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Your Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Blowjobs, masturbation, hair pulling, mouth fucking, swearing

Word Count: 1400

Description: This fucking picture basically *muffled screaming*

anonymous: are you accepting prompts? if so, can you write a smut about dan being sexually frustrated about Phil in his suit? Thanks!! ^_^


“Dan! We have to go to Wirrow’s party soon, why aren’t you ready?” Phil exclaimed. Dan didn’t look up from his phone as he heard Phil’s footsteps come closer.

“Do you even know me? I can get ready in record time.” He muttered, focusing most of his attention to his twitter feed. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but they were going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel in a fancy cinema, and had to dress nice.

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pizza-is-my-buziness  asked:

Yes please write some Skimmons!! Immediately! What about a prompt where Jemma is on a mission that goes south and per SHIELD protocol they have to abandon their agents in the field or risk some kind of international issue but Daisy is all like well guess I gotta go get my gf all by myself. Or something...I don't know...

Daisy understands what Coulson is trying to say, she really does, but she doesn’t understand why he’s following protocol when it’s Jemma who’s been captured and trapped alone in a Russian HYDRA facility.

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Request by @supernaturalymarvel: I just found your blog and omg *-* i was wondering if you could write me a reader x dean winchester (seriously love him) where the reader grew up with Sam and Dean and when she turns 21 they take her out drinking and lets slip of a little secret (shes a werewolf or something you can decide :*) and he flips out and so does sam and they get all mad and shout but they realise hey! I still love her and dean gets all fluffy and says he loves her and things XD

Word Count: 4213

Warnings: None

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Dean called through the bathroom door. “If you’re not ready in five minutes, we’re leaving your ass.”

“You wouldn’t,” you responded with confidence, applying your mascara carefully. “It’s my birthday and not even you’re mean enough to leave someone behind on their birthday.”

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How Got7 will react to their girlfriend rubbing her butt on their crotch in public

Mark: Mark would freeze up trying to keep his face normal. “What are you doing?” he’d mumble trying his best not to get a boner in public.

Originally posted by blondetuan

Jaebum: He would just laugh nervously trying to hide from the other boys the fact that you were giving him a boner while trying to push you off. 

Originally posted by got7europe

Jackson: “Babe are you sure you wanna start that game with me? I’d win.” he would whisper hotly in your ear as his hands go up and down your sides making you shiver.

Originally posted by wanqkong

Junior: He’d smile slightly and whisper to you “I know you want me but we’re leaving in five minutes, have some patience baby girl.”

Originally posted by parkmyjinyoung

Youngjae: He’d breath heatedly in your ear and whisper “If you’re going to start it you better finish it.”

Originally posted by derezzedgem

Bambam: “Oh baby I think it’s time we go home and have some fun.” he’d say.

Originally posted by markjin

Yugyeom: He would be so flustered not knowing how to react. He’d tell you softly “Baby stop please.”

Originally posted by choijaes

Woozi: Push and Pull

anonymous asked: Hi ! Can you please write an imagine where Jihoon is really stressed from his schedule and his girlfriend (aka reader) tries to cheer him up but he gets even more pissed and yells at her and they have a fight and she kind of storms out. You end it how you want to hehe, fluff or angst it doesn’t matter :)) thank you !

Summary: tbh don’t even remember writing this whoops…

“Jihoon?” You say, popping your head into his studio room. If he hears you, he makes no effort in showing it. “Have you eaten today?”

“Busy.” He grunts. He’s hunched over a notebook on his desk, scribbling furiously onto a page. “You shouldn’t have come here.”

“I haven’t seen you in a while I was just wondering-“ Your words are cut off by someone else bursting into the room.

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Halloween Special Fanfic

Dan´s POV

‘I always had mixed feeling about Halloween. I loved the spooky decorations, the beautifully carved pumpkins glowing in the darkness of all the front yards, the horrendous amount of candy you get to eat and the strange mix between well-made spooky costumes and hilarious ones. On the down side Halloween parties always meant socialising and dealing with way to drunk people, fighting over cabs to get home and waking up with an headache the next morning.

“Dan, are you ready? We need to leave in five minutes!” Phil shouts from the bathroom. I put on my cape and check my make up one last time in the giant mirror in my room. I add a little more blood tripping from my vampire fangs, before shouting back “I´m ready!” and turning off the lights. I quickly run down the stairs to meet Phil in the bathroom. He is dressed as Thor and practices his hammer wielding in front of the mirror. “Ok, let´s go Phil, before you smash the mirror.” I say taking the hammer out of his hand. “Hey, you can´t just take Thor´s hammer! You´re not worthy!” I give him a sarcastic look and take his hammer with me down the stairs. Phil does a small pout, but follows me in the end. We jump into the cab and I´m glad that Phil takes over the conversation with the driver, answering all the stupid questions about our costumes, while I stoical stare out of the window.

We arrive in time together with all the others and the next twenty minutes are a blur of shaking hands, hugging a lot of people and saying “Nice to see you. Cool costume. How are you?” over and over again. I shuffle my way over to the bar to get something to drink for me and Phil, occasionally waving if I notice someone I know. I arrive at the bar and grab two beers, after quickly drinking a shot of Tequila. I feel the liquid spreading a pleasant warmth in my body along with an enjoyable dizziness. I´m probably going to need a lot more than this to get through all the forthcoming meaningless conversations. I go back over o Phil, who already found a nice corner for us and hand him his beer. “Holy crap, that´s a whole lot of people.” He sighs as a new group of guests arrive and the room starts to get uncomfortably full. I only nod and put on a smile as I see a group of friends coming over to say hello. Why do I let myself be persuaded by Phil to repeatedly attend those awful social gatherings? Probably peer pressure! I take a moment to appreciate the various costumes, while nipping on my beer. Some of them are really pretty and well made. I shyly smile at two girls dressed as the twins from ‘The Shining’ and they simultaneously smile back at me, which makes me immediately regret my decision as it looks terrifying. Across the room I see a group of guys dressed as the different types of zombies from ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ and a couple with matching skeleton costumes. I finish my beer and take mine and Phil´s empty bottle to get some new ones. As I arrive at the crowded bar I take the opportunity to drink two more Tequila shots before returning back to Phil.

At some point I lose all concept of time. My senses start to feel numb from all the alcohol and I´m mildly sick. The air in the room is more than stuffy, which is not helping with my dizziness. “I need some fresh air.” I whisper in Phil´s ear, leaving him with a group of people he was talking to. It´s always been easier for him to socialize with people and he definitely was way better doing meaningless small talk. For me it has always been either silence or ‘Hey, let´s talk about the inevitably of death.’, which made most people instantly feel uncomfortable. I walk out of the room to find some people already standing outside in the warm glowing light of the party room. But company is not what I want right now, so I stumble a few steps into the darkness until I find a bench. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness, before I see the silhouette of a girl already sitting on the bench. I instantly freeze in my movement and try to take a few steps backwards as quietly as possible, but somehow she must have noticed me. “I don´t mind you sitting with me.” She says in a monotone voice. Too awkward to find a lame excuse and leave, I walk over and sit next to her on the bench. It´s hard to see her face in the darkness, but she seems to be quiet pretty. I rest my arms on my thighs and take a few deep breaths. The sick feeling vanishes and my senses get a little clearer again. I just hope I can sit here in silence for a few moments as I´m definitely not in the mood for some awkward conversation. I can sense that she is turning her head in my direction and can´t help but think ‘Well, so much for the hope of peace and silence.’ I keep looking down as if I haven´t noticed that she was looking at me and wait for the inevitable small talk.

“Do you ever think about death?” she asks out of the blue in a melodic voice. I abruptly look up, which causes a painful head rush. “Wh-wh-what?” I stutter completely surprised. She is still looking at me with eyes darker than the night sky. “I mean, death is not the end, not really at least. Heaven has always been a lie and hell never existed, but we are doomed to exist between life and nothingness in this sphere.” My jaw literally drops open during her speech and I need a moment to process her words. The amount of alcohol isn´t really helping and it takes a minute to bring my thoughts in an order that actually makes sense. “I don´t believe in any kind of afterlife. If you´re dead, you´re dead. Your body gets either burned into ashes or eaten by worms and maggots and all that is left of you is the memory in the mind of other people that are inevitably going to die too. After death comes nothing.” I say, feeling strangely sober all of the sudden. She listened carefully, following every word, still looking into my eyes. “You´re wrong.” She simply replies. I was just about to answer that bold reply, when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to find Phil standing right behind me. “Dan, are you ok? You said you just needed some fresh air, but you were gone for almost an hour now.” He says sounding seriously concerned. “I´m fine, I was just talking to – nobody.” I finish my sentence after realizing that nobody was sitting next to me anymore. “What the hell.” I murmur, thinking that this girl must have some serious ninja skills for sneaking away so quickly, before standing up and following Phil back inside. I stop drinking alcohol and grab a bottle of water instead. For the rest of the night my eyes restlessly search the room for the girl that was sitting next to me on the bench, but it was dark and I don´t trust my blurry memory of her face enough to actually be sure I would recognize her.

It is already long after midnight when Phil and I finally leave. I manage to quickly get us a cab and somehow get Phil, who is completely drunk, inside of it. The driver just has to deal with my stoic silence and he doesn´t seem to mind. When we arrive at our apartment Phil gets straight into bed, he doesn´t even take off his costume. I get in my PJs and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth constantly thinking about the strange girl. I spit into the sink, turn off the light and quickly run up the stairs, forcefully closing my bedroom door behind me. I turn around and let out a high pitched shriek. The goddamn girl from the bench was sitting on my bed. “What the hell are you doing here? How did you get in here?” I scream pressing my back against the door. She looks at me, her face completely emotionless and calmly says “You seemed nice.” I throw my hands in the air and sigh. This is the reason I never talked to strangers. “That is not a good enough reason to follow people to their homes and break into their apartment.” I yell angrily. She looks down on the floor and her voice suddenly seems broken and sorrowful. “I want to go.” She whispers as if she was holding back tears and I suddenly feel bad for yelling her. Why the hell was I feeling bad even though she broke into my apartment? I try to calm down and just take a moment to look at her, finally able to see her face. She is pale, even paler than Phil, but nonetheless beautiful. Her long black hairs falls down her back and her green eyes remind me of a meadow during spring. I take a deep breath and compassionately ask “You want to go home? Should I call you a cab?” My words cause her to look up again and I see a deep sadness in her eyes. “I can´t. I´ve still got things to do.”

“What do you mean you´ve still l got things to do? What things?” I ask terrified by her behavior. “I don´t know, I can´t remember.” She whimpers. Her contours start to blur before my eyes and I start to question my own sanity as I start to think about her being a ghost. ‘Get yourself together, Dan! There are no ghosts! She is not dead. She is not a ghost! She is not trapped in this dimension!’ I tell myself over and over again. “I don´t want to stay here anymore. I want to go.” She says again, while tears start to stream down her face. “Ok, please don´t cry, I can´t handle crying girls.” I say almost pleading. “Let me get you some tissues.” I walk over to my desk and grab a tissue out of my ‘Free’-Box. I turn back around and jump, shrieking again. My bed is empty again, I can´t even see an imprint on the place she was sitting and I completely freak out., run out of my room and hide in the locked bathroom for the next hours. It takes me three weeks until I can sleep in my bed again, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to an howling voice whispering –‘

“I WANT TO GO!” Phil screams from behind you, causing you to fall of the wooden log. You cry in fear from the jump scare and pain from falling on the floor. “You – you little – you little mother fluffler” you yell at Phil, before pointing at Dan. “I´m never going camping with you two again!” The boys just laugh, obviously proud they managed to scare the shit out of you. You´ve been sitting around the camp fire for the past minutes, so completely entranced listening to Dan telling his ghost story, that you didn´t even notice Phil sneaking up from behind. “Don´t just think you get away with that. I´m going to get my revenge.” You giggle, joining their laughter.

A year and a half ago, my mom and I made last minute plans to visit my aunt a state away for thanksgiving. When I say last minute, I mean like we decided five minutes before leaving that we were going to go.

I ended up bored and flipping through tinder when I matched with this tall, cute guy with a great smile. We started talking and literally never stopped, despite the fact that he lived more than three hours away from me. We went on our first date after a month of talking, and I felt instantly like I’d known him my entire life.

It’s been about 16 months. I’m currently laying in our bed in the beautiful house we just bought together, snuggling our puppy and waiting for him to get home. Our life isn’t without its difficulty, but it’s ours and it’s great. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

I met my soulmate on tinder. Go figure.

Everything Has Changed

i know places we can hide

i just wanna know you better now (part one)
i’ve never seen nobody shine the way you do (part two)
you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town (part three)

part four: jude has a birthday. connor’s parents have a meltdown.

WARNING: strong language and possibly upsetting argument between connor’s parents. also, depressing af.

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The Jersey - Jonnor

Requested by blueforjudeandconnor

This was really fun to write and it turned out very cute and fluffy so I hope y’all enjoy.

Jude stared at the jersey lying on his bed. Anchor Beach #23.  It was the jersey Connor got to give to someone.  Usually they went to a family member, rarely a girlfriend.  And yet here it was, on his bed.  Every time he remembered that Connor had chosen him to wear it, Jude’s heart did a little flip.

“Jude!  We’ve got to be leaving for Connor’s game in five minutes!” Stef shouted from downstairs, snapping Jude out of his reverie.  He snatched up the jersey, quickly tossing it on before sprinting out the door and down the stairs.

“Well someone’s excited.” Stef commented, taking note of Jude’s eagerness.  It’s not that he hadn’t been to a few of Connor’s games before, but today was Connor’s first game of his high school career, and he had made varsity. As a freshman, no less. That made today a pretty special occasion, without even taking the jersey into consideration.

“Well, it is the first game of the season. And Connor’s on the varsity team as a freshman.  And he asked me to wear his jersey.  Players usually only ask family for that.” Jude responded, smile playing across his face at the last thought.  Stef smiled.

“Oh I see.  Makes you feel pretty special, huh?”  Jude nodded vigorously.  “Well you are very special to him. I hope you realize that.” Stef said, gently placing her hand on Jude’s shoulder.  Again Jude simply nodded, the smile on his face growing a little bigger.

Once they arrived, Jude had barely made out of the car when Connor came bounding over, nearly tackling him with a hug. He gave Jude a quick kiss, pulling away to reveal the wide smile on his face.

“You look really good today Jude. Especially in that jersey!” Connor said, beaming.  Jude blushed.

“I don’t look as good as the one wearing the actual jersey.” Jude replied quietly, a shy smile on his face.

“Nonsense.” Connor admonished, placing a kiss on Jude’s cheek.

“Stevens!  Stop sucking face with lover boy and get over here for warm-ups!” Connor’s coach called.  Jude giggled, and Connor’s face turned a shade of red Jude was certain he’d never seen before.

“I gotta go.  I’ll see you outside the locker room after the game.” Connor mumbled.

“Hey.” Jude said, pulling Connor back towards him, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.  “Go get’em.” he whispered.  Connor’s smile returned, and he happily bounced off toward the dugout.  Jude grinned at his dork of a boyfriend before turning and walking over toward the bleachers to join Stef and Adam.

“Lover boy?” Stef teased.  “You mind telling me what you were doing over there?” she continued, smirking.

Nothing, mom!” Jude hissed, feeling his cheeks getting hot.  Stef and Adam just laughed.  Thankfully, at that moment Connor came out of the dugout, scanning the crowd to find where Jude was sitting.  Seeing him, Connor waved.  Jude was overtaken by the moment, and without thinking blew him a kiss. Connor’s smile disappeared, being replaced by a goofy lovesick look, and Jude couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable Connor was.

“You know Jude, you’re never this affectionate with us.” Stef said, continuing to rib Jude by pretending to be hurt.

“I think its Connor’s fault honestly.” Adam piped up, chuckling.  “He brings it out of him.”

Mooooooom, would you stop it!” Jude implored, feeling more than faintly embarrassed by their comments.

“Oh c’mon you know I’m just teasing you! I understand since you know, your mama and I aren’t exactly the same as a cute boy.” Stef replied, unable to resist adding another jab.  Jude buried his head in the roomy jersey, trying to hide the redness all over his face.

“Remind me why I’m sitting with you again?” Jude mumbled inaudibly, deciding to ignore Stef and Adam for the rest of the game.

The game itself was exciting, with Anchor Beach winning 4-3 in walk-off fashion.  Connor went 3 for 5, scoring one run and driving in two, including the winning RBI-single. Jude jumped up and wildly cheered every time Connor had a hit or made a spectacular play in the outfield (Connor was the team’s center fielder).  He was pretty sure every time he did, Connor looked up and smiled. After the game, Connor was mobbed by his teammates as part of the celebration, and Jude gave up trying to talk to Connor on the diamond, instead walking slowly towards the locker room door where he would meet Connor.

“Number 23, now that was the young man who had the winning hit, right?” an elderly woman asked Jude as he walked by. Jude grinned.

“Yeah, he’s a pretty great player, not to mention a really sweet guy.” Jude replied, his face being overtaken by the same lovesick look Connor wore earlier, pride coloring every word that left his mouth.

“Sounds like he’s someone very special to you.” the woman continued, a soft smile on her face.

“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.” Jude replied without thinking.

“You don’t know me,” she said “but I’ve seen you two around quite a bit.  I’ve seen the way you look at each other.  You’re both very lucky to have one another.” she finished, and then walked away.

“Who was that?” Adam asked, walking up behind Jude.

“I—I don’t know.  She just asked me about my jersey and then told me she’d seen us around and that Connor and I were really lucky to have each other.” Jude replied, recounting the words the woman said, confusion knotting up his face as he did.

“Well Jude, I think she’s right. At least, I know that I’m glad that Connor met you.  I hope you know how much he loves you.” Adam said, gently patting Jude on the back.

“L—love?” Jude stuttered out.

“Yeah, love Jude.  Why do you think he asked you to wear that?” Adam answered, pointing at the jersey, smiling as he finished.  “Now you better get moving.  He’s going to be walking out of the locker room any minute now.”  Jude took off running as fast as he could, joy rising in his chest as Adam’s words repeated in his head.

“He loves me!” Jude whispered, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

When he finally made it to outside the locker room, there were five girls that were also standing by the door waiting, Jude presumed, for their boyfriends.  After five minutes though, the majority of the team had left and the girls were all still standing there.  Jude was puzzled, until Connor walked out and all the girls began converging on him.

“Ladies!” Connor said loudly. “Sorry to disappoint you all, but I am already taken.” he finished, walking over to Jude and giving him a long, passionate kiss.  Jude didn’t notice what happened to the girls after that, but frankly he didn’t care. His attention was wholly focused on the adorable boy standing in front of him with his arms wrapped around his waist.

“You were amazing today Connor.” Jude said softly, leaning in closer and resting his forehead on Connor’s.

“Like you would actually know. You don’t even like baseball!” Connor joked.

“Yes it’s true I don’t like baseball. But I do pay attention when you talk about it.  I always listen to what you have to say Connor.”  Jude shot back, trying to sound annoyed and failing miserably. It didn’t matter what he was feeling, the second he looked into Connor’s eyes, every other emotion fell away and was replaced with love.


“You’re a dork Connor.” Jude breathed out, laughing quietly.

“You know you love it.” Connor answered, smirking. Jude leaned in, softly placing a kiss on Connor’s lips.

“Yeah I do.  Cause I love you.” he said before leaning in to kiss Connor again. When they both came up for air, Connor spoke.

“I love you too Jude.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to say that.”

“Mmmm?  How long?” Jude inquired.  Connor pulled away slightly, glancing up to try and pretend that he actually had to think about.

“Since the day I met you.” he said sincerely.


“Pretty much.  I’ve always known there was something special about the feelings I have for you.”

“And just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love you more, you go and say something like that.” Jude responded, laughing. “You’re the most adorable boy I’ve ever met Connor.  How do you do it?”

“I do it by being awesome.”  He replied, again causing Jude to throw his head back in laughter.

“I love you Jude.  Man I just feel like saying it over and over again.  I love you!” he said, pecking Jude on the cheek. “I love you!” he continued, pecking him on the other cheek.  “I love you!” he said again, kissing Jude on the forehead.  “I love you.” he finished, whispering softly, pressing his lips to Jude’s.

“I love you too.” Jude said, pulling away just long enough to speak before leaning back in to kiss Connor again.

My sister and I are falling into a routine. After the 8ish feeding (the second of the day) my niece and I will hang out while my sister sleeps. It’s amazing to see that when I arrived on Friday (when Kate was 8 days old) all she did was eat-sleep-shit-repeat. But starting Saturday afternoon she was spending some hours just looking around. And by Monday she was touching things. Her brain is growing. And her body - Lizzie and I put her in the onesie she was wearing on Friday again today. Friday she was swimming in it. Tuesday it fit.

I wake my sister up when Kate is hungry again, and during the hour long process of feeding Kate I make us a big weekend-style breakfast (sans the Bloody Marys). And we plan our outing - my goal while I’m here is to make sure we leave the house every day. My sister lives less than five minutes walking from the main strip in Mountain View and it’s a very urban-feeling, walkable community. We get ready for the outing but we have to time it carefully - just after the next feeding, then we’ll have two hours to wander around.

So - my sister is breast feeding. And doing an amazing job. But it’s HARD. And painful. And insanely time consuming. Kate feeds on each side for 15-25 minutes - and setting up and getting her interested isn’t easy or fast - and then Liz pumps for 10 minutes. Conservatively that’s an hour process. That she does SEVEN times a day (according to the app that she uses to track these things). An hour seven times a day is - shocking - seven hours a day. My sister spends more than a quarter of the hours that exist in the day feeding her child. I don’t want to calculate the percentage of her waking hours.

Lizzie is an OB/GYN and so she’s watched and helped so many women go through this process. So watching her go through it for the first time, saying, “everyone says that… And it really is true,” or “I’ve been telling my patients for years to do X… And now I’m doing it,” is really interesting. My favorite is, though, when she tells me that she thinks Kate is the prettiest baby in the world. “I know it’s the hormones. But I really believe it.” There might be hormones involved, but they’re not affecting me. Kate is a very pretty, very good baby.

And then somewhere in there I cook dinner. We eat dinner and play with Kate and watch Netflix. We stay up until midnight where we try to stuff Kate full of enough food so that she’ll sleep for five hours. We text her dad and grandparents and aunts and uncles so many photos. And fight over who gets to hold the baby. I’m having the best time.

(More of the makeup artist AU! Just something short and dumb) 

Erik is displeased by Charles’ non-Erik obligations.

The thick binder containing costume and make-up details is doing nothing to calm Charles’ nerves or soothe his headache, so he shuts it with a loud slap and massages his forehead lightly. It seems like it’s going to be a long day. 

“Morning,” Erik walks into the trailer, as brisk as ever and sitting down in his seat without preamble.

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@cabloom - I want a domestic crack!fic of all the reasons Sam won’t move his seat for Bucky

  • you set the new roll of toilet paper on top of the old one instead of actually changing it
  • you left one swallow of orange juice in the container and put it back in the fridge
  • you keep going behind me and adjusting the thermostat after I change it
  • you ate the leftovers I was planning to take with me for lunch today
  • you have so many fucking shoes and you leave them EVERYWHERE
  • you said you would be ready to go but it’s five minutes before we need to leave and you just started blow-drying your hair. Naked.
Healing (Pietro Maximoff)

“You are not coming with us.” Tony said. “Why not?” You asked. “Because you can’t control your mutation.” He told you. “Yes I can.” You told him. “Last time you almost died trying to take the pain away from Nat.” He said. “Regeneration works both ways.” You said. “Nope, not gonna happen.” He told you. “We need her, Stark.” Natasha told him. “Why?” Tony asked. “Well, she was a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and knows how to fight. We need all the hands we can get.” She told him. “We’re just getting Loki’s Scepter.” He told her.

“From a heavily guarded Hydra base.” Clint said. “Fine!” Tony shouted. “Yay.” You smiled. “We leave in ten minutes.” Bruce announced. “I’ll be ready in five.” You said and ran off to change in the new suit Tony and Bruce worked on.


“Son of a bitch!” You shouted, feeling the bullet pierce your skin. Clint couldn’t feel a damn thing. “Y/N!” Steve shouted and ran to your side. “Get Clint outta here.” You groaned. Steve helped you up. “You heard her.” Steve said. “Are you going to be okay?” He asked you. You nodded, and fought through the pain. “We’ve got an enhanced.” Steve announced. “You thinking mutant?” Tony asked. Steve looked down at you and you nodded. “Y/N’s sure it’s a mutant.” Steve told him.

“Mutants working for Hydra? That can’t be good.” Natasha said. “Y/N, you’re bleeding.” Steve told you. You looked down and saw blood dripping down your white uniform. “Is Clint okay?” You asked. “The wound is gone.” Natasha told you. “That’s good.” You smiled. “Y/N, are you okay?” Steve asked. “Get her out of here.” Tony said as he managed to break through the wall Strucker had.

“I’m fine.” You grunted. “You’re going to bleed out. C'mon.” Steve said as he lifted you up and ran to the quinjet. Hulk was making sure the two of you made it to the quinjet safely. “Thank you.” Clint told you as he walked out of the quinjet with Nat by his side. “No problem.” You smiled.

Steve laid you on the table, and looked around for something to help stop the bleeding. “It’s not healing.” Steve told the team. “Oh god.” You said, resting your head on the metal table.


“There, your own boyfriend won’t be able to tell the difference.” Helen told you. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” You told her. “But thank you. I don’t know why I wasn’t healing.” You said. “I contacted Xavier, he said it must have been what the bullet was laced with.” Bruce told you. You managed to stand, but let out a groan. “You okay?” Natasha asked. “I’m fine.” You told her, not wanting anyone to worry.


“You didn’t get your powers from the Stone. Your powers were dorment, the stone managed to reactive them.” You explained to the twins. “How do you know?” Wanda asked. “I, uh, studied this all my life.” You told her. “Are you a mutant?” Pietro asked you. You nodded. “What can you do?” He asked you. “Well, I heal faster than others. I can heal others and take their pain away.” You explained. “Y/N, Tony wants you to stay on the quinjet.” Steve told you. You shook your head. “No.” You told him. “We all think it’s best if you stay on the quinjet.” He said.

“I’m not stay in the quinjet while you’re out there, risking your lives.” You told them. “Ororo, tell them.” You said. “She is a fighter, and has proven herself more than enough times.” Ororo told Steve. “We don’t want her getting hurt.” Steve said. “Making her stay here isn’t going to stop her from getting hurt.” She told him.

“She is an X-Men, an Avenger; what makes you think she can’t take care of herself?” Ororo asked him. They stayed silent. “You are the best.” You smiled at her. Pietro looked at you and smiled. “Someone’s got a crush.” Wanda teased. Pietro blushed, and looked at the ground.


“Y/N!” Clint shouted as he saw you focusing your energy on Pietro.

Pietro waited to feel the bullet pierce his body. He turned his head and saw you fall on the ground. “Get her!” Clint shouted as he took the kid and ran to the boat. Pietro ran to your side and picked you up. Your blood stained his blue Nike shirt. “She’s not healing.” Clint said as he saw your body. Pietro laid you on the ground and Clint looked down at you in pain.

Pietro felt like someone jammed a knife through his heart, your eyes were open, but they were lifeless. A single tear fell down Pietro’s eyes. Clint got on his knees and tried to find a pulse, hoping that you weren’t dead.

It was faint, but he felt a pulse, “She’s alive.” He announced happily. “We need to get her to a hospital, and fast.” Clint told Pietro. “When this boat lands, take her to the nearest hospital. I’ll be right behind you.” Clint said and Pietro nodded.


“I am sorry, Mr. Stark.” The doctor said. “Why? What’s going on?” Tony asked. “Her body is slowly healing itself, but her mind was almost dead when this man brought her in.” He told him. “What does that mean?” Tony asked. “She’s in a coma.” The doctor said and he walked away. “It could be worse.” Natasha said, trying to be optimistic.


It’s been five months and when Tony got the call from the hospital that you woke up, he and the entire team went to visit you.

“Hey.” You said as 10 people walked into your room. “Whoa, you didn’t need to bring everyone.” You told him. Tony ran to your side and gave you a hug. “Ow.” You said. “Oh, I’m so-”

“I’m just messing with you, I’m fine.” You laughed. “I will murder you.” He said. “C'mon! Your daughter just woke up.” You told him. “So, when can I leave?” You asked him. “Ah, tonight. I also will be throwing a party in honor of your recovery.” Tony said and you groaned. “I don’t wanna.” You said.

“Too bad. I should get going. I’ll pick you up at 5.” Tony said as he kissed your forehead and headed out. “You guys didn’t have to come.” You told them. “Seriously, it’s getting weird.” You said. Natasha smiled. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She told you. “Me too.” You said. “I should get going too, Nat?” Clint asked. The two assassins walked out.

“I am glad you have recovered, Tony was very distant with your fall.” Thor told you. “Ah, well I’m sure everyone was fine.” You told him and he shook his head. “I shall see you at the party.” Thor said and left. “So, has Clint made a codename for you yet?” You asked. He nodded, “Vision.” He told you. “It suits you.” You said and he smiled. “I should go with Mr. Stark.” Vision said.

“Rhodey.” You smiled. “Hey, baby girl.” He said and smiled. “So, what’s the gossip?” You asked him. “I’m an Avenger.” He said and you smiled. “That’s awesome.” You told him. “Yeah, Rogers and Romanoff are training a new team of Avengers.” He explained. “And I’m guessing you four are in it.” You said, looking at Pietro, Wanda, Sam and Rhodey. They all nodded. “We should get going.” Sam told Rhodey. The two walked away and that left Wanda and Pietro.

“Have you guys gone to the school?” You asked them. They nodded, “Good. In all honesty, I feel more comfortable with them than when I’m with the Avengers.” You told them. “Why?” Wanda asked. “Well, for one, they don’t treat me like a china doll. They know what I’m capable of.” You explained.

“I’m going to get a snack.” Wanda said, and walked out, smiling as she did. “I, uh, want to thank you.” Pietro said. “Well, you were willing to die to save Clint.” You said and he smiled. “Is there anything you want? Something to eat?” He asked. “Some tacos would be great.” You told him. “Tacos, right away.” He said and you saw a blue streak.


“Hide me.” You told Steve. “Why?” He asked. “My dad.” You said and Steve nodded, walking in front of you. “So, why am I hiding you?” He asked you. “Well, I told him I wanted to move into the school an-”

“You want to move into the school?” Steve asked. “Yeah, Charles needs another teacher and the kids already know me.” You told him. “Oh, I was going to ask you to join Natasha and I in training the new team.” Steve said and you heard sadness in his voice. “Yeah, but these kids need me. I was terrified when I found out my mutation. Imagine how dozens of these kids are? Most of them are runaways.” You told him.

“I love how caring you are.“ He said and you smiled. "Thank you.” You said. “I said that out loud?” He asked and you laughed. “Yeah, I love how much of a dork you can be.” You told him and he smiled. “Uh, thank you.” He said.

Pietro watched as you and Steve laughed, wondering what you were talking about. “She likes you too.” Wanda told him. “Hm?” He asked. “Yeah, the way she looks at you, totally has a crush on you.” She said as she ate another cube of cheese. “And apparently so does Steve.” Wanda commented. “Thank you, Wanda.” Pietro said sarcastically. “You better do something. She’s leaving tomorrow.” Wanda told him.

“Leaving? Where?” Pietro asked. “The school. Charles called and offered her a job.” She told him and walked away to find more cubed cheese. Pietro took a deep breathe and made his way towards you and Steve.

“Can I talk to you?” Pietro asked you. “I’ll get us something to drink.” Steve said and walked away. “What do you wanna talk about?” You asked. “I like you.” He stated. “I don’t un-”

“I really like you, and I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me.” Pietro said. “Uh, yes.” You said and he smiled. “Really? Awesome.” He said with a smile.

ii. liberate

Enjolras scowls at the sight. It’s not a disturbing sight, it’s a really cute sight, but — it’s too cute to be legal.

“Where did you get that?” He points to the red hoodie Grantaire is currently wearing. “You dug it up from the closet?” Grantaire flashes a fond but teasing smile behind his coffee mug. Enjolras sighs and sits on the chair opposite R on the kitchen table. “We have to leave in five minutes. Are you seriously considering wearing that old thing?”

Grantaire sets his porcelain mug down gently on the table with a smirk. “Oh, hell no, this thing? ‘Tis a beauty. You wore it on our first date, remember?” Enjolras does remember. He felt bad the Corinthe doesn’t serve vegetarian meals.

“Yes, I do remember.” Enjolras feels the smile crawling on his lips and the soft blush tainting his cheeks. “But do you really want to wear that to a meeting with the investors?”

“Hey, if they want me, they better be ready to accept me in my husband’s hoodie,” he trails a finger from his neck to his lower torso. “Plus I think it still looks fine. You have nothing to worry about, Enjolras. I’m simply liberating this ‘old thing’ from the dungeons you call 'closet’.”

How could Enjolras deny his lover? He cannot.

anonymous asked:

What was your senior prom like duke?

I have no idea, because I was only there for five minutes. Then we decided to leave and run through the arboretum sprinklers because that seemed like more fun, and eventually all five of us passed out on the same bed in my basement watching Jurassic Park.