we laughin


Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader
Word count: 625 (Before Lyrics)
Warnings: Fluff.  Mentions of alcohol. Mentions of sex but no smut.
Challenge:  This was written for @atc74’s 115 Followers Celebration. My song was “Setting The World On Fire” by Kenny Chesney and P!nk

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at Rob Benedict and he’s one of the actors I know the least about, so I’m hoping this came out well.

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Signs as “The Doors” Lyrics

Aries: “I see your hair is burnin' Hills are filled with fire If they say I never loved you You know they are a liar”- L.A Woman 

Taurus:”I’m going, but I need a little time I promised I would drown myself in mysticated wine - Yes, The River Knows

Gemini: “Morning found us calmly unaware  Noon burn gold into our hair
At night, we swim the laughin’ sea”- Summer’s Almost Gone

Cancer: “Shadows of the evening crawl across the years Ya walk across the floor with a flower in your hand Trying to tell me no one understands “ Five to One 

Leo: “change your weather change your luck, then I’ll teach ya how to… find yourself” - L’America 

Virgo: “Before you slip into unconsciousness  I’d like to have another kiss” The Crystal Ship  

Libra:”The mansion is warm, at the top of the hill Rich are the rooms and the comforts there Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs And you won’t know a thing till you get inside”- Not to Touch the Earth

Scorpio: “Magic risin’ Sun is shinin’ deep beneath the sea  But not enough for you and me and sunshine  Love to hear the wind cry “- Wishful Sinful

Sagittarius: “With hunger at her heels Freedom in her eyes She dances on her knees Pirate prince at her side Stirrin’ into a hollow idols eyes” - Wild Child 

Capricorn: “She has wisdom and knows what to do, She has me and she has you” - Love Street 

Aquarius: “Tell you ‘bout the world that we’ll invent  Wanton world without lament  Enterprise, expedition Invitation and invention” - We Could be so Good Together

Pisces:”Dancing through the midnight whirl-pool, formless Hope it can continue a little while longer” Queen of the Highway 

The Signs as Walt Disney World Attractions
  • Aries: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- "This here's the wildest ride in the wilderness."
  • Taurus: The Haunted Mansion- "999 happy haunts, there's always room for one more."
  • Gemini: Laugh Floor Comedy Club- "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from Roz!"
  • Cancer: It's A Small World- "It's a world of laughter a world of tears, it's a world of hope and a world of fears."
  • Leo: The Rock n' Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith- "If it's too loud you're too old."
  • Virgo: The Jungle Cruise- "The trees, they're so dry. Just like my jokes. It's true, it's true."
  • Libra: Splash Mountain- "Everyone's got a laughin' place, we'll show you."
  • Scorpio: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- "This elevator travels directly to...the twilight zone."
  • Sagittarius: Expedition Everest- "Screamin' won't help."
  • Capricorn: Carousel of Progress- "And when it becomes a reality it's a dream come true for you and me."
  • Aquarius: Soarin'- "Thank you for flying with us."
  • Pisces: Journey into Imagination with Figment- "Your mind sees more than what your eyes see."