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I enjoyed your friend's rant. But the problem is that both of you suffer from the same delusions of grandeur that you attribute to your admittedly ignorant anons who think they've become experts via google. The truth of the matter is that neither you nor she has any clue if the100 will get cancelled or not. A garbage show w cable tv like ratings is an afterthought to a gigantic AT&T-TW entity.Even Pedo is at the mercy of bigger swinging dicks in the industry.

The fact that y'all LOVE to talk shit but clearly can’t process information is hilarious at this point. She never talked about the flop getting renewed. Didn’t even touch that topic. Did you even read what she wrote?

I’ve also never said “I know the show is getting renewed!”. Not once. What I’ve repeatedly said is basically: “temper your expectations and hold off on the premature celebrations until we see what happens over the next 3-4 weeks BUT if the trend continues, renewal is likely.” I’ve never talked in certainties. I’ve made deductions and come to conclusions based on a clear set of numbers and facts. You know, the same conclusions that every website that predicts renewals has eventually come to. Are they wrong in their assumptions as well? So everyone but you is wrong? I see…makes a lot of sense.