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We Need To Talk About Ramona Blue:


First off, know that I am not going away. I am going to stand here and scream this from the rooftops as many times as I have to. Because I am tired of my voice and my story being drowned out. This book tells my story. If I get even one person to at least consider they might be wrong, if even one person buys this book because of me, then I’ve made a difference. 

I respect your opinion and based off of the original synopsis I completely understand why you felt that way - indeed I agree with you. I understand why the initial synopsis made you angry, really I do. The b.s. trope that lesbians (or any LGBT+ girl) can be ‘cured’ by finding the right boy is not just offensive and incorrect, but incredibly, incredibly harmful. And when it’s used as much as it is, it leads to people in the real world justifying their homophobic thoughts with - “I can f**k that girl, she’s secretly straight anyway. I can make her change her mind. She just needs the right guy.” Corrective rape is a very real danger and one that is directly impacted by words like those in that synopsis.

But this isn’t what the book is about. When the author, Julie Murphy @andimjulie, was informed of how offensive and harmful the synopsis/blurb was she started arranging to have it changed. Because here’s the thing: authors don’t get to write those. Some random person at the publishing house does. It’s that random person that made the harmful words and who misunderstood the book.

The new synopsis is up on this goodreads page now  . Please read it and maybe consider changing or removing your rating?

Because this book isn’t about 'lesbians can be cured.’ This book is about bisexual girls, girls just like me, who grow up not knowing that they are bi. Believing that because they like girls they must therefore be lesbians or because they like boys they must therefore be straight. I’m the latter; in this heteronormative world I spent years believing I was straight before I realised.

This book is for all the girls like me who think they fit into one box because they like someone and then one day, realise they have feelings for a different gender. It is about how confusing and scary and downright terrifying that is. It is about lying awake all night thinking “but does liking this boy mean i was straight all along?” “do i actually like him or is it because i’m supposed to?” it’s about worrying that you can’t change your identity because people already know you as a 'lesbian.’ Worrying that you’re just attention seeking or greedy or unable to make up your mind, that you’re on the fence and you need to choose.

This book is about the moment of relief when you finally find the name that suits you - bisexual. Or, perhaps when you decide that it’s okay to not know for sure right now. And how much weight is taken off you once you know who you are, and you have an identity.

I haven’t read the book yet but the new revised synopsis reflects that the book will actually be about those topics. You’re punishing the author for what someone else misunderstood and wrote as a harmful piece of promotion. Notice how different (and not harmful) the synopsis is now that it’s been written with the author’s suggestions instead of just by some dude? That to me suggests that the book itself, written entirely by her, will be much more like the new synopsis than the old one.

Oh, and you will also notice that I mentioned I haven’t read the book yet. So how then, you wonder, am I able to sit here and say that the book will be about all of the things above?

Because I am that girl. I went through all of those things. Mine was vice versa to Ramona - I believed that I had to be straight because I liked boys and if you like boys that’s all you can be right? Wrong. It was so, so hard for me to figure out who I am, where my place in this world is. It took me four years to get where I am (I’m 18 now). And I still haven’t finished this journey - my parents don’t know. I know, from reading this new synopsis, that that is what this book is about because I have lived it. I know because the author is bisexual, married to a man - she has lived it too.

Tumblr I just don’t get it. We cry and cry for more representation but when you have it you destroy it’s chances with negative reviews before it’s even begun. All because it’s the “wrong sort” of representation. You don’t want this bi girls story, my true story, because it shows that sometimes girls who like girls also like boys. Not always but sometimes. And sometimes we end up with those boys. 

Please, buy this book. Promote this book, please at least undo this low rating until you have read it. This book could have saved me so much heartache when I was fourteen. It could have let me know that I was not alone. It could have saved me six months of self-harm, an emotionally abusive relationship, bullying for being 'frigid.’

I didn’t have this book when I was facing all those things. But the next bi or pan girl could. We could save them.

Representation is important. Lesbian representation and positive, good representation at that, is important. But so is bi girl representation. And this book just happens to be one for the bi girls. This doesn’t have to be either or, bi girls existing doesn’t mean that lesbians do not. Please, let’s not harm each other’s chance at representation. Let’s support each other.

Please, at least let’s read this book before we give it a rating. Please help the next girl like me before she is hurt.

okay but imagine lance finally making keith laugh but when lance points it out in front of everyone keith is like “nope. don’t remember. didn’t happened”



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super self-indulgent 2009 emo zimbits AU, with outfits pulled straight from a classic marianas trench video.

bonus: jack zimmermann’s gay ass would love to be beside you, bittle, but maybe.. just a little quieter. please

Heir: What would you all like to take to eat on your expedition?
-team mumbles-
Occultist: A whole cooked ham
The Occultist’s Skull Candle: the souls of the Hamlet
Occultist, slowly shoving the skull into his robe: Two.. whole cooked hams <:)c

Have you really forgiven? Others? Yourself?

Can you truly look at the mirror and say I have forgiven myself?

For the past years we hear and listen to people talking about how excited they are because Ramadhan is coming or that we find people busying themselves with preparations for the coming of the blessed month of Ramadhan.

Sometimes we question our own self, how come they feel so much genuine sincerity and happiness about it?

Have you ever felt that moment where you are excited but your heart is not fully, let’s just say, prepared? Half full, half empty emotion?

It’s because you may have done so in forgiving others, asking forgiveness from other you may have wronged but you forgot something very crucial in this journey, yourself.

We forget that we have hurt ourselves so much for the past months until Ramadhan comes. We forget that we have hurt our souls so much for not praying consistently until Ramadhan comes. We forget that we have neglected our obligations as Muslims until Ramadhan comes.

Often times, we preach to other people about forgiveness, taqwa and what such yet we forget to preach to our ownself- until Ramadhan comes along.

Do you know that you are a chosen one? Yes you were from the beginning because you are a Muslim but do you know that Allah chooses you again and again? - every year He chooses you to reach Ramadhan so you can redeem yourself, why? because Allah wants to see you in Jannah.

If you are thinking that you are the worst person because of whatever you have done in your life, then know that Ramadhan is a door for which Allah makes you enter so you can repent from all of these sins that you have done and give you a hope and opportunity to ask from Him, from His Love, from His Mercy and from His Guidance. 

Forgive yourself. You may think you are the worst person right now but for Allah with every call of yours He answers you back three more times. And know that you coming back to Allah makes Him so happy and pleased more than a mother who is reunited to her long lost child. 

So learn to forgive yourself, clean your soul by forgiving before you enter Ramadhan.

My dear, it is only when you do so will you feel the sweetness and understand the true essence of saying “Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan! Welcome O Ramadhan!”.

Make it count. Repent sincerely.

Make your way back to Allah.

He is waiting for your call and He prepared an answer that has in it more than what you will ask of Him. 

O how Merciful is Ar Rahim! O how Generous is Al Kareem! Allahu’akbar!

We ask Allah to enable us to reach Ramadhan with a purified and cleansed heart and soul. Allahumma balighna Ramadhan!



Bughead Anthem: Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

🎶I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window
There’s no turning back for us tonight🎶

[INTERVIEW] K-Pop Girl Group Blackpink Talks Finding Success with Summery 'As If It's Your Last'

Pink hued and flirty, the music video for the record-breaking single “As If It’s Your Last” presented rising Korean girl group Blackpink in a new light. Now the leader of all K-pop female acts on the World Albums chart, Blackpink, the newest group under YG Entertainment banner, has surpassed many bigger acts less than a year into their career.

After debuting in 2016 with four singles, including the fiercely charismatic “Boombayah” and the synth-heavy “Playing With Fire,” the K-pop quartet kept quiet throughout much of 2017 before dropping “As If It’s Your Last” on June 22. The four twenty-somethings —Rosé (Roseanne Park), Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, and Lisa (Lalisa Manoban)— bubbled with visible exuberance as they spoke to Billboard during a recent Skype call from Seoul, discussing “As If It’s your Last” and their future.

The new song is a feel-good electro-pop track, that member Rosé described with a laugh as “summery” and “brighter” than their past releases. “I feel like this song is good for nice hot weather. I feel like people could easily dance to it,” added Jennie. (The pair dominated the interview since they are both fluent in English.)

With only one member, Jisoo, not having lived extensively outside of Korea – Rosé was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia, Jennie spent time in New Zealand, and Lisa is Thai – the group is primed for foreign audiences. But their success on multiple Billboard and other international charts surprised them.

“We’re really shocked because we actually haven’t been to or properly introduced ourselves to people in the States,” said Rosé as the other three members murmured in agreement. “As If It’s Your Last” was crafted particularly with foreign audiences in mind, with the inclusion of Lisa’s all-English rap. “I’m not really good in English,” said Lisa, speaking in that very language. “So it was kind of hard for me at first when I did the recording. But it came out great so I really like it.”

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Though very much miles apart, the impact we have on each other even through fleeting emotions experienced within the simple aspects of our daily lives serves as a constant reminder of each other’s existence. Wordlessly, we keep in touch. There is something immaculately pure about our connection that consistently keeps our lines of communication open, even in the absence of physical presence. Sometimes I wonder why and how we are able to resonate with each other on a level beyond the five traditional senses of perception, but as we tap into each other’s world so naturally and guilelessly, I often simply forget that there has been a time when I would have deemed such a thing supernatural. Crazy even. Nowadays I would say that the times of sheer overwhelming fascination caused by the limitless extent of human bonding are well behind me. Beyond consciousness and subconsciousness there seems to be another level in which we simply wonder about each other. Sparking voiceless conversations as simple as ‘how was your day’, and 'have you been drinking enough water’; little tokens of gentle care. Within this I find that greater truths often hide in little things. Experiences that are so common; that are such a natural part of our daily coming and going can easily be overlooked. After all, rarely do we consider our natural gifts and talents to be anything special. Perhaps the energy that moves and sways us as emotion is part of a language older than the universe. A means of communication we are still adapting to. For has our species’ evolution not heavily relied on communication? It wouldn’t be odd to think that we are still adapting and learning more about using our own energy as a medium. What we call empathy might be the first step toward something more profound. Something unbound by the concepts of space and time itself. For now, I find truth in the little things that keep me in touch with you. Detecting obscure nuances in dreaming about, or dreaming with you; thinking about, or thinking with you; having feelings about you, or experiencing them with you. Manifestations of our ethereal communicating using an energy resonating on a frequency older than time itself, incited by the most immaculate of all human connections: love, the source and catalyst of all creation. As such, in love we often thrive in the absence of thought, as our minds are calibrated to a temporary existence, drowning out the language of the universe for being eternal. But in the quiescence of thought we hear, and listen; we embrace eternity as a given. This is where we find each other, again and again, as we always have. Timelessly, boundlessly. With or without the physical manifestation of our being, we are connected.
—  You are everlasting love (excerpt), by M.A. Tempels © 2017
Coursers and why do people treat them different?

Alright, sit back, grab some popcorn, cause imma bout to rant.
Okay so why, why do people (fandom and the actual game) treat coursers differently? Yes I know they are extremely dangerous and scary but just listen okay? We hear Doctor Ayo in the SRB specifically say that Coursers are picked from the regular synths who are just doing their duties in the institute. He goes to say that synths that show certain traits of bravery or fearlessness are chose and trained to be coursers, and if something goes wrong and they fail they are mind wiped and sent back to their jobs. So why, do we treat coursers differently than Glory? Then…. H2-22? Even Nick. Yes I know their reputation definitely is pretty bad but we have seen first hand that they can also be recruited to be of help on the side of synths, in Acadia we meet Chase, a courser who Dima met and convinced to help him, so why do we treat them like these emotionless robots? They are just as capable of emotions as you, they feel everything a regular synths would, because they are not made differently! Some people have the wrong idea and think that coursers are made differently then the other synths and have different mindsets programmed into them? I just.. I just really hate people treating them like they can’t have remorse or regret for what they do? Some people don’t think about the fear that every synth has, the fear of being mind wiped if they tried to steer away from the institutes ways. I really think that some people believe that just because a courser or synth is in the institute that means they are fully for them, the fear they have must be crippling so please everyone, do your homework and figure out the facts before you start judging the characters.

Now maybe I’d feel differently if X6 wasn’t my favorite companion, (Which he is) I suppose it would be easier to judge them solely on the rumors and facts you’d have heard from the people of the commonwealth or the railroad when you haven’t had first hand experiences with them, but one to their own I suppose… it just bothers me when people are all “I love synths just as much as people and treat them completely the same!’ But then they hear the word Courser and that theology flys out the window.

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^