seemed answered, after the girls kissed each other’s cheeks in greeting they fled to the bar, letting Morgan pick up the tab. But he knew they were watching and he couldn’t shake that.

“Spencer, it’s okay, you can go again.”

“No, it’s –“

“You were distracted that’s fine, let yourself get into your zone, it’ll be okay.”

It was sinking ball after ball but you had kept up and he only needed the eight to win.

“So what was the deal with protons?”

“Oh, Morgan was just being…Morgan earlier.”

You laughed. “Isn’t he always?”

He couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Yeah he is.”

“But what about them.”

“He was thinking protons charge on their own they don’t.”

Missed, if you missed he could still sink it, the angle was perfect for it now.

“So how do they charge?”

“Um, it takes an electron to, I guess you’d say, engulf it so it can charge.”

You smirked. “Is that when they say opposites attract?”

He smiled. “Very much so.”

The smile fell when you sank the eight.

“Yes! I can’t believe I won.”

There went his chance. Anything he wanted. One date, one kiss. Now nothing. “Yeah.”

“Don’t be a sore loser, it was luck at the end, though skill was there throughout.”

“I’m not being sore, I wanted to win though.”

“I’ll still let you drive my bike tomorrow.”

He shook his head, he knew he was being irrational, but he felt defeated as if some source of fate came in and struck him down. “Could I have my prize now, Spencer?”

He shrugged. “Sure.”

“Are you?”

He nodded.

Standing on tiptoe he almost pulled away when he felt your lips on his. He could hear cheering from the bar but the velvet he felt was stifling the noise.

“What was that?”

You shrugged. “My prize. I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the party, and this seemed like the best tactic. You’re not mad are you?”

Since the Christmas party? “No, I’m not mad, confused, you wanted to kiss me?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, I’m me and you’re you.”

“You’ll have to explain that one to me Spencer.”

“You’re tequila and leather and I’m books and coffee.”

“Well, I happen to like books and coffee, not to mention sweater vests and messy hair. What about you, I doubt tequila’s up there, but what about leather?”

He nodded dumbfounded.

“You’re the one that said that opposites attract, well, this electron’s attracted to you genius.”

He blushed. “I wouldn’t mind being enveloped by you.”

With the words out, he blushed, making you laugh. Dragging him down by the collar for another kiss.

anonymous asked:

I love it when you bump into a fellow young person working a customer based job and you both just understand. I went out for breakfast yesterday with a friend (both of us 18) and the girl behind the bar was obviously super frazzled cause everyone else at the bar was 40+, as soon as she saw us and started to serve us she was a totally different person and we all had a giggle at the pain of working a hard job with a hangover.

Valentine's Day Blues

Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader is lonely on Valentine’s Day and gets down in the dumps, but Sammy makes her feel better

Warnings: fluff, smut, slight cursing

Words: 1308

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my followers! Pls enjoy ;)

I sat together with my best friend Sam Winchester in a dingy bar. I sipped my beer.
“I’m so glad that the case is over,” he said. The Winchesters had recently enlisted me to rid of some homicidal ghosts. It had been quite the daunting task.
“Yeah me too,” he said. He apparently noticed that I seemed unusually quiet.
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing, Sam,” I tried to reassure him. “C’mon, we should get going.”
The truth was that tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and I was alone. The holiday was just another reminder of everyone I’d lost and love I’d never have.
Sam raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

A few hours had passed and I was still feeling down. Dean had gone for a late night dinner, which left Sam and I to kill some time. I was laying on my front at the foot of Sam’s bed rereading my favorite novel yet again when Sam startled me.
“I know what’s going on with you!”
I looked back at him. I rolled my eyes. “I doubt that, Sammy.”
He crawled next to me so his face was next to mine. Sam pulled away the book from my hands and closed it. “Then tell me,” he made a puppy face. “You can tell me anything (y/n).”
I reached for my book but he moved his arm away. I rolled over and stood on my and tried to reach even further. “C’mon Sam! Just give it back!”
Sam stuck out his tongue. “Not until you tell me what’s with you.”
I fell on top of Sam and reached even further, but it was no use. Sam had captured my book. “Seriously?”
I fumbled over his wide body and he dropped the book onto the floor and immediately grabbed my waist, startling me once again. He threw me back to my original spot and rolled himself over so that he was hovering over me. “Please,” he pouted as his held me down.
Under the weight of his body, I struggled to get away. Anything to get away from this conversation. “Sam, please, make these easier than it has to be. Just leave it alone.”
I guess that Sam heard and saw the seriousness on my face because he let go.
Sam didn’t say anything else for the rest of the night.

The next morning, as the three of us were readying for departure, Dean and I stood outside in the parking lot, leaning against the trunk of his precious Impala. Dean gave me a smirk. “So you know what today is, right?”
I knew what today was, but pretended not to. “Um, Tuesday?”
Dean gave me a Really? look. I sighed. “Yes, I know what today is. A day for pathetically lonely people like me.”
“Being alone is your fault.”
I flinched. “Excuse me?”
“You could be with someone if you just tried.”
“I could say the same for you, Dean,” I reminded him.
His eyes moved away from me and back to the empty highway. “It didn’t work out.”
“There’s no one I can even be with anyway,” I said, trying to move the subject away from Dean’s failed romances.
Dean scoffed. “Not that you know of.”
I laughed at the comment. “Yeah right, Dean. Like you know anyone who’s into me?”
He stood up. “God! You’re so blind!”
“Who could you possibly be talking about?” I crossed my arms as I stood up too.
“Who do we both know that is exactly your type: tall, handsome, and a Winchester?”
I was taken by his question. “Sam?”
Dean nodded, as if it was such an obvious answer.
“You can’t possibly be serious. We’ve been friends forever. He can’t actually be into me…” I paused for a moment. The more I thought about it, the less insane it sounded. “Can he?”
“I’ll just go drive around for awhile, just go talk to him, please,” Dean said.
As he turned to go, I stopped him. “Hey Dean?”
He looked up at me. “Yeah?”
He gave me a smile and nodded as if he expected this response. I watched him as he pulled out of the parking lot and zoom away, red dust billowing behind him. I stood in the cloud and thought about the new situation.
After a few moments, I warily went back inside the motel room. I closed the door behind me. My eyes quickly adjusted to the yellowish dim lights.
Sam stood at the foot of his bed shoving clothes into a bag. He looked up at me and asked where Dean had gone.
“I don’t know. Said he wanted to drive around for awhile.”
Sam nodded and went back to his packing. After a brief moment of silence, I interrupted him again. “Hey Sam, can we talk?”
I walked towards him uneasily. I hadn’t thought that much ahead, so the situation could’ve gone either way. He stopped packing and turned towards me. I stopped closely enough that I could feel the heat radiate from his body, but far enough away that I could dart away like a coward if it ended badly.
“I just want to say I’m sorry for last night. You just wanted to talk and I shouldn’t have been such a bitch –”
“You weren’t a bitch,” he interrupted.
“Yes I was.”
“I shouldn’t have pushed you. I should’ve respected your space,” he argued.
“Today’s just not a good day.”
“Today? What’s to–” he stopped. “Valentine’s day?”
I nodded and tried to distract myself from Sam. His alluring hazel eyes, his broad shoulders, his strong arms.
He reached out and held my hands gingerly, “I get it. Being alone sucks, but you’re not alone. You have me. And Dean,” he said. The last part sounded like an afterthought. It made me smile a little.
“Right. You. And Dean,” I repeated. I inched closer to his body with every word.
Sam swallowed. “Right. Me and –”
Neither of us could take the tension any more. Sam’s hands ran through my hair roughly as he pulled me closer. I moaned into it, trying to breathe him all in. My arms wrapped around his neck, feeling all the warmth of his body. I fumbled backwards onto the bed, pulling Sam with me.
He crawled over me just like he did the night before. Sam held my arms above my head as he moved his lips lower.
“Sam,” I groaned. His lips nipped at my hot skin as my hands ran through his hair. “Urghhh. Don’t stop.”
I pulled him back towards my own mouth. I craved his taste. We fumbled at our clothes as our tongues fought for dominance. He moaned into my mouth, sending vibrations through my body. In seconds, clothes had hit the floor.
Sam’s tongue danced across my sweaty body as I dug my nails in the muscles of his back in desperation. “Please, Sam…”
His hard member rubbed against my thigh. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. Sam pulled away from me and looked into my eyes. “Are you sure? We don’t have to –”
“Yes, oh my God, yes.”
Eagerly, Sam smiled as he kissed me tenderly. He pulled up towards his own body as he rolled us over, holding me in his strong arms. He rolled us over so I was on top.
He lifted me on top of him and I lowered myself onto his thick cock, filling myself up to the brim. He gave me a moment to adjust before we grinded together. It was hot and electric and everything I wanted it to be. My orgasm shook in my body.
When it was all said and done, Sam and I were nose to nose.
He pecked my nose before drifting asleep. I ran my hand over the edge of Sam’s face as he snores softly. “I love you, Sammy.”

your fandom is problematic- carry on

-all a bunch of pyromaniac nerds
-so gay
-there’s only one otp
-not enough smut because everyone is so smol
-but when there is smut wOaH
-too many coffee shop AUs
-the writing is too good
-the art is too good
-it’s hard to get mint aero bars in the US
-what do you do if you’re allergic to cherries?
-heated intellectual discussions about the sexual orientation of a fictional gay wizard
-we are all Cather Avery (thus socially awkward social recluses who have dance parties and wear odd sweaters)
-is Agatha aro or is she meant to be with Penelope???????
-the ask blogs
-too nice
-too supportive
-will literally message you to try to cheer you up if you even allude to having a bad day
-cries all day because snowbaz

Amateur Night

Summary: Sam and Dean need cash after a hunt and, when they discover there’s no where to hustle pool, turn to amateur night at a local strip club.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Pairings: None

Word Count: 480

Warnings: a little bit of cursing; implied nakedness

A/N: Just a little drabble about everyone’s favorite brothers based on this lovely gif

Originally posted by eclipsedbydestiel

“I can’t believe we just had to destroy the only bar in a 50 mile radius,” Dean grumbled as he and Sam climbed into the Impala.  He turned the key and pulled onto the road, pointing his baby toward the motel.  “Shit, Sam, give me your wallet.  We need gas and I’m out of cash.”

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Things I was thinking while watching the mid-season finale of Lucifer:

- So far, we’ve had as “partners”: Chloe & Lucifer, Dan & Chloe, Lucifer & Dan, Lucifer & Ella, Dan & Ella, Lucifer & Maze, Chloe & Maze, Maze & Dan, Amenadiel & Lucifer, Amenadiel & Maze (surely I’m forgetting someone here). It’s amazing how well they work together, no matter the combination the writers use. That’s simply awesome.

- It’s great what they’re doing with Dan. So, so great. It would’ve been soooo easy for the writers to keep him as the Douche™ but they didn’t, and I love the way he’s evolving. I really like him now (and I can’t believe I’m saying this).

- The diversity in this show is WONDERFUL. The fact that there are more women that men in the main cast is amazing (and it’s sad that this is something worth mentioning), and not just that, they also use women in places of power, such as the judge and the chinese woman in last episode (sorry I didn’t catch their names, I’m awful at remembering these things). 

- I really, REALLY want/need a musical episode. I don’t know why, I don’t think is necessary, BUT I WANT IT. Also please, give me an episode where we have all the cast together. Something like Chloe’s birthday, Maze hiring a stripper who comes out of the cake, Lucifer horrified, Chloe horrified, Dan judgmental, Trixie hiding cake, Ella hugging the stripper and, I don’t know, everybody being awesome.

- I don’t mind cliffhangers but that last moment wasn’t a cliffhanger, IT WAS A SCENE CUT IN TWO. So rude, writers, so rude.

- The music in this show is great. I’m discovering a lot of songs so yeah, thanks for that.

- I like the explanation about Chloe being special. But I really want it to be adressed that she’s not a prize to be won and that what’s happening between her and Lucifer is THEIR choice and only theirs. Also I’m a bit cautious because I don’t want this plot to be like “woman literally being born for the sake of a man” but well, the writers haven’t disappointed me so far and I trust them to make it right.

- The tension between Lucifer and Chloe is wonderful and delicious and so intense it wouldn’t be believable to drag it out for too long. And yes, if done right, a kiss or under the sheets action doesn’t have to kill a show/relationship (Fringe’s Peter and Olivia almost kissed in 2x15 and kissed in 2x22. So yeah, quite soon and the world didn’t end)

- Is it January yet?

tldr; forgive my English, Spanish is my 1st language and I probably made some mistakes here. Oh well.

Oh! Happy Story time!

So a couple nights ago, my brother and I got together with a couple of His Friends for trivia night. We’ve done this a few times now and it’s always a lot of fun. We all get along real well. This last Thursday, I double booked my night and planned to go karaoke at a bar with a couple of My Friends. Once trivia ended, I said I was heading out and my brother and His Friends were like “Oh, fun! We love karaoke. Mind if we come hear you for a song or two?”

I came out to my brother back in November and he handled it like a pro, but I had decided to keep it between us for now. Business as usual! Anyway, I very quickly told everyone that A) I’m trans, B) My name is Toni, and C) everyone at the bar we were heading to knows me by that name.

These two handled it like champs and very quickly made the name change, no questions asked. We met up with My Friends, made introductions, had some drinks, sang some songs, and hung out for an extra 4 hours.

It was a great experience and really reassuring. I’m so aware how lucky I am to have the people that I do in my life.

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it’s been a pretty bad year for everyone, but amongst all the tragedy, anger, and pain were people who made this year a little less crap. in honor of them, i’d like to give a special shout out to some of my mutuals and friends- i love everyone on this list and hope that we all have a better 2017 (it’s not like the bar is set very high)

im sure i forgot people, so if we are mutuals and you aren’t on here im sorry and i promise it wasn’t intentional 💖


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So, I’ve been traveling a lot lately and getting into all kinds of wacky adventures. I think at least one of my 18 followers might find this amusing;

Last weekend I ended up lost in Frankfurt because my friend wanted Japanese noodles but couldn’t remember the location of the noodle restaurant she wanted to go to. In our wandering we came across a comic book shop with this in the window. Of course I made everyone stop so I could run in and buy it.

I spent the next six hours carrying it around in the rain as we wandered in search of food and then a bar we could agree upon (no small feat with six cranky, picky people). When we finally got on the train home, my friend’s husband asked me how the hell I was able to carry this around (even through a hookah bar) without complaining. I explained how much I loved the Hound etc, and then he asked if I was into Sansan. When I answered “Yes”, he called me a “loser”.

So holding on tight to my now slightly soggy, smoky and warped box full of plastic Rory McCann, I screamed; “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP, ASSHOLE!” And promptly got side eyed by the rest of our group as I stared at my friend’s husband like a pissed off cat for the next two stops.

I regret nothing.


“(Y/n),” Hercules yelled out from the bar you and your friends were currently at, “I have a confession to make.”

“Oh, sweet Jesus.” You said, realizing he had attracted the attention of everyone in the bar. 

“(Y/n)”, he said, “I cannot hold it in anymore. I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember.”

A chorus of awe’s and, in your friends’ case, giggles went out around the bar and you blushed. 

“Hercules, baby,” you said, tugging on his arm hoping to get him down from the bar, “We’ve been dating for 2 years, I know you love me and I love you too.”

He gave you an admittedly adorable confused look.

“Really?” he said, and the broke out into a huge grin, “That’s amazing!”

You laughed at his childishness, “Honey, get down from the bar for me okay. I don’t want you to fall.”