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When will the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer ever get a hardbound boxset? I’m pretty sure most of us who owns this series have different covers for his books that when we put them on our shelves it looks weird because of different spines. Why do they keep changing it? Why can’t they make up their mind and release a boxset already? 

From the page:

  • What is this about?

The project is called “We love Colfer” and it’s meant to be a tribute for our beloved, so talented Christopher Paul Colfer.

  • Is he going to see the final result?

Yep. We’ll show him the final work after we reach more than 1,000 submissions. After we do, we’ll announce you how exactly Chris will find out.

  • How can I submit?

You can either submit a photo/video/text (including stories, how Chris changed your life etc) or you can post it on your blog, tagging it either with #wlc or/and #welovecolfer . I’ll reblog the posts on this blog :]

  • How many times can I submit?

As many times as you wish.

  • What exactly can I submit?

Basically anything! WLC is accepting photos of yourself, holding a sign saying “I love Chris Colfer”, visual art (painting, graphics, sketches, anything), letters, short stories and essays. Be original, go crazy and express everything you feel.

More on the project on the “About” page.
Creator of the project: severussnack


Okay, I’m doing a serious one now.

Dear Chris Colfer,

Thankyou. Just.. thankyou. You have influenced many lives. Including mine, actually. I was being bullied. It may sound stupid, but the way you handled the whole situation on Glee was just… bleh. I can’t describe it. It’s just amazing. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing.

Also, you’re an amazing actor. You and Darren are easily some of my favourite actors of all time. If you ever stopped being an actor, I will cry. No, i’m not kidding. You are just that.. no words! At all.

Oh, also, can I say you are fucking BEAUTIFUL?

I love you. Thankyou.


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