we love abed

every time fall out boy releases new music
  • y'all in the first few weeks: i hate this tbh... like its so different, they don't even sound like fall out boy anymore.
  • y'all in a couple of months: OOPS I, DID IT AGAIN, I F-

gaybirdx  asked:

I love your pharmercy art sooooo much omg. It's perfect. >:0

Thanks! I doodled them while taking a break from comms. So here you go c:

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

Washboard Wednesday - Summer of Abs Edition

Hello Washboard Lovelies!

Sorry I took a breather for a bit.  Back now with some shots for you. Leading off with one supplied by the man himself. 

Sign me up for this. 

Pick a favorite arty edit. 

Just hanging around, being awesome. 

I promise we’ll have some good ones next week, my friends. In the meantime, I hope you butterflies have lovely days. 

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i honestly love the class intro because like 

they have so many options for charlie smiling, crying, looking scared, looking mysterious, looking sinister, his face is actually so expressive they could go for just abt anything

and the moment they end up including at the beginning of every. single. episode. is fucking. THIS

and like… yeah. i’m okay with this. they Get It. that’s him

The Shape of Water = Hellboy

We see such a ton of Hellboy here this is amazing! 

“The Princess without a voice” Princess = Nuala (even if she can speak but still)

She plays classic (older) music for him, just like Abe loves to hear this kind of music when he’s swimming.

The thing in the tank = Abe Sapien (both also has similar designs)

The thing eats eggs, and we all know Abe loves foul rotten eggs, it’s his favorite food

“He sees me as I am” Could be a reference to Nuala’s being because Abe had such an intense and hard crush on her that anything didn’t matter just her. 

It’s the story of Nuala and Abe in shape of another Del Toro movie ♥