we look goooood

Get Pranked

Pairing: Clint x F!Reader


a clint x reader where everyone is having a prank war?

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Y/N.

Clint: babe

Clint: babe!

Clint: BABE

You: Did someone text me? Not sure.


You: Oh it’s my love. Hey.

Clint: loki managed to prank me

Clint: that means I’m losing the war I started. If I get pranked again, I’m defeated.

Clint: that makes me sad.

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Okay but can we PLEASE imagine Joe just wearing a crop top and Caspar is just like holy shit Joe !! U look great !! And joes just like all casual like oh thanks man !! And then they go shopping together to get Joe more crop tops


I went clubbing for the first time on Saturday after my Prom. My parents didn’t know, but it was honestly the best night of my life. Ive always feared not having control over my reactions and body but I think I handled it surprisingly well. Was so happy to go out with a group of beautiful black ladies who take care of each other . I don’t think it would have been the same with out them #BlackGirlMagic P.S. Cant believe I forgot to say we all looked soooo goooood. Love my sistas.