we live hockey

onsecondthoughtmaybe replied to your photo “@urgirlmontana crushed me at NHL16 in the hockey hall of fame and i’m…”

gurl how are you liking canada

i love it here. i am never leaving. you will have to pry canada from my cold, dead hands.

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It's practically impossible not to fall in love with Seguin and Benn, so you are like this.. Because we are all like this. Welcome to real hockey hell

oh GOOD! thank you for validating me ahahaha

I’ve known about Seguin for a long time, because back in late high school/early college one of my friends was obsessed with him (I live in Rhode Island - and as I’m sure you probably already know he played on the Bruins), but JAMIE BENN MAN I JUST CAN’T 


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