we like cake too

Dis is for my homeslice @crystallaka!!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ You like making desserts and sweets so I was like, why don’t I draw a strawberry cheese cake with EE and RS eating it (since you use them the most~ >w<)?

Thanks for bringing us together..!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @blogthegreatrouge-SENPOII!!! ✨✨ You have been such a huge inspiration in the fandom!! Hope you have a wonderful B’day!! ;;w;;

I am so tired of seeing every autistic character being labeled as having Asperger’s Syndrome instead of anything else. And why? Because that’s considered the least autistic?



Happy Birthday, Zoe ( hoseoktagon ) I hope your day is filled with lots of love and smiles~


                                           “your love it knows no end.
                                       your love has bruised my heart.”

lud gets so used to saying “love you, bye” when he ends phone calls with feli that he accidentally says it at the end of a call with al and al spends like five minutes yelling “I KNEW IT I KNEW U LIKED ME BRO”


“Hannah Shepard here.” “Violet! Move your ass up here, its mom!” “Hi, mom!
“Oh, honey. It’s so good to hear your voices.”
“This is a surprise. It’s been a long time.” “It has. I just felt I needed to- I think about you two every day. I try not to worry. The other day I was remembering the bedtime stories we used to make up. You had your own ship and crew. The stories were always filled with adventure and danger… Even when you were little you dreamed of the life you have.“ “Is that the reason you wanted to call us?” “No… I just want you to know that I am proud of you two. So proud.”

Happy birthday @flmeth/ @fat-walda!!!