we live in paradise

imagine we make contact with an alien species that’s like, vastly technologically superior, they could fucking kill us in a single shot if they really wanted to

and this species has never eaten salad before. and we show them salad and they eat it and they’re like holy living fuck this is tasty. and suddenly they’re offering us huge houses with all kind of advanced technological shit and incredible medical care and all the amenities and everything, with the only condition that we keep making salad for them.

and like, salad isn’t even hard to make. grab some plants, dump em in a bowl. it doesn’t have to be fancy salad, they’ll fall all over themselves for the most mediocre salad in the world. we can make so much salad that we’re practically drowning in it, even if we eat some of the salad ourselves. and in exchange we’re protected from danger, we have great living conditions, it’s basically paradise compared to life on earth


Zach Dempsey x Reader | Paradise

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Warning: minor sexual content

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Here I was, living life in paradise with my boyfriend Zach Dempsey. We were currently spending spring break together in Malé, Maldives. It was quite the dream to be on a beautiful island with a hot boyfriend. You must be wondering how it all started off, well, here goes the story.

It all started about 2 years ago, I was an average student, I did well in all my subjects except for Biology. Science wasn’t my favourite subject then again, that was until my Biology teacher had assigned Zach to tutor me. It felt weird at first that a jock was coming over to my place or I was going over to his for our 2 hour tuition session.

I wasn’t used to this kind of thing, that is being around someone who is known to be popular. I’m a quiet person until you get to know me then only do I reveal my bubbly side. I never spoke to guys in a hurry at school other than Clay since he was the first one who wasn’t a pervert. My thoughts about Zach changed after seeing him for 5 sessions. He was really helpful, he knew his stuff and well, in a way I’m sure you would all agree that when you have a hot person around you it’s good motivation.

That 5th session of seeing him changed everything. We had just finished and as I was packing away my stuff I could feel his stare on me but chose to ignore it. “Thanks again Zach” I said. I stood up throwing my bag on my shoulder and walked to his door. He followed close behind me “Anytime” he said and walked me out. I was just leaving “Bye” I waved him off. “Wait” he stopped me. “What’s wrong ?” I asked. He placed his lips on mine which I hadn’t seen coming, after taking in what was going on, it didn’t take me long to kiss back. It felt good. “I’ve always wanted to do that” he said when we stopped to take a breath. That was the start to Zach and I’s relationship.

I thought for a change that Zach and I should go some place different this year for spring break. We’re always at home or doing the usual movie dates but this time our 2 year anniversary was around the corner. I thought we might as well do something exciting and different for a change. I told Zach about my idea which he was perfectly fine with just the 2 of us going, we had agreed on going to Maldives.

My parents were fine with me going since they trust Zach and they like him too. Zach’s mom didn’t have a problem either since she knew he was going with me and not with bad company.

I’m glad packing for me wasn’t that hard because all I needed was a few t-shirts, shorts, a dress, bikinis and swimsuits with just 3 pairs of shoes. I had packed at least 2 days before so over time I remember what last minute items to put into my bag.

We waved off our parents one last time then went through security and passport control. Zach and I weren’t in the mood to eat so we just decided to wait at the gate. It only started boarding an hour later. The line to board wasn’t that bad since it moved fast, Zach had a window seat as I sat in the middle. When they had announced that the flight would take off shortly, the joy had come to me because their was a vacant seat next to me which means more sleep. After we had taken off I picked up both armrests and laid my head on Zach’s lap - growing up, I could never sleep the night before a flight I guess because of the adrenaline rush - the flight was 20 hrs and 30 mins anyway so I should get more than enough rest.

Finally landing in Maldives, we took a boat to our resort, then after reaching we had checked in and might I say this place was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t feel like leaving here. Zach and I left our luggage as it was, we took a walk to the beach which was literally less than 10m away from our room. We just stood where the singers were and admired the view and surroundings. Clear water and white sand, can this get any better ?

“Okay we can’t afford to waste anymore time, I’m going to change” I blurted and started walking back to our room. “I’ll meet up with you in a few” he said. I tossed my suitcase on our bed and pulled out the first bikini I could find. It was a classic black bikini with a few cut outs on either side of the underwear. I discarded my clothes and had on my bikini bottom and top. Just tying off my bikini top, I couldn’t get the back straps to tie. “Woah baby girl. Are we celebrating our honeymoon later ?” He whistled and walked up behind me, he moved my hair onto my shoulder and tied off my back. “You wish” I turned to give him a quick kiss on his cheek. “Ready ?” I asked looking him up and down. All he had to do was take off his shirt. So simple.

We walked back hand in hand, I took a few steps onto the wet sand to see how cold it is and to my luck the temperature wasn’t bad at all. I then jogged until the water had reached my hips, “Are you getting in or what ?” I asked him. He grinned and took slow steps, when he was at arms length away from me I started splashing the water at him. I knew then I had to run for my life. He literally caught me just when I could turn to run “Theirs no running away from me now” he said and threw me over his shoulder. “Zach pit me down” I whined and started kicking my legs and hitting his back with my fists. “Nah I rather have you dangling like this” he laughed “Of course you do, you’re enjoying the view aren’t you ?” I rolled my eyes.

The next thing I was in contact with the water, Zach had thrown me in. I ran my fingers through my hair to move it away from the face “How dare you ?” I murmured, I was freezing. “What was that ?” He cupped his hand around his ear pretending he didn’t hear me. Haha really funny. The boy thought its going down tonight, well it would’ve if he hadn’t done this. Payback time is on. I was hoping to just relax but thanks to Zach my plans are now all ruined. “You think this is funny ?” I raised an eyebrow and walked passed him to our room. He followed close behind me “Yeah I do actually” he said and started laughing again.

I went to our outdoor shower and ran the water, standing underneath it with my back facing Zach. I slowly loosened the strings of my bikini, I started with my top by loosening my neck and then mid back. My hands trailed down to my bottoms and pulling both strings at the same time leaving the bikini to fall off. Now stood in front of Zach was a naked (Y/N). I felt his stare on my ass “Oh I see where this is going” he smirked. With the water still running over me, I cupped my breasts and turned to face Zach. His jaw dropped. “Look all you want baby because you can see but you can’t touch” I said, then squeezed my breasts and leaving them free. My hands trailed down to my core and slowly back up to my breasts.

I closed the tap and ran my hands through my hair, grabbing the near by towel to cover my self, I stood in front of a horny Zach “Happy Early Anniversary babe ” I said and gave him a peck on the cheek.

I was here thinking about how Supergirl’s fandom in season 1 was such a happy corner for us part of it.
When we didn’t have hysterical teens with no boundaries whatsoever. When everything was light and fun. When you could ship any character with whoever you wanted and it was okay.
We were living in like a paradise of fandoms and we knew it.

This Side of Paradise

Pairing: Kim Taehyung / Reader

Genre: Royalty AU + Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

Summary: This is the side of paradise we shall always be.

Count: 648 words.

Note: Happy birthday, @sydist.


It was always the same mundane routine. He would wake at the break of dawn by rhythmic bells and the shuffle of his servants. With their aid, he would be clad in the finest garbs, adorned by regal ornaments before his morning meal—which usually consisted of cuisines that he had grown to loathe. At the stroke of noon, he would sit at the throne and lend an ear to woeful complaints of those who inhabited his kingdom when, frankly, all he pondered about during those moments was: “Why is this crown so heavy?”

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RFA: Yandere

Hello~~~!!! What if all of the RFA Members + Saeran are Yanderes? Ya know gore, scissors, knife, etc… (its a request but you dont have to do it if you’re too busy making other’s request or too tired) @directionery19274

This one’s kind of short, I decided to just make lil dialogues from the guys. 

[[TW: Mentions of Blood]] 


   You’re talking to other men again, I see. Didn’t I tell you to stop doing that? You say love me. But lying is quite easy, isn’t it? I only just found you. I won’t let you leave me. Stay with me. Even if it means I have to hurt you, I won’t let you go. 

   But you wouldn’t leave me, right? So there shouldn’t be any reason for me to hurt you, right? For your sake, I hope you certainly won’t. 


   Other men have no right to look at your beauty. Your grace and elegance almost rivals mine. That’s why I cannot let others gawk at you. They don’t deserve your presence. If anyone dares to look at you, I don’t think I will be able to restrain myself. 

   Restrain myself from what, you ask? Well princess, let’s just say that there’s a reason why my eyes are the color of blood. 


   MC, have you been meeting people behind my back? You seem a little nervous. I’ve learnt to observe the finest details, and I can clearly see that something is off about your behavior today.

   I don’t care if you love me now. I need you to only be able to love me. Be emotionally and physically incapable of loving another woman or man. In order to do that, guess I’ll have to do some things. Don’t you agree?


   Don’t leave my line of sight. If I cannot see you, there’s a possibility that someone will come steal you from me. But I suppose there’s no need to worry about that. After all, I could easily dispose of anyone who dares to try and take you from me. 

   You can try to run, MC. But remember, I always get what I want. No matter what I have to do. No matter who I have to hurt. 


   You can’t leave me. You’ll be in danger without me. I’m clearly protecting you, aren’t I? And if you try to escape me, who knows what will try and harm you? But you don’t need to worry. I’ll always find you and bring you back. I’ll keep you safe from all the dangers outside. 

   But if you do try to escape, know that I can’t guarantee that you’ll be back in one piece. Or rather, that you’ll stay in one piece….

[V and Unknown]

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Stars are what we writers dream about. They show us that life can be cruel. How no one thinks of stars when the sun comes out. They also show us that our problems are so tiny in this gigantic universe and how’s there so much more to look forward to. They show us that no matter how many clouds block their way, they strive to shine and they succeed. No matter how small they may look, they have their own stardust. They show us that we’re honoured to be living in this magnificent universe, which we should call our paradise. With such thoughts crowding my head, I took a deep breath and took it all in. For I knew such an experience was difficult to come by, so I just decided to make the most of it.
We were one, and only that mattered. We lived in paradise. We fled on bicycles to lie in buttercup fields, beside railway bridges, near canals, and waste land awaiting housing estates. Ours was already a suburban countryside, but it was as lovely and significant to us as the Garden of Eden. She was not an intellectual or bookish girl, she had the wisdom of the innocents and we conversed as angels. She was at home in time and space.
—  Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea
Loyalty » Sam Drake

Request: one shot of working with rafe in order to get his info for sam and nate, but you have to end up having to fight sam (aka boyfriend) cos rafe orders you to??? p.s. i love your writing :)))

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 3238

A/N: Okay, I know I fucked up the last request that was like this. I got a lot of shit for it and I know that one sucked (Undercover, I’m looking at you). Hopefully, this one lives up to everyone’s expectations. I’m sorry that Undercover was so disappointing. I’m pretty disappointed when I go back and read it. I just hope everyone likes this one! c:

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<101 Special> Live Broadcast

can we talk about this paradise?

because that was like a paradise to me, I can’t stop laughing, smiling and be proud of my babies the entire episode. it’s a bless that they give us 3 more episodes. gah!! okay let’s go!

they chose PRINCE SIX as their group name (with unique greeting courtesy by Kim Hodu)

the way they saved each other phone number was so funny. Seonho->Donghan = Produce Donghan Hyung, Gunhee->Everyone = “I add their company name”, Sanggyun = “I don’t save anyone number, even my mom” what? haha.

Hyunbin Seonho Sorry Sorry.. oowh! Gunhee Sanggyun Replay.. *faint* Gunhee Kenta Cheer Up.. kyak! All of them doing OPEN UP, omg I don’t know Sanggyun knew all the routine! so proud!

the boys got very happy receiving all the present and I was sobbing.

Gunhee said that he’s not close yet with Donghan (despite they are the same age) but through the broadcast their interaction was so cute.

Hyunbin nervous in the beginning but got too excited through the broadcast to the point he’s taking it hard to breathe is the cutest thing. they were so excited to do this.

the virtual reality thing got my boys frightened. haha Gunhee had the most daebak reaction!

Spring Day Kenta made a comeback featuring Sanggyun.

boys jamming to Bang Bang Bang got me jumping up!

Donghan was forever good in doing choreography for all songs!

they promise to wear uniform next week despite they didn’t get punishment for it, because the comment was too scary for them to read, they wanted them to be punished(?) and when Hyunbin suggested that they should wear their High School uniform, Donghan said that Seonho is still in Junior High, they laugh and Hyunbin said to Sanggyun that they are old. kkk. Kenta maybe doesn’t have his High School uniform with him so Hyunbin offered to bring his other uniform for Kenta to wear. kyakk! can’t wait for next week!

[TRANS] Rankingbox - FTISLAND “’Paradise’ is during lives when we can feel happiness with the audience” the confidence that they can overcome anything as long as there is the 5 of them.

These interviews often times contain pretty much the same information, so here, I’m only going to try to translate some parts that are only published in this interview. ;)

2017 marks 10th debut anniversary of FTISLAND. When they debuted 10 years ago, they were just high school students, but now, they have gained quite an experience in Japan, and they have become Korea’s rock bands representative. In Korea, in June, they released their 10th anniversary album, Over 10 Years, showing their presence as a veteran. In Japan, in April, they have also released United Shadows. And following the released of their new single, “Paradise” on August 23, they have also planned to hold their tour in September. After this Japan tour, a world tour is waiting. In this chance, they will tell us about FTISLAND that keeps on running in their 10th year of friendship and their 10 years of unchanging love toward music.

– On the day of the MV shooting, it seems like something serious happened to Jaejin?

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