we look rad

Sooo I got bored of studying math and was fooling around with bestie and this came into existence xD.

We hc that Natsuki has finally learnt how to use the edit feature in Snapchat and this was the result!

Natsuki- Rei-chan-senpai suggested the glasses and mustaches, Syo-chan!! He said that we would look ‘rad’ *gives a bright smile*
Syo- ……..
Ren- ……wow buki really got us there
Natsuki- Aahhhh we just look so rad!!
Ren- it suits you ochibi-chan *laughs*
Syo- *whispers* You look weirder
Ren- *whispers* We all look weird now but lets not hurt shinomii’s feelings *laughs*
Natsuki- Should I edit Tokiya-kun, Masato-kun, Otoya-kun and Cecil-kun too??
Ren- *smiles nervously* Sure if you want to..
Syo- *smirks* Reiji is also in the full picture
Natsuki- Ahhh!! I’ll edit them too! Thank you for telling Syo-chan x3 *runs off*
Ren- that was some nasty revenge
Syo- hff its for giving me a ribbon


The Maker smiles sadly on his Grey Wardens, so the Chantry says, as no sacrifice is greater than theirs.

@oohgreywarden and I debuted our Grey Warden costumes at Anime Expo this year! Of course you can’t…really…see any of the actual costumes in these shorts but we look rad as hell (even though my wig fell out of its buns before we even got to the photoshoot). Regardless, I’m so so so proud of these - Ash and I worked our butts off and I think the end result is pretty darn cool. 

These will be going through a round of repairs and then coming with us to SDCC! 

Attention Teeny Tiny Dinky Baby Blogs

Rory and I don’t really follow a lot of people, only 48 blogs and it’s ridiculous how much I exhaust my dash.

SO, we have decided we wanted to follow some rad blogs that don’t have a lot of followers (it’s not that we don’t love you if you have a lot of followers, but we just want to help some smaller blogs out).

Pretty much here are the criteria for what we’re looking for:

1. Less than 500 followers

2. Reblog 99.9999% 5sos and/or One Direction (We’re really looking for fandom oriented blogs)

***Also to go along with this, it helps if you also reblog from smaller blogs and not the larger ones, not because we don’t love the larger ones, it’s just we see multiples of their posts all of the time so it’s nice to get some variety!

3. It’d be cool if you made your own gifs or witty text posts that we could reblog :)

Yep, that’s pretty much all I can think of right now :)

But if you want us to check out your blog just send us a message or like/reblog this post and we’ll check them all out :) Probably sometime tomorrow or after we update :)


P.S. If we don’t follow you, please don’t be mad at us D: We’re looking to only follow 5-10 blogs and I don’t know how many people are even going to like this haha it could be no one

fantasma-fatprincess replied to your post “@ every rose quartz cosplayer out there: how is every single one of…”

I feel you so hard, this is why I haven’t done a rose cosplay yet, her hair is so big cuz its full of secrets

right right? I’m totally down n ready for all her other props n as someone who hates sewing would readily do her dress n all that jazz before her wig bc its big n intimidating


Captain America: Civil War - Trailer

First trailer for Civil War. As expected Cap and Tony are on opposite sides of vigilanteism. Tony wants government regulation and Cap, doesn’t. I think the people on his ‘side’ (Scarlet Witch, Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye) all make perfect sense. Same goes with the opposite. Tony, Rhodey, and Natasha are much more the type to want the full backing of the government.

It was nice to get a first look at Black Panther. He looks rad.

We didn’t see any Spider-Man, but I can only assume that he’ll have an extremely small part in the film. The Marvel / Sony agreement came pretty far along into the production of this movie. They’re lucky to get him in at all.

Oh, and we’re going to see at least one fight where Cap and Bucky are beating the living crap out of Iron Man.

I’m excited for this. It’s (for some reason) making me think it’s like an opposite of X-Men 2. Where instead of the heroes and villians uniting, our heroes are torn apart. It’s actually the perfect follow up to Age of Ultron and Winter Soldier. Tensions were already high between the government and Cap, and SHIELD and Cap… I’m excited for this.