we listen hear

okay but imagine lance finally making keith laugh but when lance points it out in front of everyone keith is like “nope. don’t remember. didn’t happened”


This day in music history January 18: Happy Birthday to Korn frontman Johnathan Davis, born today in 1971.

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Hi :) I'm new to the fandom so forgive me if I'm misinformed. About home: the only really serious relationship he was supposed to be in up to the song was Eleanor. To me, home sounds like being in your first relationship not knowing about love and meeting the right person and just click. But I think there was some time between hannah and eleanor so it must either be about Harry or fictional. About the pronouns: i personally would have done the same regardless of the meaning, it just fits better.

The guess is that the beginning is indeed about Hanna because they really dated, and then he met Harry (when they were still dating), and it kids of hit him that Harry was the right person and that’s why he used a pronoun change. It might look better, but they always went a mile further to make all the songs straight™ (like They Don’t Know About Us, where they add a girl to make it look less suspicious). Like my anon said, they could have used girl or even she, it’d still send the message that he found another girl and she was the one, but he didn’t. He put your because it was the only pronoun he could use without giving it all aways (he could’ve used his). It’s important because even if it looks better and everyone would write like that, they could’ve changed that since it’s something they do with 1D songs, but he didn’t. He changed pronoun and the message was very clear 


This day in music history January 6: In 1979, The Village People scored their only UK No.1 single with ‘Y.M.C.A.’ At its peak the single was selling over 150,000 copies a day

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

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any song recs for a peter parker playlist? writing the first chapter for this fic and i need to be inspired a bit

*digs through my spotify* 

disclaimer: this is purely based on the fact that we hear peter listening to left hand free in civil war so this is what i think the boy’s taste is like

left hand free // alt-j

daylight // matt and kim

can’t stop // red hot chili peppers

best friend // foster the people

cough cough // everything everything

god’s whisper // raury

of moons, birds & monsters // mgmt

shove it // santigold

headphones // mounties

spiderhead // cage the elephant

get it // matt and kim

real thing // tune-yards

immortals // fall out boy

lisztomania // phoenix 

steady, as she goes // the racounteurs

take me out // franz ferdinand

blue song // mint royale

new york // angel haze


Teenage Dirtbag Aesthetic: Kate Fuller
“God has to hear me.  Don’t you get that? This can’t be for nothing!  He has to be listening.”

In some ways, headcanon is much like an old cigar box filled with keepsakes - the kind of box that’s stored in some hidden alcove or niche, under the bed, in a closet, under some papers in a drawer. We take it out from where it’s been tucked in our darkest hours, or when we simply need a measure of joy or even thought, and we sift through the contents, reveling in the tactile sensations, the memories and dawning ideas.

So it becomes unnerving then, unsettling and uncertain, to share our headcanon(s) with others - to put that figurative box on the table and remove the trinkets one by one. The polished stone, the bits of glass, errant inches of colored string, tattered postcards, jagged pieces of scuffed toys. The metal and the cloth, the broken and the whole. It is an act of exposure - these are, after all, the items most treasured, that few are allowed to see. And we hope, in the most hesitant way, that others will see and appreciate their value, or at least respect our affection for them, whatever it is that led us to deem them worth saving.

And yet, the beautiful thing about fandom and the community is that someone (if not several someones) will peer at those baubles and curios, and their eyes will light up from the beauty on display, their face will crinkle in the broadest smile of delight, and while they gently and carefully inspect each treasure, one by one, they’ll begin to speak about all that they in turn hold dear.


This day in music history January 16: In 2005, The Killers started a two week run at No.1 on the UK charts with their debut album ‘Hot Fuss.’


This day in music history January 16: Happy Birthday to The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi born today in 1981. 


This day in music history Oct 4: The death of Janis Joplin

The now icon was found this day in the Landmark Hotel. Cause of death, a heroine overdose. She was 27.