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ya’ll i can not handle another News Story™ about some person swimming at the beach suddenly seeing a shark and being like “I was SHOCKED to see a shark in the water”







Love To Watch You Walk Away (Reader x Dolan Twins)

AN: Got this idea one night and thanks to @scuteedolans for getting me motivated to write it!!

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I looked in the mirror and ran my fingers through my just curled hair to make them into messy beach waves. With a sigh I rolled my eyes at the thought of going to this beach bonfire party. My best friends Ethan and Grayson Dolan invited me to a YouTube party, which I usually protest against but this time they got me to say yes. I just finished curling my hair and headed over to my closet to pick something to wear. I was going to choose 1 of the 2 usual Y/N outfits which is black leggings, a crop top and an oversized flannel or high waisted jean shorts with a tank top tucked in.

I kept eyeing this dress that I had bought a couple of days ago with my friends. I looked back at it again and grabbed it. It was an olive green body con dress that came up to my knees. The girls made me try it on, fell in love with it on me than made me buy it. I can’t lie when I say it’s something that I usually wear because it not. My style is very laid back and comfortable. I put the dress on my bed and started to do my makeup.

I shaped and filled my eyebrows, put on  foundation, concealed my under eyes, set my foundation, contoured and highlighted, bronzed my face and then finished the look off with my mascara and a nude lipstick. I walked over to my bed and put on the dress. I looked at the mirror and I was impressed with how I looked.

The dress hugged me in all the right places and definitely hugged my curves and made my butt look even bigger and rounder. I slipped on my Michael Kors black bow sandals since the party was on the beach. My phone had gone off with a text from Grayson saying they would meet me in front of the apartment building in 2 minutes. Since I lived the closest to the beach, we decided to just walk. I grabbed my key to lock up my apartment, my lipstick for touch ups and my cellphone and headed downstairs.

I got out of the elevator and I could see the boys sitting on the steps with their backs turned to me through the glass doors.

“Hey guys, are you ready to go?” I asked them. They both mumbled something and stood up to put their phones in their phones in their pockets before turning around to face me.

“I’m sorry but, are you wearing a dress?” Ethan looked at me in shock and Grayson just didn’t say anything. I rolled my eyes at Ethans question. Grayson smirked at me before crossing his arms.

“You, Y/N Y/L/N, is wearing a dress? Where’s the leggings, or baggy shirt, or shorts? This isn’t you is it?” Grayson teased me. I laughed and just shook my head.

“Is it really that big of a deal? It’s just a dress. What do I not look good?” I started to get self conscious because this isn’t really something I’d wear.

“No no no Y/N you look great. We are just joking.” Grayson apologized to me. I laughed and shook my head.

“Okay, if you guys are done teasing me now, can we get to this party before I change my mind?” I asked the boys. They both nodded their head and I turned around to walk in front of them. I didn’t hear any footsteps behind me. I turned around to see both boys with a shocked look on their face and their mouth open.

“Hello, Earth to Dolans. Are you guys coming?” The boys looked back at me and nodded in sync. I turned around and started to walk towards the beach. I could hear the boys 2 steps behind me and I could hear what they were talking about.

“Now I know what Lil Wayne meant,” Grayson said. I looked over my shoulder to see him and Ethan smirking and in unison they said, “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave.” They both laughed at what they said. We got to the beach and I turned around.

“You guys are gross” I laughed and shoved them a bit.

“Hey, it not our fault you’ve been hiding your ass underneath leggings and baggy shirts for our entire friendship. We were caught off guard.” Ethan said with a smirk on his face as well as Grayson.

I rolled my eyes, “I need a drink. I’m gonna go find the girls.” I turned around and started to walk away.

“And there it is again Y/N. I’m not gonna get use to seeing this sight and believe me when I say, we definitely won’t forget it.” Grayson yelled out as I shook my head and gave him the finger.

lights flashing [M] // JIMIN

summary - Your parents’ beach house always sparked the right kind of imagination in your mind - but what happens when a certain boy with a camera in hand becomes your main focus instead?
word count - 3.4k

genre - fluff, (implied?) smut
pairing - Photographer!Jimin x Poet!Reader
warnings - mature language, smut

A/N - okay, i’m so nervous to post this idek why ;; it’s my first time writing actual smut and i’m not sure if it even classifies as smut and if i did a great job on this overall. feedback is very much appreciated as always

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