we like birthdays but do not like hats

Monsta X Boyfriend Series

Jooheon edition

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  • “babe where did all my sweaters go”
  • “I dunno”
  • as you quickly hide them under your bed

  • he’s a monster on stage
  • not so much in reality
  • he would be such a sweetheart
  • and so gentle with you

  • you wouldn’t think it
  • but he would be super submissive
  • he’s like a lost puppy
  • he’d do anything for you
  • and let you do anything to him eyyy

  • times when you would get him a gift you make you want scream
  • “jooheon what do you want for your birthday”
  • “honesty I just want #gun back”
  • like ask for something simple
  • like a fucking hat or something

  • this cutie would get flustered so easily
  • can’t even hold your hand in public or around any of the other boys without turning into a giggling, blushing mess

  • you would come home to him and changkyun playing video games and eating all your food
  • changkyun practically lives with you
  • getting ready for a date with jooheon and coming downstairs
  • changkyun sitting there just n_n
  • “where we goin’ guys” :D

  • you helping kihyun cook for the boys
  • jooheon all upset like ‘jagi pay attention to me’

  • you sitting with shownu
  • watching the rest of monsta x run around
  • hoping they will tire themselves out soon
  • and you feel like a babysitter

  • jooheon would be such a handful
  • but the sweetest boyfriend with only the best intentions

melissa mcbride birthday week ♔ | day 4 [favorite social media posts or favorite quote] » While we know you as an actor, do you have creative interests that you pursue outside of acting? I do. I love photography. I love painting. I love making hats. I love thinking. I just like kind of sitting, just roaming around in my brain. I also like observing people. That’s something I’ve always loved to do, although it’s a little harder to find places to go to just kind of watch people. Yeah, psychology is something I’m very interested in. I love watching documentaries.  


Your birthday was two days ago and you died two days from now, so might as well do this today. I’ll probably never do it again.

Let’s see….if I could ask you ANYTHING right now….it would be…why was you always funny-looking? Yeah…that’s what I would ask you. If I could tell you anything, I’d tell you all my favorite Sincere stories.

Like when we first met in 2007 [damn that was a while ago] and I thought you were funny-looking with your gray contacts and ya lil old man hat you used to wear, looking like somebody’s daddy. Like the first time you called me and I didn’t even wanna answer the phone cause I wasn’t sure about you, but you kept me laughing for hours. I think every conversation we had lasted til 3am, right?

Like when we used to sing to each other on the phone :) Like when you snuck and changed my voice mail message so that when people called it said they had reached “Ummmhmmmmm” instead of “Tanaé”. 

Like when you bought me that magazine full of Michael Jackson posters for my birthday….never got to go get it from you. Like when you told me the story of how you found out you had no gag reflex LMAO..

Like how you were so protective over me even though you were always so far away… I mean, it seemed like you were?

And then there are my least favorite Sincere stories…

Like when you cut me out of your life because we didn’t want the same thing.

Like when you called me for the first time after 2 years passed and I laughed at you because you sounded like the pedophile from Family Guy instead of the deep-voiced Sincere I knew. I thought you were being silly. You told me a cancerous tumor was pressing up against your vocal chords. I couldn’t believe how calm you were.

Like when you needed me to stay up all night with you because your treatment gave you insomnia. Like when you didn’t want me to see your face on skype because you had lost your eyebrows and hair and beard and you didn’t look like yourself. But I said fuck all that.

Like when I SO foolishly put space between us because I felt pressured again. Like when you last texted me just to check up on me, even though you were the one who was sick. Like when I finally got around to seeing you, at church lying down in a white suit, surrounded by all your loved ones.

I can’t beat myself up about that. I think you tried to tell me that when you visited me in my dreams the night before your funeral. And when your best friend hugged me and said you talked about me all the time, I knew you knew I loved you. And that’s when I came to terms with the fact that you were gone. Still would kill to hear your loud, hearty ass laugh again though. Any time. I still have one of your songs in my music library. I can’t listen to it though. But it’s there. I don’t have anymore pictures saved because I didn’t like to look at them. But I still love you very very much.

When I think of “homie, lover, friend”, I think of you lol. Can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a handsome, friendly giant watching over me. Continue to rest easy in paradise, Chris <3