we know you are a percico shipper

Okay, just one thing that you, who ships solangelo, needs to know: You are “younger” than all the others shippers. Even if your ship is canon don’t be like the percabeth and try to make everyone ship solangelo.

We, who prefer jasico/percico/valdangelo/ Neyna/ NicAlia/ NiAnca, please don’t be rude with the solangelo shippers, if they ain’t rude with you then you haven’t WHY be disrespectful!

To EVERYBODY: Respect the other ships and shippers. Just this.


Guys, please. I want my happy Percico shippers back. Just because Solangelo is canon doesn’t mean we can’t write and draw and ship Percico. Percabeth has been canon for years, what’s different?? 

If you want to ship Solangelo, there’s nothing wrong with that. Who said Multi-shipping was bad?? Who said we have to have a war? 

There is nothing wrong with shipping Solangelo, or Percico, or both, so why is this happening?? 

Percico weekend is next weekend, if there is a fluffy prompt you would like to read, send it in. If you need ideas, let me know. But I would like to know I still have some shippers out there. 

Please stop this, there is no reason why we have to fight. 

Okay, so lets talk about Rick

First of all, that dedication? 

You seriously have got to be kidding me. 

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Secondly, have you been reading our Tumblr posts?  Because boy did we ever call that Percico is an actually real life thing.  I might be a Percabeth shipper, but I don’t mind a little Percico.

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Thirdly, if we’re being real right now, just don’t.  Calypso is back, with LEO?  You want to torture us even further, as if it wasn’t bad enough the FIRST time around 

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And lastly, lets just talk about that ending…  At least it wasn’t a cliff hanger!  BUT BOB AND DAMASEN, the best Titan and the best Giant!  We don’t even know if they’re alright.  I literally died for days because of Bob and Damasen.


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BUT, then again, when you’re reading Rick, what is?

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See you all again in October and we’ll do it again! :D

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