we lost two great people in two weeks

Off-screen Post #17.a

Monday, 1/25/16 12:30 PM

JIMMY: And since you gave us all those photos, we can add music to help our appeal. We can use that song Lost Boy. It comes on the radio all the t-t-time. Now whenever people hear that song they will remember that Kenny’s missing.
KYLE: You really think this will help, Jim?
JIMMY: In these kind of situations you just have to hope for the best. How l-long did you say he’s been m-missing?
KYLE: Two weeks.

JIMMY: Two… weeks… great. This is coming along nicely, Kyle.
KYLE: Yeah… thanks for doing this, dude.
JIMMY: No sweat. Honestly I had no idea Kenny was missing until Craig told me so yesterday. And really that’s your whole problem. Word has not been travelling.

KYLE: Not travelling? We’ve been telling everyone Kenny’s been in contact with since he left. How’s that possible?
JIMMY: W-Well, no offense Kyle, but your group has a huge ego problem. People p-rrobably think you guys made the whole thing up to get attention.

KYLE: …So… people this is all some big joke.
JIMMY: No worries, pal. Once this video goes up on the school news everyone will take your story seriously. Everyone’s gonna be looking for Kenny.

JIMMY: Once Wednesday comes around, you’ll have Kenny back before you can say “Thank god Jimmy runs the school news!” 

KYLE: … … I… hope you’re right, Jimmy…