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Who are you marrying this time?

Okay, one thing I have noticed is that when it comes to white people and even other people of color—they equate certain Asian groups to being white. And this is why they are always erased from discussion of racism/oppression because for some reason, society has decided that they’re white. Or at least, not as valid as other people of color. 

Like, there have been countless Asian roles, specifically Asian roles, over the past few years that have been white washed—give to white people. Avatar , Ghost in the Shell, Dr. Strange, Dragon Ball Z., Death note, Great Wall, I can keep on naming more. But the point is that these are all roles supposed to be given to Asian people, but Asian people aren’t even considered

In the movie Get Out, there was an Asian couple also betting on the main black character. People have said that that was supposed to show anti-blackness in the Asian community, which I agree there is, but the way they did that was wrong. That equated Asian people to white people in terms of privilege at the same time, completely erased the racism Asian people face from white people and the fact that white people fetishizes/objectify/sexualize certain Asian people just like they do black people—like, that was a shitty move and went further to equate Asian people to white people.

Like idk? It’s like people do not consider certain Asian people to be people of color, and if they do they aren’t as valid as other people of color and that’s just kind of disturbing. Something I’ve noticed….

we all like making fun of straight white boys but straight white girls aren’t much better. the ones who call their girl friends their “wives” and want to have a gay friend because it’s fun. when they think they’re the Gay Queen because they have a lesbian aunt. when they say they have the best gaydar ever and swear to god some boy they know is gay because he wore pink pants one day

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sis this tea not hot yet but it’s heating up 👀 there’s still cute korean boy at my uni thats known for only liking white girls & recently we’ve been getting close through mutuals and he seems like he’s staring to like me but at the same time i feel like he just wants to be friends😪 he like joins my convos, hugs me goodbye first, try to mess with me a few times (does to other girls too), he has shifty eyes when we’re talking around other’s like he looks over to me a lot :/ ugh idk what to do

Hmmm let’s see what he’s going to do next, some times it’s hard to read men

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I don't have a problem with white women or interracial relationships who you sleep with is your business but what I'm tired of is seeing block women get slandered over & over again with post like "black girls watch out white girls taking over" like we get it you like white girls what does that have to do with me or my presence as a black woman idc if you like white girls better that's on you I wouldn't want to be with a man who didn't see the beauty in my melanin anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️

Black Girls Rant. 👸🏿

*Send in a rant about what bothers you, annoys you or makes you feel insecure as a dark-skin woman or just a black woman.

White girl gets braids and she’s “cute” and “admires” us. We get blond hair off of Faith Evans, T-Boz, and Ronnie from A Players Club, we want to look like a white girl. The conceitedness and devaluation of black women to believe white women are so superior, black women aspire to look like them. And that’s seen as an insult because, “How dare you try to be pretty like a white girl!” Yet a white girl tries to look like us with box braids, and we should be grateful and embrace her. In addition, if we dare criticize a white girl for appropriating our aesthetic, we’re “haters” because we just don’t want a pretty little white girl to outshine us because she’s better than us by default. Yes, we’re the jealous ones yet the white girl is the one trying to look like us to impress her black boyfriend. But we’re envious.  

I am tired of seeing “we swapped hair care routines” or “we swapped makeup” with a white girl and a black girl like swap these nuts cause I don’t care

My fav part of ilitw is probably the fact that it’s got all the cliche horror archetypes, but the ppl who fill them are so far from it when it comes to their roles

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As cute as Tulip's design is, I feel like it really isn't what we need in modern cartoons. Though she does represent the modern white girl kid, we need characters like that that aren't white. I feel like as someone with the power/ position to make a show, Denis should have used that to his advantage. I know it's only the pilot, and it won't be years until it comes out, if at all. Thoughts?

I don’t think it’s a creator’s responsibility to make their characters one way or another to fix imbalances in the medium.

I think it’s the responsibility of networks to greenlight shows by creators and with characters from diverse backgrounds and the responsibility of audiences to watch those shows (if they care to and support those causes)